Otome Games

『Cancel a format 』 – Part 3

『Cancel a format 』

Created by: Tomoyoshi
Official Website: http://hetariacf.web.fc2.com/index.html
Info: http://vndb.org/v7059
Trial Version: No

Summary: After waking up on an island you discover that you cannot recall who you are or why you are on the island. You fall asleep at W Academy grounds and from there on out you join the Hetalia cast and aim to get laid find your memory again. This is an OTOME DOUJIN GAME.


Lol so sorry for this pretty late update, and even better is that this post will probably be pretty short 'cause I uh, got lazy and didn't feel like continuing after we get into Japan's house slash the next morning… LOL OH WELL.

I should be doing my chemistry lab homework right now

Awrite awrite, here are your typical notes~

Note 1: This is Part 3 to my Cancel a format translation/thing-a-majiggers. Please read Part 1 (http://darkbeauty75.livejournal.com/864.html#cutid1) and Part 2 (http://darkbeauty75.livejournal.com/2663.html) first or else you'll be very confused lol!

Note 2: The uh, images aren't sized down so yeah… They will probably add length to this post and make it seem longer than it actually is lol 😛

Note 3: Oh GOD my translations are horrible this round. LOL I was feeling really lazy and like would read the stuff then click forward and be like "umm what just happened" SO UH yeah lol I took notes this time around but uh…. yeah…. so if you see anything wrong PLEASE inform me so I can change it and not look like a total dumbass

Note 4: THIS IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH OR A CAPTURE GUIDE OR ANY OF THAT OTHER SHIT I CAN'T THINK OF RIGHT NOW This is just a simple translation/thoughts of what's going on in the game based on my shitty Japanese. 8D

First though I have to tell you all….. I fangirled for Japan SO HARD the entire time I played the short minutes that I did. Good LORD lol I just LOVED Japan in this area! Also…. guess who finds out your secret??? LOL I don't know guys, I'm thinking I might have to capture Japan first instead of England…. I don't know I'm so conflicted!! xD I want ero scenes with them both lol 3P ending anyone? (≧▽≦)

Oh anyways I should also explain that this game DOES have 3P endings LOL. (If you don't know what a 3P ending is that means you're not corrupted a 3P ending is just 3 person ending lol…threesomeeee) If you want a list of capturable guys, you can check the website's character list for that 'cause it lists them I'm pretty sure the majority of the guys on the Character List are capturable… I know China, England, Russia, Prussia, Japan, America, Germany and Italy are on the capture list. I know there are also side routes I think for France, Canada, Spain, Turkey, and…. another guy I can't remember his name (hasn't watched or read any Hetalia in a really really really really long time) whether or not they have ero scenes I don't know lol. I think there are only two 3P endings. and the only reason I know this is because I already have the CG pack ohohohohohoho

All right. Let's begin! I left off with our heroine and Japan-san going to the store to buy ingredients for dinner… So you guys are walking along and stuff and this is after you've bought the ingredients for dinner. You mention that Japan-san bought a lot of ingredients, and Japan responds that he supposes that would be true if he was just one person buying that much, but since there are two of them then the amount makes sense. Japan-san says something about please look forward to eating it. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン You also tell him that you want to help make dinner or something like that lol.

Heroine: I'll also help!

Anyways you guys are strolling along to Japan-san (and now your) house when Japan asks you whether or not you've heard the story / backgorund info concerning the education / system at W Academy. You say you've only heard some of it because of Britain-san, and Japan says that even though some of the info will overlap he's going to explain it to you again anyways, which of course you agree to lol.

yesss teach me Japan-san

Japan: Really, even if it over laps I'll also explain it to you. (basically he's saying even though you've heard some of it I'll also explain it to you.)

Anyways Japan begins to talk about the island and the school. He tells you that the island is not known to most / not widely known about, and that it has no name. It has four distinct seasons and mild climate. Even though it's not widely known there are still residents and tourists that live and visit there. Japan tells you Countries are represented by humans at W Academy, the place where you fell asleep.

"I nodded my head as I recalled the incident."

You ask something about the general public and how they can't attend, and Japan nods at this. He says that it's impossible for people who aren't countries to come; you can only come if you are a country and you can't get into the school if you aren't. However Japan tells you that once a year the school opens up to the public to host a school festival. He then talks about how everybody has two names – the name of their country and their given / "outside" name. Japan is his name he uses inside the school while outside he goes by "Honda Kiku". i thought of the car brand and how i own one oh god lol

He also says that everyday they (as in the Countries) work hard for their Countries and you respond with "heeh, thank you for your hard work" and Japan just laughs and smiles and says thank you for that or something like that lol.

Japan: "Here, war and dispute are forbidden."

