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『Cancel a format 』 – APH Otome Doujin Game

『 Cancel a format 』
co er


『Cancel a format 』

Created by: Tomoyoshi
Official Website: http://hetariacf.web.fc2.com/index.html
Info: http://vndb.org/v7059
Trial Version: No, I don't think so… (Or, at least, I didn't see it on the website >_> but maybe I'm wrong since I got the game first without actually looking at the website LOL)

Summary: So basically you're a girl who winds up on the island where W Academy is, and you have absolutely NO idea who you are and where you are and why you're there. You somehow end up as a student at W Academy, but you tell everyone that you're actually a hermaphrodite you're a boy.

Note: The screens are kinda small 'cause I didn't want to make this post longer than it has to be LOL so sorry if they're hard to read!! >_<

Menu Screen!!!

menu screeeen
Obviously you click -Start- and thus, the game begins!!

Note: The translations that I've entered in on the screens are super, super rough. If you see something wrong, please inform me so I can fix the problem!! 🙂 Thanks so much!!!


So you start out pretty much under water, thinking to yourself why am I not drowning about the blue… water…. (sorry I kind of didn't pay attention here ^^;;) and then you realize that you kind of need to breathe in order to survive, and you pop out of the water and onto the beach.

cough coughs

You cough up a lung finish coughing and spitting up water, thinking / wondering to yourself about how you ended up drinking in some water or something while you were half unconscious in the water. (Actually, I don't think I need to strike out the "half unconscious" part xD lol)

Anyways, you look around and you wonder "where am I? where is this place?" and note your surroundings. You promptly then get up and wander around the island until you get to the city, marveling at all the uber big buildings and all the people everywhere. You then look around thinking that you need to figure out where you are and stuff, and that you should try and find some person that looks reasonable to talk to and ask about where you are. After you think this, two options pop up.

right or left??

Your two options are to go either Right or Left.

If you go Right:

You see the characters in order: N. Italy, France, I think Hungary and Belarus, and Britain. (LOL Hungary and Belarus save you from some rapist) (LAWL when you see France you think "Oh, he looks like an adult person! I should ask him" and then I think he starts hitting on you or some other woman [lol can't remember xD] in all his France-y way and then you think "…Okay maybe not" and walk away xD)

If you go Left:

You see the characters in order: France, N. Italy, I think Hungary and Belarus, and Britain. (Lol no difference whuuut)

Anyways the scene cuts out after the scene where you see Britain walk into the same place as Hungary and Belarus but you don't really notice Britain because you're too busy fangirling over Hungary and Belarus


The next day starts and it opens with our darling Italy running through the streets screaming towards Japan and professing his undying love good morning and such.

good mooorninggg from italy
"Nihon–!! Good morning!!!"

Germany shows up out of nowhere to say good morning and Japan says "Ohai gaiz" "what up my homies" "Good morning" back.

japan says morning backkk
Japan: "Oh, Italy. And Germany too. Good morning"

After this the three proceed to talk about stuffs on the way to W Academy. When they arrive I think it's Italy that says that 'wow they got here already?' or something like that. They're at the gates of the school when they notice there's a huge crowd that's gathered, and they wonder what it is. They meet up with Turkey, and he explains how someone fell asleep on the school grounds. Now apparently this is a superbly big problem because only Countries are allowed on school grounds and here you are blasphemously sleeping on the grounds.

You then wake up and everybody's staring at your face and you're thinking to yourself woot reverse harem "oh noes, did I fall asleep??" Italy says, after you wake up:

it woke up
Italy: "Ha, it woke up" (so you're an "it" now?? lol) **Ohayo = Good morning

So now you're here, lying in the grass mentally flipping out because you're surrounded by all these guys staring into your soul at your face and you're like "Oh no did I fall asleep oh my god what the F do I do oh no oh no ajklfdajkf;d" pretty much. You then decide you should probably say something so four options come up:

what to say
Options, In Order:
"Where am I?"
"Is there something wrong?" (I'm not so sure about this one xD LOL)
"Good Morning"
"Good Evening" (umwat)

