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『Cancel a format 』 – Part 2

『Cancel a format 』


Created by: Tomoyoshi
Official Website: http://hetariacf.web.fc2.com/index.html
Info: http://vndb.org/v7059
Trial Version: No

Summary: You're a girl and you wake up on the island where W Academy is located, having no idea who you are or how you got there or why you're there. You attend W Academy as a BOY, but you are a GIRL. This is a doujin otome game.


(crickets sound)

Right, lol let's start! First things first….

Note 1: This is the 2nd part, the continuation to my first post. Please read that post first before you read this one, or you might be confused! Find it here: http://darkbeauty75.livejournal.com/864.html#cutid1

Note 2: My translations are rough, and if you see anything wrong with them (which you probably will… I'm kind of tired right now lol) please feel free to comment and tell me so I can change them! 🙂

Note 3: So I entered in the name as "Serena" (セレナ) which is NOT the heroine's default name (lol I can't remember her default name) but I will refer to YOU as "the heroine" in my translations and of course my explanations lol. But in the screen the heroine's name is "Serena" if any of you are confused about why my name and translations are off LOL 😛

Note 4: I didn't downsize the screens so uh, this post might be a little long…..

Note 5: This is NOT a WALKTHROUGH or a GUIDE. This is just a brief summary and slight translation of the gameplay in Cancel a Format!

Now then, let's begin! I left off in the last post at the map selection scene.

map selection screen

map trans
A few notes on this: In the bottom corner paw it says "Basement", the kanji for this is "地下室" which I translated as basement, lol, but Britain calls it "the secret room" lol you'll see. (No it's not some strange torture chamber…. errr…….)

So anyways Britain offers to take you around the school and show you around. This is the order I went in:
Music Room
General Classroom
The Lounge/Dorms
Sports Grounds
Basement/Secret Room
Student Council

It doesn't matter what order you go in, but I would suggest you leave the "Student Council" room last because Britain specifically says that you should return to the student council room AFTER you're done with all the other rooms on the tour.

The first place I went to was the Cafeteria, located below the Student Council. Britain explains everything about the mess hall, and when you enter you like drool over all the delicious looking food in the dining hall and Britain's all turned off by it "Uhh handkerchief handkerchief" like wipe your drool heroine!! Haha anyways you guys start talking about food and stuff, and how you can eat in the dining hall or outside, you can buy food or you can make your own food. You can buy a variety of different country dishes in the dining hall, mostly the specialty dishes that are offered by the countries attending. You start talking about specialty foods of different countries and England reveals HE CAN COOK!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH HE GETS BROWNIE POINTS ❤ THIS IS WHY I LOVE ENGLAND :L DROOOOOOOL

Lol and your response to this is:

Heroine: "Eh. You can cook? How unexpected."

Lol ouch. Anyways you finish up in the dining hall and England is like "ok moving on" and the next spot I went to was the music room. The musir room is filled with a variety of instruments and W Academy has a couple of concerts throughout the years. You're pretty amazed at the instruments and England tells you to be careful because they're expensive. You're kind of like "eh really they're that expensive?" when England motions to you to come over to him. (I got kind of scared thinking he was gonna like hit me or something XD LOL)

come here just a moment
England: "(heroine's name). Come over here just for a moment."

Heroine: "Ok."

England leads you into the concert hall which is a large hall filled with seats and talks about how this is the place where all the concerts are held. He asks something about playing instruments or something like that and you respond with not really knowing, I guess lol I scrolled too fast here ┐(‘~`;)┌

Anyways you move from the concert hall back to the map selection screen. The next area I went to was the General Classroom. In the General Classroom England begins to explain what kind of classes go on in the room and such. You ask what class you'll be in and England's like well the classes here are determined by your country and such. And since you don't know what country you're from (or if you're a country for that matter lawl) England's like, well the classes here are also split into 2 types of classes: the indispensible and the selection class, and the room you're in is for the use of the selection class.

2 types of classes
England: "There is an indispensible class and a selection class. I'll explain about it in detail later, but this classroom here is used by the selection class."

You say something about how the room is nice to look at but England cuts you off and says that all the classrooms look like this room lol anyways after you finish you guys leave and move back to the map selection screen. The next place I chose to go to was the Lounge/Dorms.