Japan then goes on to talk about how war / dispute and arguments are forbidden between the Countries because they're all gathered there to promote like the exchange of minds I guess you could say is what I roughly translated / thought it to be LOL. He also says that here, even if the Countries have disputes outside of this island, those are all pushed aside and momentarily forgotten when they're here because they're there to get along and to like, settle their differences and stuff and learn how to be a proper Country etc. etc. I'm sure you all know this if you've watched/read the anime unlike me ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Anyways shortly after this conversation they arrive at Japan's house!

Heroine: "uwa, what a big house!!"

Japan's house is apparently very large and very Japanese lol and apparently the house could be designed to his liking so he requested it to be like a traditional Japanese house. He also mentions something about how these types of houses are dwindling so he really treasures this type of traditional house or something like that lol.

You enter and you're like "excuse me for interrupting" or something along those lines lol. Anyways you follow Japan's lead as you take off your shoes and place them before slipping on some slippers and such. Japan mentions that this house is now your house too so you're like "Oh, well ah – I'm home!" and Japan's like good, that was well done lol and omg it was just so adorkable

Japan: "Fufu. From today on it's your house too"

Heroine: "Oh, ah then, I'm home…!"

Japan: "Yes, well done"


Anyways after that Japan leads you to your room and mentions that although it's clean there is still work to be done on it or something like that lol.

Heroine: "Uwaa~ It's wonderful"

He asks you about your clothes and you mention that France prepared your clothes for you and stuff and Japan's like "oh i see" and he says that when you run out of clothes you'll go shopping together to buy more clothes. He says something about how they should have tea, dinner and a bath (with you in it? together?) and how things have become lively around the house lol. HNNG JAPAN ❤ Anyways after that Japan leaves to prepare dinner. YES ANOTHER COOKER After dinner:

Heroine: "Thank you for the meal!"

Japan: "I'm glad you'res satisfied. You're quite skilled with the chopsticks" (you can satisfy me in other ways Japan-san)

(doesn't take much to be skilled at using the chopsticks lol)

Anyways you guys talk for a while and he says something about how you're good at washing dishes and stuff and other chores and you just mention that you don't want to be a burden which is why you're trying to help out.

Anyways next up you think about the topics you want to bring up which brings up a CHOICE MENU!

Choices (In Order):
もういいかな – That's Enough
授業について – About Class
日本さんについて – About Japan
自分について – About Myself
(I give you the choices in Japanese too 'cause I know that the choices are random every time lol.)

It doesn't matter which choice you pick first, by the way, 'cause you can go through all three of the topics. The "That's Enough" choice will end all choices and will make you move onto the next scene, so I advise choosing that option LAST.

The First Choice I picked was "日本さんについて – About Japan"

You ask Japan-san to teach you about Japan lol which he replies that of course he will haha anyways, he starts talking about how Japan has a long history and about sushi and about games and anime and such and that it's a culture to be proud of!!!!

You're all like "anime desuka?" lol and he's like YES IT's a culture to be proud of!! And that it's like a comic in essence and that he brought a lot of it from Japan so you can read it later on lol.

Now you're down to three choices:

choices part 2
自分について – About Myself
もういいかな – That's Enough
授業について – About Class

The Next Choice I picked was "授業について – About Class"

w academy
Heroine: "Please teach me about W Academy."

Japan then goes into explaining about the selection and indispensible classes, and it's pretty much a rehash of what Britain told you. He also tells you that in the selection class it seems like you have a lot of flexibility and freedom. He also says that you are required to take a sub-class. You wonder what class you'll be assigned to. You mention that it'd be nice to have class with Japan-san and he's like yes that would be nice, somewhere where my eyes can reach… (*ノ▽ノ)

And I read that line and was getting BL vibes BUT DIS IS AN OTOME GAME TYVM

He mentions that tomorrow's lecture is going to be on the culture of all of Asia. He then talks about how he wants to become a teacher or something like that, and how in class you sometimes have to get on stage to like teach/perform and how he hopes to be a teacher someday. You tell Japan that when he does teach class you'll be sure to come and Japan's all like  even though it's embarassing, please come.  (ノ▽≦*)

Japan: "Fufu. Although it's embarassing, please come."

You guys continue to talk about the indispensible class and you wonder if it has different subject matter compared to the other class and other things like that lol I scrolled kind of fast here but it was mostly just rehash info if I recall correctly lol ( >﹏<。)

You talk about teachers and guys in uniform and how France is suspicious in his uniform lol or something along those lines hahaha

choices redux
自分について – About Myself
もういいかな – That's Enough

The Next Choice I picked was "自分について – About Myself"

All right so this next choice is 自分について – About Myself that I chose and I kind of didn't pay attention very well to this part lol slash I scrolled too fast AGAIN i seriously have a problem here lol (」°ロ°)」 but uh anyways I just remember Japan saying something about how you should find happiness or something like that, like strive to do your best when you ask him about like your circumstances and how to like stay perked up or something like that. He's being very comforting which made me HNNNGGGG SO HARD /fangirl scream and says that even though losing your memory is tough, everyone is there to help you (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Japan: "Although losing your memory is difficult, we will help you as much as we can."

