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Okay I had to do a post about it. I just had to.

oh yeah i’m not dead lolololol /getshot

Anyways. DIABOLIK LOVERS is pretty much a  ドラマCD about Do S vampire boys talking and playing lots of fun S&M games with you and oh my lordy – holy crap. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン so hot. I feel like such a Do M when I listen to this but this isn’t surprising but I can’t stop once I start!!! Only 2 volumes have been released, Volume 1 which is Ayato, voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru. Volume 2, which I will be starting soon most likely after I post this (LOL) is Subaru, voiced by Kondo Takashi if I recall correctly. HOLY CRAP I’m listening to volume 1 right now (again LOL) and PHEW I’m like, holy shit OVARIES BLOWN.

And you know, I know I’m just a play thing (why am I referring to the heroine as “I” and “Me” now? Oh gawd lulz) for Ayato but OH GOD it’s just like TAKE ME NOW!!! SO HOT. Anyways going into this, I do enjoy Midorikawa Hikaru a lot but gawd damn all I could imagine at first was Yoh from Starry Sky with his somewhat nasaly voice that I don’t mind so much but I was like, how is that voice supposed to do Do S?? Then I started it and HOLY CRAP. MIDORIKAWA HIKARU PLEASE JUST TAKE ME NOW. (ノ∇≦*) The fact that it’s about sadistic vampires is just a huge, huge major major major major maaaajooorrr plus for me hahaha xDDD but seriously, this Drama CD is hot. Maybe a lil scary for some of you otome gamers who aren’t used to/don’t like the whole yandere/DoS thing but for girls like me and alyyn AHAHAHAHAHA it’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing. LOL so hot, Midorikawa Hikaru I have seen you in a whole new light.

It was WAAYYY hotter than I thought he would be!! He doesn’t sound like Yoh the majority of the time (although sometimes it does sneak in there :P) but other than that oh god, his voice is pretty deep and just so effing hot. Especially all the things he’s saying to you. But yeah. So the series is a little creepy for most people but oh god, for me it’s like HEAVEN LOL the first time I was going to listen to volume 1, I almost put the CD onto my iPod so I could listen to it on the way to campus while I rode the bus but I completely forgot to… Wow I probably would have like, fainted on the very crowded bus or died of massive bleeding. All those slurping sounds. Oh god, Midorikawa Hikaru. The back and forth between headphones, left and right still catch me off guard when Ayato is whispering all those things in your ears…

Anyways so pretty much the story is this – you got drugged by Ayato and taken to his..erm, iron maiden lol and you wake up in it. (“Have you heard of it? It’s called an iron maiden”) anyways he eventually shuts it on you which causes you to freak out but he seems to have no problem with your panicking LOL. Anyways he eventually let’s you out and after he gets thirsty, and since him being a vampire he’s not gonna drink juice or soda or something obviously lol he obviously wants to drink your blood! He decides to give you a quiz to boost his ego lol which you lose laaawwllll so after that he makes you drink a strange potion that just makes your blood like 20x yummier or something for Ayato lol and THEN he ties you up with his necktie and begins biting and licking all over your body and whisper things into your ear using that dummyhead mic. Oh my god why can’t all ドラマCDs use dummyhead mics??? This would make me go “haa haa” soooo much lmfao. Anyways, this goes on for a while lol and then HE TAKES IT TO THE BED. And something about giving us more pain and pleasure and jesus CHRIST I’M DEAD, I’m just a pool of molten goo on the ground by the end of this. LOL. Anyways EVERYBODY, GO LISTEN TO IT.

This is Volume 2’s cover, Subaru who is voiced by Konishi Takashi lol. I’ll be listening to this next!!! (I heard he threatens to bite you to death or something like that? LOL do it please)Anyways guess what? This Drama CD is being made into an otome game!!!!!!!! YAAAAYYY I have NO idea how they’ll go about doing it plot-wise but I’m excited nontheless, voices are great and super hot and make me to haa haa but an otome game would just make it 99999999999999999999 times better. With pictures. I hope it’s sort of like Gekka Ryouran Romance where they push the boundaries CG wise ;D or just make it into an R18 game I think the artwork from the game is by the same artist who’s doing OZMAFIA!! by Poni-Patchet (http://oz.ponipa.com/) comparing the artwork on the DIABOLIK LOVERS site (http://www.otomate.jp/dialover/)(the website music is AWESOME by the way, I totally want an audio CD or soundtrack when the game comes out lol) the artwork looks pretty similar so I’m assuming they’re by the same artist? Could be why OZMAFIA!! is taking forever to be released? Lol

