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『 Cancel a Format 』 Information

『 Cancel a Format  』


I don't know what I'm going to do to be totally honest about Cancel a Format… Lol I know that I could do a review, but knowing me I would get mixed up and forget stuff or put stuff in random places for this game… (Like in my Anniversary first thoughts @_@) LOL even if I took notes I would totally still get mixed up… or, I could do an English translation for all of those who don't own the game/own it but don't understand the Japanese lol. However, this idea would be somewhat stupid because….

This game is getting an English translation!!!!

Here's the topic:


(I'm Usagi, although I'm sure you all knew that :P)

Anyways, it looks like Fujoshi is translating this game, although right now the translations look to be at a standstill right now because of the loss of her laptop, still it doesn't matter lol because she's translating it!!!! I am ridiculously excited for this. Although I can read and understand Japanese (somehow XD lawl) it still sometimes hurts my eyes, you know? Lol English is my native language so it's easier for me to read and understand 😛 with Japanese I have to dissect it @_@ lawl anyways, I'm pretty excited for this, and I hope you are too!! It's great to see more otome games (doujin or not) get translated into English. 😀

Anyways this is what I have to deal with in Cancel a Format this is what happens after Britain lets you loose to explore the grounds:

map selection screen!!

Yep, that's the Map Selection Screen in the game… as in, you have to go to certain places to get certain boys I'm pretty sure. I have two guides so I'm not too worried about having to figure out what to do, but lol I hate map selection screens sometimes @_@ I always wonder what combinations I have to use and blah blah blah you know, stuff like that. Well, having a guide helps, but playing a game like 街で噂の伯爵様 (by ERFOLG, otome doujin game) where there's a map selection screen makes my head hurt and makes me nervous 😛 well, not nervous per se but just… eh lol map selection screen in my head = more work… especially since 街で噂の伯爵様 doesn't have a guide @_@ well, at least I haven't found one yet. LOL oh well!

At least I have a guide… I guess what I'm going to do with this game is just continue what I was doing originally in my "First Thoughts" post, and that's just sort of summarize/translate what's going on as I play it.

Although lol I haven't touched Cancel a Format for a while now whoops lol

Hopefully the next post I do will have more with Cancel a Format…!


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