もういいかな – That's Enough

Lol obviously pick the last choice, "もういいかな – That's Enough"

You say "thanks i'm all right now" after you pick "that's enough".

Heroine: "Thank you, it's all right now."

Japan says "really?" and mentions that the bath is ready now. He says something about how there's a hot spring too and how normally you go one at a time or something like that and you're all like "it's fine! I'm all right! Alone! Can I go first?" 'cause obviously you don't want your secret to be found out lol

Japan says it's fine to go first and you're like FUCK YES A BATH Bath~!! and you think about how you're going to borrow lots of books from the library tomorrow on Japanese culture (≧∇≦)

Heroine: "uwaa~~!! it's so pleasant~~~!!!!!"

You wonder for a moment why there's such a large bath and wonder if Japan's like special or something like that lol. Anyways you let the girls out you take off your breast bindings and mention that it's much better now because before the girls were getting crushed 'cause of dem bindings so lol you're feeling better now that you've taken off the breast bindings.

Anyways it gets quiet for a minute and you think to yourself about how now that you're alone in this bath that you've suddenly become uneasy and insecure. But even though you think this you resolve to yourself to try your best!!

And how for the time being you should wash your hair and such… when suddenly you hear a voice!!!

oh fuck this is the best part of the game so far OH GOD LOL

Japan: "(Heroine's name)-san? I'm sorry. I actually prepared you a kimono…."

And you're like:

Heroine: "OH FUCK" "OH SHEET" "wanna join me Japan?" "HIIIIIIII!!!!!"

And of course Japan opens the door and stares are you and is all like, "eh?"

Japan: "…………………"

"Although I concealed everything with the towel, it's suspicious whether or not I managed to conceal everything."

Japan: "Eh?"

Japan: "UWAWAAAAAA!!! EXCUSE ME I'M SORRY I'M SORRY!!!!" (dat face (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン HNNNG JAPAN)

Japan then proceeds to run into the hallway to freak out.

Japan: "A woman…!?!?!?"

Japan: "There was a woman!!!!"

what on earth
Japan: "–What on earth does that mean!!???"

Anyways Japan hasn't put two to two together yet and is like "WHO WAS DAT!?!?!?" and then he realizes "Face…That face… was (heroine's name)-san's!!!" AND THEN HE FIGURES IT OUT THAT, OH SHIT YOU'RE FEMALE!!!!

And he's like da fuq what is going on!!???

Heroine: "Um…Japan-san….."

so deeply engrossed is Japan-san in his panicking that he freaks when you call him lol

Japan: "Uwawawa!!! Yes yes!!! What is it!!!!"

Anyways you want to say something to Japan but even when you open your mouth it's like no words can come out lol so you don't know what to say. You mention that you should stay calm because Japan-san is clearly freaking out lol.

waht to say argh
Heroine: "W-what to say!!! Say something….anything!!!!!"

Anyways Japan calms down a bit after he talks about preparing the yukata and sleep clothes and stuff like that lol. Then you say something to Japan (I scrolled too fast ARGH) and Japan's like"really… WAIT A MINUTE I didn't see it I swear!!! Go back to the room I didn't see I swear!!! Nothing!!!!"L

Lol and you're like "ermm okay…"

Heroine: "What to do…."

You're kind of like in disbelief that you got found out so soon, 'cause first it was France and now Japan lol.

Anyways you guys head to the room you had dinner in to talk and Japan apologizes for acting so flustered. He's like I swear I didn't see anything… I promise… I didn't see anything…. LOL anyways he mentions that he's like really shaken that you're actually a girl lol. He asks if it was your intention to begin with to appear as a man, and you reply yes. When he asks you why you respond that it's disadvantageous ffor her to search for her memory as a woman, and instead you thought it'd be more advantageous to look for it as a man.

Japan calms down some more when he finds out that you were doing it with the intention of finding your memory and not for some other strange reason haha and says that you made a wise judgement.

Anyways yeah he agrees that it'd be more efficient and advantageous if you pretended to be a man lol. But he also says being a girl is advantageous too and you reply that France said that to you too lol

Japan's all like "EH?! France-san knows you're a woman!?"

And you tell him he figured it out in one-shot 😛

Japan: "Certainly…that sort of thing doesn't pass by that person…." LOL

Anyways this moves to the topic of asking him not to reveal your secret.

Heroine: "Please, keep this silent from other people!!!!!"

