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『 Toukakijin 』 – Trial

『 Toukakijin  』



Title: 桃花貴人
Romanji: Toukakijin
Created By: Gatoblanco
Official Website: http://gatoblanco.sakuraweb.com/
Trial Version: Yes there is lol and this is the version I'm playing XD

Summary: You play Haruhime (春姫)(name not changeable on the trial version, although I'm not sure if you can in the full version lol) who's the daughter or a merchant. Haruhime wants to do nothing more than marry the richest man on the planet and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of her life. However this doesn't happen when her father decides that she's going to become the head of their household, and arranges for her to marry someone…!!?

And… that's pretty much it summary wise. I haven't gotten far enough into the trial to know any more LOL. So I've been too lazy to find the full version (slash buy it) so for now, I'm just going to review what I've played so far in the trial version lol which um isn't very much. LOL I don't want to play too much 'cause I don't want to be bored when I do get the full version of the game. This game is R-18 but I haven't gotten far enough into the game to get any CGs like that soooo lol anyways.

MENU SCREEN [trial version]

So you have 2 options: START (the first option) and the LOAD (second option) option. Load brings you to the load screen, obviously, lol and START begins our journey into Toukakijin~!!

So the game starts with this prologue about a dreams (are a wish your heart makes omg anniversary flashbacks lolol) and how they're a key to open the box of memories….

a dream is a key to open memories
"A dream is a key which opens the box of memory……"

After they talk about memories and dreams and keys some more, it opens into a prologue of sorts about Haruhime and her mother, and how she's begging her mother not to leave her and how she promises to be a good girl as long as her mother doesn't leave her. Her mother ignores her and leaves, however we don't know why she does.


After you see a CG of Haruhime crying her eyes out, the scene closes and opens up to Haruhime surrounded by a bunch of faceless nameless manses who are all talking about Haruhime. They discuss money and other things and Haruhime acts kind of stuck-up against them. I'm pretty sure she's like swindling them out of their money or something lol 'cause the next CG opens up to Haruhime sitting in her bed holding a pot o' gold (like a leprechaun! where's the rainbow, yo) and a very content look on her face lol.


Here she talks about how money and the sound of money hitting more money calms her for some reason, etc etc lol. She continues talking about how money is reliable or something like that, and that men aren't and etc. etc. and she talks about her mother, and how she doesn't understand why she left and pretty much just like, I don't really know how to describe it. It's like she's upset her mother left her but masks that with anger towards her, I guess you could say.

Anyways, the scene closes and the next morning Haruhime is talking to her grandmother, who calls her daughter (Haruhime's mother) a fool for leaving for another man, I think. Grandma has high hopes for our Haruhime, and Haruhime tells her that she won't disappoint and she'll definitely marry the richest millionaire man on the planet!!! And her Grandma is proud of her for having this dream. I feel like I'm playing a gold digger LOL

Haruhime then talks about her family – she has three older brothers, and how they're all failures in life lol and it's hard to decide who will be the heir to the family 'cause they're all sad, sad failures lol.

The first eldest brother shut himself up in a temple and became a priest….

1st eldest

The second eldest brother went on a boat (I'M ON A BOAT) which crashed and he was never recovered….

2nd eldest

And the third and final elder brother became…. an elder sister LOL

3rd eldest brother

So now all that's left who qualifies for an heir would be Haruhime… but wait, she's a lady! Ladies can't become heads of households, right….?


Haruhime leaves her room and runs into her father, who yells at her and declares that it all makes sense, she'll be the next heir to the family!! Haruhime however, protests this greatly. She doesn't want to be heir, because that requires work and god forbid she has to work lol she'd rather get rich by marrying a millionaire lol it's been her childhood dream!! But she can't tell her father this, so she tries to come up with proper excuses as to why she can't be head of the household.

bnut i'm a girl
"EEEHHH!!!??? B-but I'm a girl!!!"

Of course the first excuse is: I'M A WOMAN!

Women (in this time era) shouldn't be heads of households, so this of course is Haruhime's first excuse lol, but of course her father informs her that their household used to be a matriarchal household, as in women ruled the house not the men LOL and Haruhime of course is like "well, shit" because now she has to make up another excuse LOL

So anyways several excuses later, her father is firm. Haruhime has to become the next heir of the family, but of course her father says she can't rule the household by herself, she has to get married!! So now not only has Haruhime's childhood dreams been shattered of her marrying a millionaire, she now has to do work (oh noes lol) as the heir of the household, AND her father has arranged her to marry a stranger.

The scene closes out, and then opens back up to Haruhime being prepared for the marriage arrangements. She's sitting there extremely unhappy, but one question has been plaguing her this entire time…


and that's all I got to. LOL I stopped after that…. 'cause I was feelin' lazy 😛

This is pretty vague too, because I didn't take any notes and went completely off of memory which isn't very good 'cause lol I was trying to watch a livestream of Hiiro no Kakera and Law and Order AND do homework XD so yeah, I'll probably continue on later lol probably after I get the full game rather than just do the trial version.

Anyways if anybody else wants to play the trial version of this game, just go here:

At the bottom of the page, you'll see this: 体験版DL

Click on it and the file should pop up. Save or extract it to a folder on your hard drive and wabam! You have the trial version of this game. Lol

Anyways I just played this game 'cause I was bored, and also 'cause I've had it on my harddrive for a while now and just haven't gotten around to playing it lol (as is the fate of most of my otome games that I own xD) Man, it's pretty pathetic lol I have all these otome games but I just don't have enough time/sometimes I'm really lazy and don't ever get around to playing them XD If anything I just like owning them LOL is that sad??? 😛 OH WELLZ @_@


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