The lounge is connected to the dorms and it's where you can play and study and watch television and such. However Britain tells you that even though it's a place to study, it can get very noisy and such really fast so you should watch out. He asks you about whether or not you like studying, and you say that you don't like it so much but even so you always try your best. You ask him if he likes to study and he says that he's the same as you, that he doesn't so much but he always tries his best as well. Also he says some other stuff about the lounge and how you should always take care and you respond with:

i understand
Heroine: "Yes, I understand."

Anyways you move on from the lounge and to the map selection screen again. The place I went to next was the Sports Grounds.

sports grounds
England: "The sports grounds. The gym is located in another area."

You talk about the sports grounds for a while, and you ask England whether or not he's good at P.E./working out. You mention that you're not very good at it. He says that he's not particularly good at it but he's not bad at it either. Lol he says that what he's good at it sorcery. You're like uhhh what? Lol you think to yourself:

Heroine: 'Sorcery? What is sorcery?'

After this England is all "movin' on" lol so you move back to the map selection screen. The place I went to next was The Library! The Library is a large room filled with books, and since you love reading and books lol you absolutely love this place!

England: "The library. Not to boast, but it's materials are number one in the world."

an amazing number
Heroine: "Uwaa!!! What an amazing number!!"

England is all pleased at how happy you are and is all:

is it pleasing
England: "Is it pleasing?" (Yes. You are very pleasing England :L)

You guys hang in the library for a while and you mention that you:

i want to live here
Heroine: "Uwaa… I want to live here"

England's like lol no "let's move on" and drags you out of the library with you yelling that you can walk yourself and for him to unhand you lol and you move back to the map selection screen. The next place I went to was The Basement/Secret Room lol England's favorite room…..

Lol so the Basement, or as England calls it, the Secret Room is a room filled with books and owls and is something straight outta Harry Potter lol and apparently was used as a research room on curses and such and you kind of look at England and you're like, "research… so Britain-san…?" you kind of trail off and he looks at you and smiles super brightly lol.

isn't it pleasant
England: "Isn't it pleasant~?"

Lol anyways you talk more about the room and then you leave, heading back to the map selection screen. The last place to go now is the Student Council room, signaling that the tour is pretty much over with lol. You head back to the student council room and England explains that even though there is still other stuff to explain he's like, for today the tour is over. He says that you should talk to him if you still have questions and you tell him you don't want to bother him but he's all pissy and adamant about it lol and you're like "oh…kay…." lol anyways you leave the room and run into Japan on your way out onto the campus.

did class end
Serena: "Japan-san! Did class end already?"

Japan: "Yes, has the school guide ended yet?"

You guys stand there and talk for a while before Japan decides to introduce you to someone who appears by him. Then mah HOME BOY China pops up next to Japan and greets you and is all "Oh hello, I'm China" lol.

"A man about the same height as Japan appears."

You guys talk together for a while and you introduce yourself to China lol when Russia appears! China has a look of contempt on his face when he sees Russia lol.

China: "Geh… It's Russia."

Russia: "Fufu. Everybody seems happy!"

Russia: "…Ah. A face I haven't seen before. Who?"

he is russia
Japan: "(Heroine's name)-san. He is Russia-san."

Japan then goes on to ask if Russia's heard of the rumor and Russia's like, "rumor?"

Russia: "Rumor? Aaa, I might have heard of it. Is this the transfer student?"

You nod and introduce yourself and Japan says something about how it was unsurprising that the rumor had travelled so fast throughout the school lol. Then lol Russia says:

Russia: "Fuun. Then, how about becoming mine from today on?"

LOL not this again Russia gets this kind of scary look on his face after he finishes his sentence… lol so anyways you're kind of like lol what but before you can say anything Britain decides to put his two cents in and is all offended that Russia is putting the moves on his girl is trying to take over his territory so he's all like HELL NO GET AWAY FROM HER to Russia lawl and you're like WHOAZ:

"Again!! You're surprised as British-san interrupts promptly and suddenly from the side."

Russia: "Irritating."

Anyways these two start fighting over you lol and after this everybody just starts poppin' up 'cause class is over with.

Italy: "Ciao! Class has ended~…."

Italy: "…And…They're fighting again."

Lol Italy is all like what are they fighting about? And you're like well, they're fighting about me being their territory…. And Italy is all like how are you so relaxed about this, being occupied is a very serious thing! Germany is kind of like nah it's really not lol and then France comes and he's all like "geez it's so loud over here I had to come over" lol and he's all like pissed that England and Russia are causing a scene lol.  He of course hits on you like usual and you think about whether or not you can kick him and leave lol, or at least I think that's what you said XD

Heroine: "Kick and leave, I wonder?"

