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『 LunaticWay 』

『 LunaticWay  』

Title: LunaticWay
Created By: turbo
Official Website: it's been closed down 😦
Trial Version: not sure… got the game after the website went down 😦
Lol and I don't have any other picture except for the screen I took of the menu in game….

Summary: This is a doujin, kind of otome not really game, where you are in Ryoma's POV (I think? I haven't gotten very far into the game) and you can only hook up (lol.) with Sakuno. It's like, a canon Prince of Tennis VN where the only couple that's in the game is Ryoma and Sakuno. You go on a tennis training camp that's combined with both the girls team and the guy's team during summer vacation!

Lol and that's pretty much all I can tell you about the game. I don't have access to the website, where I would have access to a storyline, because the website is closed down, and I'm not very far into the game so lol yeah. Anyways, usual notes and stuff this isn't a full walkthrough or a guide, just a first translation on the first few minutes of gameplay. Enjoy!

In order:

Of course, click -START- and we begin our fun VN journey into 『 LunaticWay  』!!!! 😀

So the game starts at the tennis courts of Seigaku where Tezuka Kunimitsu is holding a meeting about the upcoming training camp. It's pretty much over when the game starts lol he just says something about how it's a combined tennis training camp with the girls and the guys tennis teams at Seigaku. Tezuka then asks if there are any questions.

Of course Kikumaru has a question lol he asks about if they can bring candy and music and games and such. Fuji then asks if he can bring a camera, something about the scenery and how if he's going to be around beautiful scenery, the beach and such, that he ought to take a picture of it. Tezuka says it's fine to bring a camera and the music, and then Kikumaru asks about the candy again lol. Tezuka says that it's fine to bring candy, but he can't bring too much. Inui then points out that Tezuka should tell them how much they can bring. Tezuka says like half a bag or something like that lol and Momoshiro is like aww about the food and stuff (and Tezuka says something about how candy is bad for your body lol oh you) and then Momoshiro and Kaidou get into an argument (as usual) about eating and how Momoshiro eats a lot, or something like that lol.

Tezuka tells the two of them to calm down and behave, and then says something that makes Momoshiro happy (I dont' remember e_e LOL)

yes captain thank youuu
Momoshiro: "Yes, captain! Thank you very much!"

Kaidou: "Hmph."

So after this Kikumaru asks about whether or not they can bring the game and Tezuka says that the rules or something don't allow them to bring the game. Then Ryuuzaki-sensei comes in and scares Kikumaru lol who remarks that dragon sensei or something like that is back LOL and she asks if they've finished the meeting. Tezuka says yeah they've finished the meeting on the training camp and have just been answering questions.

btw tezu
Ryuuzaki: "By the way, Tezuka, is the training camp meeting finished?"

And Tezuka says yes of course lol and tells Ryuuzaki-sensei that they were just answering questions. Ryuuzaki-sensei apologizes for interrupting then asks if anybody else has anymore questions. Oishi, Kikumaru, Fuji and all of them say they don't have anymore questions and I think Tezuka asks Ryoma if he has any.

Ryoma: "Nothing really…"

So after this they just continue to discuss and Ryuuzaki-sensei announces like, when and where they're going to meet and such.

training camp
Ryuuzaki: "All right. Tomorrow for five days, the girls and guys tennis club training camp…."
(I think this is what's being said…. >_>)

Anyways lol they keep talking about the training camp, where they're gonna meet and stuff and then Ryoma's habit of being late comes up and Ryuuzaki-sensei says "Oh, Ryoma."

Ryoma: "?"

don't be late
Ryuuzaki: "…Don't be late."

Ryoma gets pretty creeped out at the way Ryuuzaki-sensei is looking at him lol 'cause she's staring at him intently XD

yeah i get it
Ryoma: "Y-yeah, I understand."

meeting is over
Tezuka: "With that, this meeting is over."

And after that narration comes up talking about the training camp.

summery vacay
"During summer vacation, tomorrow to five days, the "girls and guys tennis training camp" will happen."
(essentially, lol it's kind of simplified |D)

So after this Ryoma is like "time to go home~~~~!!!" "guess I should go home now" "it's getting dark, I should head home."

Anyways on his way home he's thinking about his slanderous father (lawl) and about the tennis training camp. He doesn't hear someone's voice calling for him…

Sakuno: "HELLOOOOOOOOO???!!!!! ….ryo….kun?"

He says hello to her and they start talking about the training camp tomorrow. Sakuno tells him to do his best and stuff like that and he thinks something about Ryuuzaki-sensei lol I kind of forget what, I scrolled too fast e_e lol and then he thinks about how Momo-senpai and Kikumaru-senpai are always making fun of him about Sakuno and how he should call Sakuno 'his' (idk why but I def squealed at this xD RyomaxSakuno are so my tenipuri canon LOLOL) and he's like "they're idiots."

Ryoma: "….They're idiots."

Anyways he mumbles something about it which Sakuno, of course, does not hear lol and she's all like:

Sakuno: …Eh? What did you say, I didn't catch that…."

Ryoma: "…Nothing. Nothing in particular."

Sakuno: "Ryoma-kun?"

Anyways after this Ryoma offers to bring Sakuno home or something because if he doesn't Ryuuzaki-sensei would be pissed at him and at this Sakuno is all like "nonono it's okay!" And to this offer she's all cute and like "I'm happy…." about dat offer and I'm like "AWWW"

And omg lol Ryoma is kind of like "WHATEVS" tryin' to play it off cool but:


Anyways that's all that I got to lol This game is so cute!! And I love Ryoma and Sakuno together, they're one of my favorite couples ;D I just wish Sakuno wasn't so shy sometimes lol but oh well they're super adorkable in this game so~ I'm excited to play more~
I think some of the screens are out of order btw LOL 'cause I saved them and then I was kind of like… uhh I forget what order these go in. LOL not to mention I didn't take any notes 'cause I had to leave halfway through this post and coming back to it I was like "so uh, what order do these go in" LOL whoops ^_^;; so sorry if some of this is out of order… lol and sorry if these translations are really bad lol @_@ but anyways this game is by [turbo] I think, I'm not totally sure I'm basing it on what used to be the website URL….
I think this game was a free too? I'm not totally sure, but I'm sad because I can't find the site 'cause I think it's down 😦 and I'm not sure if this game is free. If someone can tell me that it's free (and give me some source of info lol) then I'll upload the game files to somewhere else and post a link so others can play this too. Man I love these doujin VNs lol they're so adorkable! XD ❤ Anyways this isn't so much of an otome game, but I still put an otome game tag on it just 'cause…. I don't know lol it's geared more towards girls I guess?? Lol I don't know XD LOL


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