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『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』

『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』

This is technically my first wordpress post, so huzzah! \(^0^)/ Anyways, this is going to be a post about the otome game 『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』. I’m going to change the format from what I usually do with my LJ posts to something different… mostly because I’m lazy but uh, that’s not the point lol. So any who, BWS is a series of 2 games, a collaboration between Rejet and Otomate. The first game, Bloody Nightmare, has been released for the PC, while the second game, Last Hope, is being released for the PSP sometime in 2012. From what I heard, Bloody Nightmare is supposed to be a darker story while Last Hope is supposed to be more romance filled. In terms of story differences, I’m not sure what to expect because let’s face it, I haven’t bothered looking at the Last Hope website yet because I’m so pumped and focused on Bloody Nightmare LOL 8D;;;

That, and I prefer a darker story line. I’m not quite sure why, but I suppose a darker story line usually means more meat in terms of plot than just a semi-dark semi-romance story? I don’t know, I have no idea what I’m talking about ignore me >_> LOL. So anyways let’s begin~

This is not a full review, nor is it a walk through. This is mostly just a sort of first look at the game, mostly to help me keep track of what the hell is going on later in the game LOL. Sorry if the screens look strange or are ill-proportioned, I kept them at the original size I SS’ed them at, and my theme it seems has the tendency to squish the pictures down in order to fit them into a post. If they end up looking funky, sorry! D: If you see a picture, the translation below it most likely goes to that picture. Most of the stuff in parenthesis is my own input, or just explaining some of the side-stuff (and some personal opinions of mine) that goes on that doesn’t exactly appear in script. (Like music, etc. etc.)

FINALLY got around to installing the goddamn game LOL. I’ve had it for a while now but never got around to installing it… I’ve been so lazy. Ugh laziness seriously just lol I mean – I don’t even – urgh, whatever let’s move on xD

I’m really looking forward to capturing the bunny boy mostly because of my obsession with anything and everything rabbit-like 8D I can’t help it, I have a fetish. Yes, I know I have a problem.

Since this game is a bit darker, I decided to set up this post in a different way. I don’t know, I feel as though maybe it suits a little bit more? Although I suppose my random notes will kind of disrupt the mood but 😛 oh well haha! I hope you enjoy it, though~! My translations are probably… a bit (aka: a shit ton) off…. lol! Please feel free to correct me if I mis-translated because yeah… my Japanese sucks a lot orz;;;

So anyways, opening the game will obviously prompt the game to give you the Opening Video which is pretty good, but the music was a little quiet for some reason… But maybe that was just my speakers on low? I’m not sure, it felt like the singing was pronounced but the music was really quiet… Idk it sounded off. But who knows, that could have been my speakers. Anyways after the opening video the menu screen obviously pops up lol.

The menu music is the same BGM from the website. I have no idea what it’s called, but I think it’s really pretty, and I think it suits the overall mood and tone of the game.

Anyways, click -Start- to get the game to go! Clicking Start will prompt someone to yell at you let’s start! or something like that :p kind of a cute feature haha. Anyways the name screen then pops up after that.

The heroine’s default name on the website is Fiona Galland so I named our heroine Fiona (フィオナ) When you enter her name be sure to click enter after you do so and then click the ok button and then click entry in order for the game to register the name and then continue onto the actual game play. Because I’m a derp I kept forgetting to click enter after I put in her name so I’d type the name in, click Ok and all that was there was this blank empty space 8D yes I know, I’m smart. LOL |’D

Moving on! The game opens up to a raining scenario.

The sky is mourning for the tragedy.

Raindrops hit the ground, and in between the sound of rain are the sound of footsteps. Lightly, lightly.

In the darkness, a small village sits and has not yet awoken. It is unaware of the imminent crisis.

(At this point, the music and the rain has stopped for silence.)

???: … It is raining… … elder brother.

(Some soft, pretty music that leads into a more fast-paced tune starts at this point.)

Another voice speaks.

???: …Fu. Did you get frightened, Rath?

Rath: No…It’s not that, it’s different, older brother… rain… it is amazing.

(At this point I noticed that… the mouths and eyes move, they blink frequently and they also move their mouths when they talk, all whilst also changing their postures! I really love this, this makes it feel more realistic.)

???: …Rain? No, it is different… tears.

Rath: Tears? ….What do you mean?

???: The god Ueburin (ウェブリンの神)(OKAY what. WHO THE HELL IS THIS. I’m sorry I can read that but I… what. I have no idea who this is LOL could someone clarify it for me?! D:) is the one crying. It pities the human race.

Rath: Human… human…. human…. I hate it.

???: Then, if that’s the case, kill. Paint your mind and heart with those thoughts. The heart is unnecessary to the wolf kind.

They appeared unaware. There is no hint of dislike to the rain, as the shadows of two people stood at the center of the village. One, a man. The other, a youth still in the middle of growing. To men, the eyes of the beasts shine and twinkle gray. They are starved and blood thirsty.

???: …Go.

One word, the man ordered.

(At this, the sound of a pack of wolves howls into the night and the scene switches to the village.)

Village Woman 1: Hiiiiiiiiii…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(There is the sound of wolves growling and barking in the background, as well as screams.)

The howling of the wolves splits the sound of the falling rain. At the feel of the people set in a panic, in the rain, the man’s smile becomes deeper.

(The ??? guy, you know, Rath’s older brother.)

Even under the circumstances, you cannot help but admire that beautiful smile.

???: Devour… the flesh and blood of the humans…entirely.

Village Woman 1: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Wolf!? Why, why, the wolf….!?

