♛ Happy Halloween ♛

♛Happy Halloween Minna! ♛

Seri…. you so cute!!! (*ノ▽ノ) Kishio Daisuke hnnnggggg ♥♥♥
So I've been feeling particularly lazy as of recent which is why you haven't seen much of me posting wise hahaha. School has been eating up my time, unsurprisingly lol and I've been in one of those not-feeling-like-playing-otome-games-but-would-rather-listen-to-drama-CDs-and-watch-other-people-play-otome-games-and-listen-to-Drama-CDs mood as of recent haha but the otome gaming love is coming back xD I'll update the next part of my "Cancel a format" stuff soon, hopefully…………. LOL

Anyways I have been on a Kishio Daisuke like, marathon as of recent haha so I'm probably going to be playing Starry Sky the Autumn discs again…. LOL especially dat fandisk. I am a fan of Leo's route in the fandisk. It is full of PURE WIN ♥ and you all know it!!!! And Gekka Ryouran Romance. And I've been listening to Otona Gentei Kanbyou for Kishio Daisuke (ノ▽≦*) oh god lol I'm so obsessed it's creepy xDDD why did you have to play Sena in Under the Moon WHYYYYYY (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Anyways other than Cancel a format (which I will actively continue to uh "translate" if that's what you wanna call it) I also wanna start the otome game "memories" (メモリーズ) by chocolatier… although I hear it's a really crappy game lol I wanna try it anyways xD I think the fact that i heard it's really shitty is the only reason why I wanna play it LOL. It's R-18 so yeah lol this will be interesting xD i hope it's not full of rapists like in Ijiwaru my Rapist or Under the Moon oh sugar beans. LOL anyways yeah so maybe I'll post a translation on the first few parts of that game as well.

i feel like the majority of what i post about is R-18 games. that probably says a lot about me LOL

As for the other games I started…. I don't know if I'll continue with them or not lol I'm just kind of like "meh" when it comes to the other games xD mostly 'cause I'd rather just focus on Cancel a format LOL. I will capture you England I WILL

Also, I'm going to finally start Gekka Ryouran Romance as well as Arcana Famiglia YESSS I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME OMGOMGOMG I CAN'T WAIT TO FINALLY START IT WOOOOOOTTTTT I'M NEVER PUTTING THIS GAME DOWN AHHHHHHHH!!! so yeah, I'm pretty excited to start those two games. I'll probably play them casually, ya know.

Anyways lol just wanted to uh, keep you all posted haha about whether or not I'm still alive LOL. Which I am. Promise. 😛 And I'll get that Cancel a format Part 3 up soon…………………………………………………….. /shot

So anyways lol look forward to Part 3 and probably a memories post as well~!!


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