LOL anyways France yells at the two of them to shut up and stop it and they're like "damn France" lol 'cause he I don't know usually doesn't raise his voice or something against them so lol they shut up and you all are talking to each other, and you say something insulting to England I think lol even if you don't mean it, and he turns to you and is all like "As for you…"

But he gets cut off by a loud BOOM

Italy freaks out:

it's war it's war

Germany is like lol you're an idiot

Germany: "You idiot!!" In this day and age it's not likely for a war to just happen!!"

Then he says something about how it might be terrorists or something lol nice.

China: "Cough…Cough…There's smoke everywhere!!!" (Technically it says something like a smoke screen, but I kind of changed it to there's smoke everywhere 'cause that's pretty much what it's saying lol.)

England realizes that the explosion might have come from the labratory….lol

England: "Labratory… surely it can't be…"

[????]: "Iiiya~ It failed, well, whatever. Sorry, sorry!"

The smoke lifts somewhat and we see who the culprit is and what has happened to the school labratory lol!

[???]: Uwaa. It was a splendid explosion~. You, can you stand?"

You're kind of like uhhh y-yeah I think so lol and Japan introduces him lol

he's america
Japan: "(Heroine's name)-san, he is America-san…. cough cough."

America: "Eh? Ah-! I understand! You're that new companion that England was talking about!!"

England, in turn, is super pissed at America lol

labratory rage
England: "America…. You used the labratory without permission again…."

America is like "Well it's so hard to get permission from you England" and since he wanted to work on his invention he just sort of went in lol I think he had someone else get him in? I scrolled kind of fast here lol! Italy is pissed off too lol he's like "you're working on thos emachines again!?" and America is like "I wonder why it blew up, perhaps was a piece missing?" And you're all like what about machines? America is all like I love inventing!

America: "I am in love with inventing."

Anyways Italy's pissed 'cause he blew up the labratory and now there's dust everywhere and everyone's coated in it lol

"Certainly, all the members are quite dirty."

Lol America's all:

America: "Hahaha!! Sorry, sorry!!!!"

Anyways continuing on the inventing thing America starts talking about machines, and then archaeology and about ruins and he asks if your country has any ruins and Italy's like "sigh you idiot" lol and asks if America heard the rumor about how the heroine has amnesia and how she wouldn't know if her country had ruins or not because she can't remember that.

"At Italy's explanation, I nod."

America: "Unpleasant…"

Anyways you guys continue talking and America says something about movies and you being the kind person you are decide to play along and everybody's kind of like lol what why are you playing along xD Lol anyways America's fascinated with you now, like France, in fact everybody's pretty fascinated with you lol and then Japan's like "?"

Japan: "(heroine's name)-san's hands!!! His hands are covered in blood and cuts!!" (I keep forgetting to refer to you as he when the other guys are talking about you… you're pretending to be a boy remember? Lol gender benderrr)

You're not at all like freaking out lol you're just kind of like "oh lol they are"

Heroine: "Ah, it's true. Did I cut it with the glass a little while ago?"

America obviously feels like shit since the explosion was his fault lol:

America: "So-sorry!!! Are you okay!? Eeh, handkerchief…."

Japan says you need to wash the cuts out and stuff and that there's a water fountain nearby. He leads you and America to it and France says that yes you should be sure to wash it carefully~ Anyways after you guys leave the guys get serious and England says that you won't be able to live in the dorms because the evidence that you're a country is insufficient and the board is worried you might be a spy or something, and that if you are a spy in the end they have to eliminate you. They ask how you were allowed to be permitted into the school, and England admits that he doesn't know how but he does know that you're allowed into the school. Italy tries to defend you because he thinks you're a good guy and he doesn't understand how the board couldn't believe you would be a good guy.

he's a good guy
Italy: "Eeeh-!!! No way!! He's definitely a good guy!!!"

Anyways England's like even if he is the board is still being careful about him lol anyways Italy gets into a somewhat fight with Russia who puts on his raep face just ends up scaring him lol.

Italy: "Hiiiiii!!!!!"

Germany: "Hey!!! Don't hide behind me and use me as a shield!!!"

