♛ Zettai Meikyuu Grimm Director’s Cut And Other Shiny Things ♛

zmg cover

『 Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~ Director's Cut  』

Title: 絶対迷宮グリム~七つの鍵と楽園の乙女~ DIRECTOR'S CUT

Romanji: Zettai Meikyuu Grimm ~Nanatsu no Kagi to Rakuen no Otome~ Director's Cut
Created By: Karin Entertainment
Official Website: http://grimm.karin-e.jp/dc/index_02.htm
Trial Version: None

Summary: You play Henrietta Grimm, a young girl who lives with her 3 cousins in a fairy tale forest. She wanders out into the forest at night after hearing a voice and meets up with some guy who then puts her and Rui to sleep after Rui comes to try and save her. They fall asleep and when they wake up years later, the town is ruined and the two oldest Grimm bros are missing, and they don't know wtf happened to them so off they go to find their brothers and along the way meet up with other peeps.

Wait, what?? What a shitty summary like I don't even

Yeah, that was a horrible summary I know. LOL

Ok, here's the summary from VNDB.org:

"Henrietta likes fairy tales. She peacefully lives with the Grimm brothers in a small village. But one day, Henrietta has a dream of being lost in the forest. When she wakes up, the world has completely changed…. There are only Henrietta and Ludwig, the youngest brother of the Grimm brothers, in the village! They decide to go on an adventure to look for other two brothers…."

Yeah, that's much better. Haha!

To be totally honest I haven't actually seriously started this game yet. Lol whoops

So I know I said the next post would hopefully be about Hetalia and Cancel a Format / a further translation / a start on a route mebe but lol that definitely didn't happen… Only 'cause I finally got ZMG @_@ It was released 7/22 of this year, the Director's Cut version (which is for the PC) so it's completely taken over my time, next to Starry Sky After Autumn…. Lol!

Well anyways, I plan on starting this game seriously soon so I can do a little bit of translating it!! 😀 Anyways, I just wanted to talk about this game…. IT'S SO FREAKING ADORKABLE it's painful almost haha!!! Henrietta is adorable, and her voice is really adorable too lol XD and Rui (Ludwig, he's the blonde haired boy in the picture, the youngest Grimm bro) IS SO CUTE ❤ I mean, LOOK:


Yeah, adorkable. I like the artwork a lot so far, I think it really suits the theme of the game, and I'm pretty excited to get further into the story.

Anyways, since I have really nothing else to say, I'm going put two pretty pictures in XD


Eating Dinner 8D (for some reason this face -> 8D makes me feel like a creeper)


Lol and I noticed that whenever they say Jacob's name they say it like "Yakob" lol like wtf are you pulling at here Karin Entertainment XD I mean honestly lol I realize they're trying to get German on us, lol but it sounds weird coupled with Japanese XD LOL Idk, I just – I don't even –
lol XD

Any who, I think I should go back and pick up Cancel a Format…. I've been feeling so lazy as of recent though LOL too lazy to get pr0ny CGs LOL |D


4 thoughts on “♛ Zettai Meikyuu Grimm Director’s Cut And Other Shiny Things ♛

  1. Ah I love this game, Henrietta is such a refreshing heroine, though somehow I feel she is a loli lol because her design xD I love Hameln, Thorn’s Prince, and Ludwig story xD Oh and Rapunzel is adorable, her game fetish is cute lol

    1. Yes I agree xD Henrietta is so cute >u< I really love all the fairy tale games, and I'm glad to see more otoge series about fairy tales 😀 It's kind of refreshing to see all my favorite fairy tales in an otoge… especially when they make all the males so hot 8D hahaha!! I like capturing my favorite fairy tale characters lol! Although I have to admit, I never thought it would happen! XD

      1. Agree, Fairy Tale theme is the best xD Btw who is your fav in this game ^_^ But too bad Hansel and the prince from Cinderella is not capturable hehe

      2. LOL whoops ^0^ I meant to say Ludwig, for some reason I get the two mixed up LMAO ^_^;;; but I have an extreme bias for Ludwig. And Hansel, for some reason, but now I can’t quite remember where I got that bias from xDD Lol anyyyywayyys Ludwig is my favorite from this game 8D He’s just too adorable! But I really loved the other two Grimm brothers, as well haha

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