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『 Anniversary no Kuni no Alice 』

anniversary cover
『Anniversary no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World 』
Title: アニバーサリーの国のアリス ~Wonderful Wonder World~
Romanji: Anniversary no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~
Created By: QuinRose under garden
Official Website: http://quinrose.com/game/alice_a/top.html
Trial Version: Don’t think there is one

Summary: You, the protagonist, who’s default name is Alice (and will be referred to as "Alice" this entire post) Liddell, has just fallen down into Wonderland where you are forced to participate in a "game" and collect droplets of liquid in a bottle. When the bottle is full, you will be able to return home. Of course, along the way you meet some very nice bishies, whom you can have a relationship with. Anniversary no Kuni no Alice is just the "level up" version of Heart no Kuni no Alice. There’s new content, and redrawn CGs, and I think there’s new love routes for the guys, but I haven’t gotten far enough into the game yet to know.

First things first. This is not a complete translation of the game, I’m just giving a slight translation of the first few minutes of game play. I might keep going after this, I might not.

Note: The screens are small, because I didn’t want to make this post ridiculously long, so sorry if they’re hard to see!!


menu screen
Start, Load, CG Mode, Recollection Mode, System, and Exit.

Click -START- and let the games begin!!!!

Note: My translations aren’t on-spot, they’re kind of quick and rough. If you see anything horribly wrong, please tell me so I can go back and fix it!! Thank you very much~!!! 🙂


All right, so you start out with a picture of your character and the name screen. The first thing the naming screen says is to enter in your last name and your first name. It then tells you that your last name and your first name must equal a total of 8 characters or less.

name screen
First Name, Last Name.

I kept the default name of Alice Liddell. After you click -OK- another screen will pop up and say "’Your Name Here’, is this okay?"

name double check

Then you have the choice of "Ok" or "NG" (Which i think means "no good"??? lol what the hell quinrose)

Anyways, after this it’s dark and you hear two voices talking about a game and rules. They talk about how you have to play the game, you really have no choice and that every game has rules. After this short talk, one of the voices says:

the game begins
"Now then, let the game begin……." (or something like that, you get the idea 😛 LOL)

After this, it opens up to a picture of your home and the garden you’re in. You think about the flowering garden and the usual and beautiful calm daily life. It’s Sunday afternoon, and you join your older sister Lorina outside. You’re following her, thinking about your sister and yourself. You think about how your sister is beautiful, calm, and a gentle person. She says something and laughs, and you think to yourself that your sister’s laughter is like a flower, or something like that. Then you say that it isn’t a very good description, but that’s what it is. At one point you think something along the lines of ‘am i going to become an adult like that…..’ before pausing, and thinking ‘……impossible.’ Lol oh Alice. You’re so silly.

‘Her laughter is like a flower. It may be an exaggeration, but it’s necessary to describe it like that.’ (something like that. lol)

So you’re chillaxin’ outside with your sister, thinking about an arrange of things. You think about how you love Sundays, because on Sundays you get to spend time with your elder sister. You really love your elder sister, and although you don’t particularly like going to Church on Sundays, but being with your elder sister makes it all better.

sunday afternoons
‘I love Sundays. Although going to Church in the early morning is troublesome, spending time in the warm afternoons heals me.’

So after this you’re sitting with your sister and you tell her that you ‘dreamed a strange dream’.

i dreamed a strange dream
"Somehow, I dreamed a strange dream."

Your sister looks at you and she says ORLY is that so? what did you dream about? You sit there for a minute, thinking about this question. You think about the dream, and about how it felt like a dream where you were just falling. It was a dream about falling, and it felt as though you would never be able to come back (FORESHADOWINGFORESHADOWINGFORESHADOWING) and about how your feelings became painful and such. You think about how the dream was like one where you were going to fall forever, and never come back, but at the same time you didn’t feel scared, but rather you felt relief. It was like falling and not coming back was a relief to you, it lifted a burden (or something like that). But, you decide against telling your sister this, knowing she probably wouldn’t like it. Instead you tell her you don’t really remember the details of your dream.

i don't remember the details
"Umm, I don’t quite remember the details……"

You say this, but soon after you tell her that all you remember is that the dream had something to do with a game and rules. Your elder sister says I WANT TO PLAY A LITTLE GAME "Game? Does Alice want to play a game?"

"Game? Alice, do you want to play a game?"

Your sister asks you this, and you respond like "lol no I don’t want to play a game you freak" but your sister insists upon your dream and games. She remarks something about psychology and how a dream is a wish your heart makes is a manifestation of what you wish for.

dream is a wish ur heart makes 1
"No, they say your dream is a manifestation of a wish. It’s what was written in a book of psychology I read a while ago."

dream your heart makes part 2
"Ummm, perhaps it was Freud’s dream theory? The meaning of the dream is always concerned with a wish fulfillment."

(with Freud it usually has something to do with phalli as well…. XD)

Anyways, you’re all like "umm okayyy" ^_^;; and you say to your sister:

elder sister knows all
"H-heee….Elder sister is really knowledgeable."

Lol anyways you guys continue talking, and then you start talking about the book in your sister’s hands. You want to know what it is, and what kind of book it is!!! You question your sister, and you ask her if it’s a book on psychology. Your elder sister is very vague in her answer, saying that it is somewhat a book on psychology, and somewhat not a book on it.

She says that it’s a fairy tale, and you repeat this, surprised. "Fairy tale?" you ask her, and she just laughs and tells you not to act disrespectful or make fun of her for it. You tell her you didn’t mean to make fun of her, you were just surprised that elder sister would read that kind of stuff. She laughs at this, and says that although the children’s story is easy, it’s actually still really difficult. She says it’s because she over thinks everything about the story. You ask her what the story is about.

