♛ memories… ntyvm ♛

memories jacket


DIS EFFING GAME. So I know I was supposed to upload some sort of post on this game slash the first few minutes of this game but I got through like 10 minutes of game play and got bored lol. I mean I know this game is like, typical otoge based on a high school romance (a Catholic school no less lol I would say this is ironic but… it's really not xDDD) and so I was going into this game knowing all that it probably wouldn't be that fascinating lol and that I'd probably rage at some point during the game but it's okay, it's okay! I don't mind playing crappy games ya know what I'm sayin'?

But after reading a review on the game I think I'm gonna hate it LOL. This sucks 'cause I took all the effort to install the game and then update it and all dat other shet lol. And look at this weird ass menu screen:

Icons, In Order:
-Name Input-
Bottom Right Corner:

LIKE WHAT??? WHY WOULD YOU PUT THE EXIT BOTTOM IN THE BOTTOM CORNER????? For someone who can't read Japanese you'd probably think that's the start button right?? LOL idk I just think this game menu screen is awkward xDDDD And then I don't like how they have that name input screen option at the very bottom… like couldn't you have just put that when the game started or something? Rather than put it there 'cause if someone wanted to put their own name into the game but didn't read Japanese what would dey do!? But then again, this game was made in Japan where people could read Japanese so maybe I'm just thinking too much like when my Japanese was even shittier than it is now really bad. lol although when you do exit one of the guys will say like "ehhh you want to leave!?!?? that's too bad…" or something along those lines to you lol it kind of reminded me of Sangoku Rensenki but I liked that game so I really won't compare them lol Sangoku Rensenki > memories

name input
Name input screen, Last name then First name.

The heroine's default name is Yumi Higuchi (????? dem kanji. At first I read it in Chinese LOL 樋口 as Tongkou which MAKES NO SENSE LOL and then the 由美 as Youmei which actually kind of sounds similar to Yumi LOL xDD) lol

CHOICES like 2 seconds into the game LOL.
行ってみようかな… – Maybe I'll Go….
ごめんなさい… – I'm Sorry…..

You were like walking around town and this guy stops you asking you to star in a porno with him wait where did I even get this idea asking you whether or not you want to go to the band ARIA's live house or w/e and these are the choices you get stuck with lol.

Anyways this is one of the guys you can capture lol his name's Kamijou Hayato and IDK lol I decided to read all the routes early to see what I was getting into and now it's completely turned me off from the game LOL xDD

So yeah thought I'd tell you I'm not going to even bother with this game lol. If you really, really, really want to know what happens in this game I'd either go find a review for this game or I'd suggest you just buy it or something and play it yourself lol. Here's the website for you if you really want it xD http://www.zutto-otome.jp/memories/top.html

So yeah. This game was released by chocolatier, lol and I think this is their first game.

Oh, and this:

                                                                                           DAT HAIR.
                          LIKE WHAT THE FOOK???

not a fan. Lol NTYVM! So yeah I probably won't be posting on this game LOL unless I'm feeling like masochistic or something and want to put myself through that hell

I think for now I'll just stick with Cancel a format….. LOL


3 thoughts on “♛ memories… ntyvm ♛

  1. To be honest… I wanted to play this game for a while. But it got so many bad reviews. Other than dat hair, it looks like it might be interesting, but I guess it really really isn’t, huh.

    1. Hmm I wasn’t a big fan of the game, and it doesn’t look like others were either lol. However, I suppose playing bad otoges are all part of the experience? xD lol! So I guess I would say play it if you’re an M or if you’re like really curious about it :p lol

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