I Chose option 3, "Good Morning". (Not sure what happens if you choose the other ones lol)

So anyways, after that some shiet goes down (Japan's like "umm morning aren't you cold" and you're like "whaaatt OMG IT'S COLD")(No, I kid you not that's what happened LOL) and everybody's like "why are you here" "what are you doing here" and blah blah blah and so you explain to them that you were walking through the city yesterday and then it was getting late and you were getting tired, so you decided to take a rest. You happened to pass by the school grounds and thought "hey that grass there looks comfy" so you decided to lay down and WABAM next thing you know you were waking up to everyone's faces in yours. (AKA You fell asleep LOL)

Everybody's like "so where are you from" and "what you doin' here freak" and you know, stuff like that. You respond "I don't know where I'm from, how I got here, or what my name is" and Turkey is like "lolwat" "Really now?" and everybody deduces that you have AMNESIA dundundun

Germany then says "Oh, are you perhaps a country?" And everybody's like "Yeah that might be true" so then it's decided that perhaps you're a country. Turkey is staring at you and Japan asks Turkey what's wrong, and he's just like "nothing really" and says something about how he understands how you feel or something like that (wasn't really paying attention >_< sorry!!) and so then he's like "Well, my name's Turkey." and you respond with "Oh, ah – yeah, I'm…."

But then you trail off thinking about how you don't know your name and how it's kind of awkward now because you don't know how you're going to introduce yourself to other people.

Then Turkey decides, "DON'T WORRY!!!! I SHALL GIVE YOU YOUR NAME"

And your reaction is "umwat"

Germany's reaction is "Wait no don't wat"

wait what

Then you get to finally Type Your Name In:

insert your name here

When you decide that you like the name given everybody is like "WHAT BLASPHEMY" and they all worry about whether or not you're sane and everybody questions if you're sure you like the name, slash they act really shocked that you actually like your name. Lol you then thank Turkey (after reassuring everyone you like your name) and then Italy says something about you being a girl, or something like that.

You panic, because for some reason you think it's easier (or something like that) for everybody to assume you're a boy, so you mentally panic for a while about how to respond to what Italy said. So you decide to act and apparently you give off an air of "trauma". Whilst some very depressing emo music plays, you question "I… am I really feminine…?" and then say how yesterday you had been constantly "mistaken" as a girl.

Germany is like "Whoaz I thought she was a girl too"
Japan thinks "Oh crap did I offend him or something"
Italy "Awh sorry dudeee, don't worry I used to get mistaken as a girl a ton when I was a kid -"

Italy then says something about how you should go train or something like that with Germany and Germany's like "Uh sure" and immediately the mood dissipates and you're all "Oh, really Germany?! Thank you so very much!!" And Germany is all "oh yeah no prob :D"

And then in his typical style, Britain decides to come barreling through the crowd, saying "Whoaaa there's such a huge crowd here!!"


You think to yourself about how there are people frowning at Britain, but you don't know whether or not it's because he pushed them aside or if it's because of some experience they might have had with him before ( I think this is what was being said lol)

Turkey says to Britain "Oh, Britain. What's wrong" or something like that and Britain replies about how some intruder on the school grounds and you stand there and you're like "Oh, you mean me?" In which Britain responds:

Britain: "Is it you?! You have some nerve to sleep on school grounds!!!"

Turkey then explains the whole deal to Britain and he calms down after hearing this. Everybody is commenting about how they should help you, and Britain, being the all powerful student council president, decides to help as well! He's going to deal with all the formalities surrounding your entrance into the school as a student and stuff. Then he decides:

you're my territory
Britain: "Yeah. Leave it to me. Bye the way, "insert name here"!! From today on, you must become my territory!!"

Everybody's reactions: WHAT

Your reaction: "Lolwat"

Anyways, everybody's like "Dude didn't you do this with Seychelles" and stuff like that and Britain goes on to explain how it's "survival of the fittest" and from now on you have to identify yourself as British territory.