She’s all uhh i definitely sparknoted this shit "well…."

wonderland part 1
"Story…..? Eh, well…. it’s about a girl who strays off into Wonderland.

wonderland part 2
"She has a mysterious adventure there, and it all started with a rabbit….." (or something like that LOL)

You feel yourself starting to get bored and wave your hand at this. You think something along the lines of the fact that you can tell this story is going to get long and obviously you don’t want to have to pay attention to all this BS so you’re like, "okay yeah that’s cool so what happens" You pretty much tell your sister to tell you the ending of the story. Your sister is all like BLASPHEMY *BITCH SMACK* "geez, you…." but regardless decides to tell you the ending of the story.

queen part 1
"The Queen-sama of Wonderland puts the girl on trial. The protagonist runs away."

queen part 2
" ? Were the handcuffs so loose that it’s possible to run away from trial? What was the guard doing?"

queen part 3
"Don’t say that…. She runs away desperately, and then wakes up."

You respond with, "That’s it?" And your sister tells you that yes, the entire thing was just a dream. You respond back WHAT A COP-OUT ENDING that you don’t really like the ending. You two further discuss about the psychology behind the story. You make mostly childish remarks during this period and your sister tells you that you should act more like an adult/hurry up and become an adult because it’s lonely being an adult for her by herself or something like that. She then starts talking about how your grades are really good and how even your teacher was praising you. She then asks if you’ve been bullied or something, because of one of your remarks about how your homeroom teacher is really mean or something and you say something out loud along the lines of "oh she said that about me?" So now Lorina is worried that you’re being bullied or something. You say something about how you don’t like the worried look on her face so you tell her "Yeah school’s boss" "Yeah everything at school is fine. My classroom and friends are very fresh" (Fresh? What?)

She’s like "Are you telling the truth" and you respond twice with "YES I AM" because she keeps nagging at you about it. Then you start on this long spheal about your family life, about how you had a tutor at one point several years ago but when they stopped working for you you decided you wanted to go to a public school. Your father was really hesitant about letting you go to a public school, but Lorina managed to convince him to let you. You then start talking about how you’re the youngest child and not cared about as much. You have three sisters (I think? They only ever mention Edith or Lorina but they say something about 4 children living under one roof) and your mother is dead and your Dad is always busy. Lorina has become somewhat of a mother figure to you, so you consider her both your sister and your mother.

Blah blah blah there’s a like 10 minute speech here where Alice talks about her Dad, life, sister, mother, and other stuff I kind of skipped through.

(Okay to be totally honest the last three ish paragraphs are totally mixed up. Lol all of this is going on kind of at the same time, just not in the right order. >_> but… that’s what happened and I’m too lazy to go back and change it all up XD You get the gist of what’s going on in this part and that’s all I’m aiming to do lol)

(it was long and I was tired and omg lol this game is so text-heavy)

(ending rant here xD)

After you think all of this, your sister gets up and says, i want to play a little game let’s play a game~~~~!!!!

"….Oh, that’s right, shall we play a game?"

You’re confused as to why she’s bringing this up again, and your sister says something along the lines of what would you like to play

what would you like to play
"What would you like to play? Chess? Othello?" (Lol Othello, really??)

You then begin to think about your dream again and about how you don’t want to play a game, you "HAVE" to.

i have to play the game
"It isn’t that I "would like to play" a game, I "have" to do that, according to my dream."

You say something to her, and she says well if a board game is boring, how about a card game?

You stop, and your heart jumps in your chest. The words "card game" have struck a cord with you, but you don’t know why.

And then you realize

i have to play cards
"Ah, "I have to do that." I "have to play cards"."

And you say cards is fine, and you continue to think that you have to play cards because

because it's the rule
"Because it’s the rule."

You say out loud, and your sister turns and asks "Eh? Did you say something, Alice?" and you shake your head and you say "No, I didn’t say anything." but you say so in questions and you sound very confused.

Anyways, you can tell you’re getting tired because your vision is going in and out and your sister remarks that you shouldn’t fall asleep on her while she goes to find the cards.

don't fall asleep
"I’ll get the cards, while you’re waiting, don’t fall asleep."

You tell your sister you won’t fall asleep, but then you start getting really really sleepy. You think about how your sister is going to have to search for the cards because they’ve been stowed away for a while now, and you think that it might take her a long time. You look around you, and think about the flowering garden and the warm afternoon.

warm garden soft sunlight
"Garden in the warm afternoon. The smell of grass and soft sunlight."

(The same things you thought coming outside in the first place)

You then think that it’s a perfect afternoon for sleeping outside, for taking a nap. You then get really sleepy and your eyes drift close….

When you wake up, you see a white rabbit in front of you, all dressed up in clothes…….


I’m tired, so this is where I’m stopping. I probably screwed up parts of the storyline, but man this story is SERIOUSLY text-heavy. Not recommended for people who are only beginning Japanese learners, and DEFINITELY not those for people who don’t like to read!!!! Great game so far though, I really like it. Alice is so amusing!! I love all of her thoughts!! She’s very cynical and sarcastic, and very real. It’s definitely a nice change of pace from what most otome game heroines are like! Anyways, I might continue, I might not. We’ll see! And of course if I do decide to continue… I’ll take better notes lol so everything isn’t totally messed up =_= lol sorry if the translations were confusing/everything was mixed up… but now you get the gist of the prologue? Lol I hope? Haha!!


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