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『 Cancel a Format 』 Information

『 Cancel a Format  』


I don't know what I'm going to do to be totally honest about Cancel a Format… Lol I know that I could do a review, but knowing me I would get mixed up and forget stuff or put stuff in random places for this game… (Like in my Anniversary first thoughts @_@) LOL even if I took notes I would totally still get mixed up… or, I could do an English translation for all of those who don't own the game/own it but don't understand the Japanese lol. However, this idea would be somewhat stupid because….

This game is getting an English translation!!!!

Here's the topic:


(I'm Usagi, although I'm sure you all knew that :P)

Anyways, it looks like Fujoshi is translating this game, although right now the translations look to be at a standstill right now because of the loss of her laptop, still it doesn't matter lol because she's translating it!!!! I am ridiculously excited for this. Although I can read and understand Japanese (somehow 😄 lawl) it still sometimes hurts my eyes, you know? Lol English is my native language so it's easier for me to read and understand 😛 with Japanese I have to dissect it @_@ lawl anyways, I'm pretty excited for this, and I hope you are too!! It's great to see more otome games (doujin or not) get translated into English. 😀

Anyways this is what I have to deal with in Cancel a Format this is what happens after Britain lets you loose to explore the grounds:

map selection screen!!

Yep, that's the Map Selection Screen in the game… as in, you have to go to certain places to get certain boys I'm pretty sure. I have two guides so I'm not too worried about having to figure out what to do, but lol I hate map selection screens sometimes @_@ I always wonder what combinations I have to use and blah blah blah you know, stuff like that. Well, having a guide helps, but playing a game like 街で噂の伯爵様 (by ERFOLG, otome doujin game) where there's a map selection screen makes my head hurt and makes me nervous 😛 well, not nervous per se but just… eh lol map selection screen in my head = more work… especially since 街で噂の伯爵様 doesn't have a guide @_@ well, at least I haven't found one yet. LOL oh well!

At least I have a guide… I guess what I'm going to do with this game is just continue what I was doing originally in my "First Thoughts" post, and that's just sort of summarize/translate what's going on as I play it.

Although lol I haven't touched Cancel a Format for a while now whoops lol

Hopefully the next post I do will have more with Cancel a Format…!


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