You respond with "what do you mean, I'm your territory?! If I have to be anybody's territory, Japan would be a much better person!!"

Britain puts on his raep face gets this smug look on his face and is like "(heroine's name)….is that really okay? After all, your entrance into school, uniform, etc… I'm everything!!" Or something like that lol he's just saying that he pretty much rules your life xD

And you respond with a "Uhm….well……"

And then from the on it's decided: You're British territory, whether you like it or not lol.

Everybody tries to defend you but it's pretty much on deaf ears lol and then I think Italy comments on how you would be a really cute girl, or something like that lol and then stuff happens (scrolled too fast again, ARGH!!) and then you follow Britain to the student council room, where you meet France. You think you recognize France for a minute, before deciding it was all your imagination. France looks at you like he recognizes you too for a minute, and then Britain says something about putting you into a guy's uniform and France looks surprised and you nod your head at needing a guy's uniform and then France goes back to smiling. Britain decides he needs to go do something slash has something important to do and leaves dressing you up to France……

France is like I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER "I know that you're a girl" which causes you to flip out and him to try to raep you. LOL anyways he's like "you cannot fool my eyes" and says something about how he has to take off all your clothes to measure you, or else he might get the wrong measurements for your uniform and you're all:

too close

And France just continues while you're panicking and just keeps talking about how he needs to take your clothes off and then he attempts to do so and in which you respond by yelling at him:

Heroine: RRAAEEEPPP I'm sorry!!!!

And then you hit France. France backs off of you after this lol and then you're like "Yeah, I'm a girl, sorry to have to deceive you" in which France responds "lol you're fascinating!!" and then informs you that he won't be blowing your cover and he'll keep you being a female a secret. But in response to this he tells you that you have to go on a date with him in exchange for him keeping your secret. You don't know what a date is (because of your amnesia I guess? lol) so you're like "Um what's a date" and France just laughs at this. You change into your uniform and Britain arrives back from whatever he was doing and is like "Oh that looks good!!"

Britain says something about France and you respond with "Yeah I'm supposed to go on a date with him" and Britain looks at you with a "wtf" look on his face lol and he's like "Wait… that guy… you're a boy…. what….." and you respond, completely oblivious, "Is a date really that serious of a thing?"

LOL. Anyways after this Britain explains some stuff about W Academy, and how it's like a school for countries and stuff and the class schedules and times and stuff like that. He then says that you should go on a tour of the school and after you're done, to go back to the student council room.

The scene cuts out to a map selection scene where you can go to several areas in the entire school…


I'm really tired so I'm stopping here for tonight / morning!!! Ha ha ha I hope that wasn't too confusing lol and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it…. I've like barely gotten through with the game ;___; so tiring lol!! Anyways sorry if stuff didn't make sense, it took me like five hours to make this post up and it's ummm 2 in the morning so lol I'm a little tired… but I was determined to get this done!!! Anyways, gonna get some sleep and then hopefully play some more tomorrow…. lol.

My first thoughts of this game are that it's really fun, and pretty amusing!! I've always liked the Hetalia characters, and seeing them in a giant harem otome game just makes me really happy LOL 😛 (Oh, Britain :L) Anyways, I don't know if I'll continue with a translation or anything after this just 'cause that'd be a lot to work on with the way this game is formatted, but we'll see~ Lol I would recommend this for any Hetalia lover, just to try it out!! 😀


3 thoughts on “『Cancel a format 』 – APH Otome Doujin Game

  1. hee… you’re so lucky, for understand japanese
    I really want to play this game but i dont read japanese characters (;_q) so maybe i’ll just wait for the english translation
    *sorry for my bad english*

    1. Hello! Thank you, this was actually one of the first otome doujin games I played, and then after that I was hooked on the doujin games! Haha it’s a fun game, and the CGs are pretty nice too 😉 as for an english translation, I don’t know if anyone is actually actively translating this game right now.

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