The guys all get real quiet when you, America and Japan return.

Japan: "We've returned."

Japan immediately notices the tense air and asks what's happened while they were gone.

Italy tells you that you can't live in the dorms because they've "become full"

full dorms
Italy: "The dorms are full so you can't live there."

France then offers you to live with him, and is all like how does that sound with elder brother? (creep) Lol you're like what? You don't understand what he's talking about.

"France mutters hurriedly at me to say 'that is okay' but since I just arrived I did not understand what he was talking about."

America then offers you to live at his house because he gave you that injury, and you ask about living off campus and they offer you a list of pros and cons for living on both on and off campus. They say living off campus though, in general, beats living on campus lol so you're like
okay, and you know you can't live alone because you have amnesia and that you need to rely on somebody, but you don't want to be a burden or a freeloader. America offers his house, as does France lol. You of course don't want to bother any of them because you'd only just met America, and you didn't want to live with France obviously because you don't want to get raped in your sleep. England sounds like he's about to offer his house because he's the "student council president" but Italy interrupts him and offers his house but then Germany points out that he can't because of some reason lol I scrolled too fast again dammit (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Anyways then Japan offers his house for you to live at lol. You think about it, debating about whether or not you really should, but Japan insists on you living with him.

how about my house
Japan: "Then, how about my house?"

You debate whether or not you should go with Japan, because you don't want to feel like a freeloader. They assure you that you won't be lol and you pause to think about it some more before making up your mind.

is t allright
Heroine: "Is it all right?"

Everybody takes this as your way of saying yes lol

Japan: "Yes. Of course. I hope to get along with you."

Italy asks if it's okay for him to come over and to play with you guys and Japan says it's fine lol and they decide that it's about time they go home and you're like "all right, to Japan-san's house then" and Japan is all "eh? but isn't it your house now too?" OH JAPAN ❤ (*´∀`*)  MY HEART ❤ AGH

Anyways lol and you're all like "ah- eh, y-yes I guess so!" and remarks that it leaves a warm feeling in you (≧∇≦) France is a bit worried that if you live with Japan your secret might be revealed that you're actually a girl not a boy, but regardless he agrees with your decision to live with Japan lol. So you leave the campus grounds with Japan-san and head to the convenience store to pick up some ingredients….


Lol and there you have it! Some more translations on Cancel a format~ (●´ω`●) Man I seriously love this game lol it's so effing cute and makes me doki doki everywhere at the most random lines… I can't help but fangirling eeek! I really really love England lol I don't know why but I just do haha and same with America, Japan and Italy~ Italy is just so effing ADORKABLE ❤ hahaha!

I seriously love this game so much, I can't wait to get even further into it~~ I'll be sure to keep you all updated as well~ o(*^▽^*)o~♪

By the way, some of those translations might be a little out of order 'cause I kind of lumped it all together at once lol. So sorry if you're trying to follow along in game with my translations (although if you can play the game I doubt you need translations lol) and you get a little confused haha~ Anyways, I hope you enjoyed!! I'll try to do more sometime soon!! (●´∀`●)

For now though lol it's time to go to bed!!! I'm so tired hahaha and I have class tomorrow… I should go to sleep LOL.

Well I'm off to bed now~ Until next time!! ┗(^o^ )┓三


5 thoughts on “『Cancel a format 』 – Part 2

  1. I need this game so badly, yet I can’t find it anywhere ;___; And I live in a third world country to boot… Well, I guess I’ll hand around and read your reviews! Also your Japanese is good 🙂 I know NOT saying it’s bad is odd in Internet Land, but it really isn’t, so I hope you don’t actually think that!

    1. 😦 aww, I’m sorry! yeah some otome games are really hard to get, especially the doujin ones. And thank you! I’d like to think my Japanese is decent :p so thanks for saying that~ I hope to improve it though by playing more and more otoges \o/

    1. Ha ha thank you! A friend got it for me actually, since she lives in Japan I usually just ask her to buy my games for me then I pay her back and she just sends them to me haha. We’ve worked out a pretty good system ;D Unfortunately, I’m not sure where you can buy it online, considering it’s an extremely rare game :\ and yes I understand xD and I’m glad you enjoy reading!! \(^0^)/

  2. Thank you very much!! I really want to play this game, but my Japanese is the worst, and I still can’t read kanji… So this is really help me! Thanks! 😊😊

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