The next few parts of dialogue is mostly Japan being silent and you begging him not to tell others that you're a woman because you really want to find out about yourself / discover your memory and stuff and at one point it says that you even bow to Japan-san about it. He stays quiet and finally speaks up telling you that he's not going to tell anyone, but he has a few requests. And that's that at home you should act like a proper woman, and that he will address you as such. He says these are the conditions and stuff like that, and how you only have to act like a woman inside the house but not outside and that of course he isn't going to blow your cover lol. He asks you not to be troubled and tries to comfort you and such. You agree to these terms of course!

Heroine: "….Yes." (i love dis close up OMG Japan <3)

You feel super relieved and you didn't even realize you'd started crying until Japan wiped your tears away with the hem of his sleeve HNNG JAPAN MY HEART ❤ (ノ∇≦*)

He then mentions that at least he doesn't have to be alone and that at least France knows about it lol. He also tells you that you should report to him and that you shouldn't try to do everything alone 'cause he's there for you ❤ MY HEART AGH DOKIDOKI ❤  then he blushes when he mentions you guys will have to get women's clothes lol xD so cute

Then he asks if it's all right if you'll still live with him even though he's a man and you're like of course it's okay!!! OH JAPAN YOU SO CONSIDERATE. I WANNA MARRY YOU ❤

Japan then of course says that he hopes to get along with you from now on and you're like of course, I should be the one saying that to you!!!

Japan then mentions how he's underestimated a woman's courage and I'm like DAMN STRAIGHT WE ROCK

Japan: "I was surprised at first, a woman's courage should not be underestimated."

You tell him you won't be defeated!

Then Japan mentions that tomorrow he should probably talk to France / meet up with him and asks if you want to come. You agree and say that you guys should go together~

Japan then says that you both should probably get to sleep because you need a good night's rest!

Heroine: "Yes. Good night!"


PHEW! Finally got this prologue part out of the way. I think I can start capturing guys soon…. FINALLY LOL. Anyways this part was FANTASTIC lol OH MAN this game is GREAT. I seriously recomment this game to EVERYBODY whether or not you're into Hetalia or not 'cause tbh I wasn't even into Hetalia before this LOL I just knew of it and had heard of it but DAMN. This makes me want to get into the series more which I have been as of recent haha~

Anyways I can't wait to finally start capturing guys (which hopefully comes soon! /crosses fingers) and getting doki doki moments and ero scenes mmmhmmmmmm LOL anyways, I don't know if there's any point in asking this but does anyone want me to capture a certain character first? Lol.

Okay for once I didn't write this late at night! It's only like 9:46 here LOL. But I still have a psych paper to write and chemistry homework. Anyways this post is kind of short just 'cause I started playing Cancel a format but then I got lazy and didn't feel like playing anymore xDDD LOL but I will most likely continue 'cause I want to capture some manses already!!!! But anyways, look forward to part 4~~ (≧▽≦)

All right. Time to do homework! ┗(^o^ )┓三


14 thoughts on “『Cancel a format 』 – Part 3

  1. I want this game so badly…. (and your review is not helping it! :P)
    I can’t even find a way to buy it on-line. Well, I’ll have to stalk your reviews then 🙂

    1. xD aww yeah the game is pretty rare, it’s super hard to find ; – ; which is unfortunate for all the gamers who really wanna buy it! but I’m glad you will stalk my reviews 😛 I am going to try and get off my lazy butt to continue in the game hahaha!

      1. Hmm I might continue it but I’m not sure if others are reviewing it or not. I’ll check around and if not I might pick it back up again! 🙂

  2. Wa, thanks for the translation! I’m currently playing this game and your translation helps me a lot =D I’m really bad at remembering kanji so even though I’m learning Japanese I can’t keep track of what’s going on in the game =/

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it~ 🙂 Kanji is my strong point so I usually rely more heavily on reading the kanji than I do at other parts on occasion which is a bad habit of mine haha! xDDD Yeah I usually do these posts to help me keep track of where I am too LOL 8DD;;;;; I’m really bad at that kind of stuff too haha~~ Anyways I’m glad you liked this post! I might pick this game up again so hopefully there will be more in the future?
      (Also I edited your comment a bit, I don’t approve of links being posted on my blog. Sorry! ><;;)

    1. Hello! Sorry for my late response! I may or may not repick up Cancel a Format, it seems to be getting really popular haha so I may end up picking it back up again (it’s still installed on my computer so why not I guess? xDD) and I’d probably start with North Italy due to a request from another reader.

  3. Hello ^-^ I was wanting to know if you have now the hehehe … threesome with america and england and if yes how did you do to have it bouh 😦 I try but it doesn’t work

    -sorry for bad english-

    1. Hahaha yes there is a 3P end with England and America in this game. x) Did you try to follow the guide when you went for the 3P end? I haven’t gotten the 3P ending either, I’m still working through other routes in the game. 🙂

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