Oh yeah that reminds me – another game I’m excited about is….. PersonA by Mirai-soft. It’s based off of Phantom of the Opera, which is one of my favorite plays/musicals/movies/etc. so I’m definitely hoping it’s good. (http://www.mirai-soft.com/products/persona/intro-persona.html) if it sucks I’ll probably cry. Lol well that’s enough for now, I’m off to go listen to volume 2 of DIABOLIK LOVERS and do homework (pfft I doubt the homework will get done XD) ┗(^o^ )┓三

But that reminds me. I’ve been out of the otome gaming scene for a while (the spark just came back lol) so I’m curious, any other recent yandere Drama CDs or otome games that have come out that are really good? Any PC ones? I know the majority of the PSP/PS2/PS3 ones but I-I just gotta know…WHAT HAVE I MISSED OUT ON THESE PAST MONTHS?! (ಥ_ಥ)


21 thoughts on “♛DIABOLIK LOVERS Vol. 1: Ayato♛

  1. DIALOVERS = overkill. Seriously. I thought Ayato’s one was scary but when I listened to Subaru who sucks your blood like crazy and Kanato’s screaming…yeah it’s pretty scary xD

    But I really can’t wait for the game and the next CDs! For some reason, although it scares me, I find myself listening to them haha!

    Well there’s Hakuoki Demon Fleeting but I think you would have heard of that already…I haven’t played any of the new ones yet. The only ones that I think people are looking forward to are Amnesia Later & Tokimeki which will be out in a few days ^^

    1. Yeah I agree when I went into this I wasn’t quite sure what I was listening to, all I saw was the pretty artwork and I was like “WHY NOT 8D” LOL and turns out it was yandere which…I’mkindofafanof but anywhooo haha I heard the Subaru CD was like, effin’ crazy compared to Ayato lmao but I haven’t fully listened to it yet…. xD

      I agree!! I feel like this series is really addicting, even if a lot of people find themselves scared when they listen to it… scary…but hot too LOL dem dummy head mics really added to the overall effect and air too, in my opinion xD

      Ahaha yeah I’ve already got Hakuouki in English, I played the Japanese version too but I want to play the English version anyways 8D lol I haven’t played any new ones yet either, I’m waiting for Black Wolves Saga and PersonA and such for the PC right now… I’m excited for TokiMeki, the game just feels so personalized in my opinion since there are so many options! Haha~

      Amnesia Later is the fandisk to Amnesia right?

      1. I’m not a huge fan of yandere characters (tsundere, yangire etc.) but yes the art and the seiyuus somehow pulled me in so I just got into it xD

        Dummy head mics = ears explode (in a good way). Omg yes the sounds and their voices right up to your ear is enough to make me go crazy (//v//)

        Ah BWS! I’m looking forward to that too! Ah PersonA! I saw the website and the artwork is really pretty *A* I’ve never played an 18+ otoge before, but maybe this time I will! Yes I’m excited for Tokimeki too! Ever since I played 1st Love, I’ve been an avid fan of the game ^^

        Btw, do you have a twitter or tumblr? 🙂

      2. Oh my GOD I know right?! Dummy head mics were the greatest invention EVER LOL they need to make all otome seiyuu use dummy head mics in the games. We’d probably all die of blood loss thhough if they did… XDDDDD
        PersonA looks really pretty~! Plus I love Phantom of the Opera so here’s hoping mirai doesn’t totally ruin it for me LOL xD Yay Tokimeki \o/ I wish it would get made into an anime…
        And no I don’t have a twitter or tumblr :O maintaining my wordpress is hard enough for me! ^_^;;; LOL


        I’m not very familiar with Phantom of the Opera, but yes I admit it looks appealing *A*

        Ah okay! No worries 🙂 If you ever do, tell me since most of the people in the otoge scene have one 😀

      4. Moar dummy head mics pl0x!!!! *A*
        Phantom of the Opera is one of my most favorite movies so I was really really excited to hear about PersonA xD But I guess this could also be bad, because I’ll be expecting something so similar to the movie or novel adaptation, huh? Lol maybe I might be let down more than others? I suppose my expectations for the game are really high lol!

      5. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with expectations xD We all have our preferences haha! If it comes out and you play, I look forward to your post about it!

        Haha, dw I’m quite picky with games xD

      6. That is true~!! Haha everybody reacts to games differently, so we’ll see 😛 And I will most definitely do a post about it 8D It’ll probably be late, I don’t have the tendency to pre-order games LOL so we’ll see… 😛
        And yeah xD Sometimes I wonder why I play R-18 cause of some of the stuff in the games that just make me RAGE lol

      7. Awesome!! Yeah, when games out, I take a loooooooooooong time to play and review it xD

        I’ve played an R18 game before (yaoi) and yes I know what you mean. Some of the characters in there…/flips table

      8. Oh man same here. I’m the type of person who can’t finish a whole game either lol or stand to do bad ends… I usually end up doing the routes with the guys who appeal to me most look-wise and hope I totally don’t get jipped with their endings xD LOL And oh man. R18 games. Sometimes I just – I feel like I have to develop a serious case of Do-M just to finish some routes ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

      9. Me too! I don’t think I have completely finished a game! I usually complete guys I like and then just give up xD My motivation is gone after I try to go for the others |D /shot. LOL yeah I tend to think I’m not M enough xD Like for Dialovers for example, first drama CD = dklsfjsdlfklsd. I wonder how I’ll survive the otoge >D

      10. Oh man sometimes I just like, play one route of a guy and I like him so much that it pains me to do another route xD Sometimes I feel like I’m betraying him, perhaps? LOLOLOL. And yeah I get pretty lazy too so sometimes I’m like EH…do I REEEEALLY wanna keep going? XD I wonder how they’re going to do the otoge lol like, how far do you think they’ll push it? Like, as far as they did in Gekka? Lol ihopeso /gets shot/

      11. I fail as an otome gamer LOL /shot/ I play one game, find another game to play and leave everything incomplete xD HAHA I hope so *_*

        Btw, have you listen to Dialovers Vol 4 of Raito yet? Bitch-chan session all the way |D

      12. Me too 8D LOL You are not alone /bricked/ yeah I’m so easily distracted when it comes to otome games lol I’ll go through and play like half a route of one guy, squeal a bit (or rage depending on what game and who it is :P) and then ditch it and forget about it for like, months LOL
        and No I haven’t :O OMG I’m going to go listen to it… soon xD I still have to get through 3 first lmao!

      13. Really? Nice! /bricked too/ I know I should finish them though but I always tell myself “one day”…….well, better late than never xD

        Ah cool! Let me know what you think of it >D Hehehehe

      14. SAME LOL. I’m always like, “ehhh I’ll get to it eventually.” or I’ll be like “I’ll do it today! I’ll play ooorryyaaaahhhh!!” -gets sidetracked- *months pass by* “Oh yeah, I forgot I was supposed to play that game…” <– pretty much my otoge life. LOL 悲しい、ね? /bricked/
        And I will! (if I ever get to it….QQ I'm so busy T-T)

  2. Hi there~
    I realize this comment is pretty late, but I just recently discovered your blog, and it’s awesome XD I’ve always looked out for Japanese otome games, even though I can’t read Japanese for life, LOL I think I listened to Subaru’s Drama CD of Diabolik Lovers from Youtube, and OH DEAR WAFFLES it was amazing >..<

    1. Lol hi~!! I’m glad you like my blog :D! And my Japanese sucks so no worries 😛 hahaha

      And Ohmannn. Subaruuu lol you should read the comic anthology, it’s amazing *_* Raito… I was never interested in Raito until I saw some of those chapters from the comic anthology LOL Seriously, Raito TAKE ME NOW.

      I’m really excited for this game to come out, these Drama CDs just – they’re bad for my health hahaha~

      1. Yup, it’s like an otome game paradise *o* LOL Naw, I read some of your translations of otome games and it was so easy to roll along with 😀 Hmm, do you know where I can read the comic anthology? 😮 But on the other hand, I saw a few pictures of it on your blog, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle all the hotness going on @.@” AND YES RAITO. XD Yup, I agree with you all the way there >.<"

      2. Haha I’m glad you like it 🙂 I can only hope others think my posts are easy to roll along with as well!! ❤ 😀 as for the comic anthology, I don't give links but I would just google around for it if you can't afford to buy it/can't find it anywhere for sale (LIKE ME Q_Q) lol~~ and yeah, all dat hotness. Too much to handle hahaha

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