Village Man 1: Flee, quickly!! Quickly, take the children with — aghh!!

(Rath’s older brother kills the village man.)

???: …It’s useless.

The roars of the wolves shakes the night. What follows are the screams, which soon, fade away… There is a sound of something heavy being dragged… dragging one person. Then it could be heard, the wet sound of chewing. The wolves eat, referring to the humans as nothing more than “food”.

Village Woman 1: Yaaaaaaa!! Stop it…!!! Urraaggh…..!!!!

(The sound of a slash and the splatter of blood flashes across the screen as the woman dies.)

Mingled with the rain, the eerie sound of chewing echoes from all sides. At the same time, the thick smell of blood is fragrant in the air, something even the rain cannot wash out. It stimulates the senses of the wolves.

???: Ah… It is a beautiful sound. A person’s scream is of the highest healing. Let me hear more of it.

From the shadow of the crowd of wolves, an arm could be seen, raised, a sign for help. Feebly, it struggles powerlessly.

???: Die, trash.

It stops moving right away.

(Another flash of blood splatter across the screen.)

From person, to nothing. From raw, to death. Just a piece of protein, just a lump of meat. Starved wolves, only the miserable wet sound of eating resounds into the darkness.

???: More… devour more… eat and fill your stomachs….

All around the man, screams of destruction echo all around him. It was then seen, that one person ran into the sight of that man. It is a villager. The destination is most likely the stable. They most likely plan to head to the neighboring village for help. If it is on a horse, it is not so simple for the wolf to interfere…

???: ….Guillan.

It was murmured.

Guillan: Gyaahahahahaha!!! What is it, Arles? Such an ugly fellow, there isn’t even any worth in killing it, don’t you think?

Arles: …It’s an order.

Guillan: Che… what a grinch. (I think? I don’t…really quite know ^^;;) Do you want me to flamboyantly kill? See? (something like that, I was kind of confused. Lol)

The sharp sound of wind, a bright silver cuts into the knight. He splits off the neck of the man running towards the stables.

(The sound of wolves barking and the sound of villagers screaming grows louder and faster.)

Villager Man 1: …U-urgh…gahh…!!

The blood is red and bitter. However, it mingles with the rain, and soon, sinks into the earth as well.

Guillan: Gahahahaha!! What small fish, really! Your lives without value, hey, is it not worth living?

The body of the villager who lost his head, falls to the ground. A crowd of wolves descends onto him, and soon the sound of chewing starts echoing. Meat is plucked and blood is slurped. Red mingles with the mud of the earth and the drops of rain.

Guillan: Haa, from what it looks like to me, we did you a favor. (I think this is what he says, and I think it’s referencing the “worthless lives” sentence he made earlier)

Guillan: Yes, yes, yes~! Hey, please die already you disgusting human!!

Guillan: Gyahahaahaha!!! Eating has become so much easier, don’t you think? Eating more freely, it is simply “meat” now, isn’t it? (Oh man I have no idea what he said here. Something about meat. Lol)

(Another flash of blood splatter and a screen shake.)

Guillan: Aaa, ah… Hey, isn’t the hunt more pleasant when you resist more? (err, something like that. lol ^^;;)

Arles: Shut up. It’s an order.

Guillan: Geez, what’s up with that… I killed just like you asked, didn’t I? Hey, why don’t I get any praise?

Arles: ….All right.

Guillan: ….Hehehe, I love shit like that! Hey, do you want me to kill more?

The youth, Guillan, began to spin his weapon and reaped the villagers of their lives. The circular weapon, called a Chakram, was used by hooking your finger inside of it before spinning and throwing it with force. The outside of the weapon forms blades, and if mishandled will hurt the user as well. It appeared that the youth was was a capable user.

(Another flash of blood splatter along with a quick swipe of the weapon.)

Guillan: Aruru… next time can we attack a big city? This is such an itty-bitty village, and it empties too quickly.

Guillan: This isn’t challenging, do you expect me to put up with this garbage? (orrr something like that >_<)

Guillan: More, more, more! Let’s have more fun!!

Guillan: Gyaahahaha hyahyahya!!!! Blood blood blood blood blood blood, everything is cut off!!!

Between the crazed shouts, the saw sound of the Chakram rips through rain and wind, and attacks the game.

(Game, I think is referring to like, when you’re hunting something the duck or w/e you shoot is “game”, or “prey” I guess)

Village Woman 1: …..Gyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….!!!!

The weapon which is normally difficult to handle, is used without difficulty and easily mastered and his skills come to light.

Arles: …Hmph, yes, I see what you mean. Perhaps next time, a larger town. But for now.. more… more… inflict more torture on humanity…

Arles: More… more…. kill more, annihilate them until not even a single person remains.

Guillan: Gyahahaha!! That’s good, all right….!

The sound of the wolves running, attacking, and the screams all mix in with the rain. As for their conversation, it is like a child, and a guardian responding to it. Suddenly, Arles moved his gaze and glanced all around him.

Arles: Rath…. where is he.

Guillan: Rath? Ha… the newcomer. If it’s that guy, then it’s suitable that he may have run away from the hunt. (Or something like that…) That guy, he doesn’t like to hunt all that much? Even though he is your younger brother.

Arles: ….Rath is still young. With experience, he will get used to the hunt.

Guillan: Hmph, it’s settled, huh? That sort of thing is a trouble some habit, however happy or pleasant the idea is. (God I have no idea. I’m so tired at this point my english isn’t even making sense to me anymore…)

Guillan: Well then! I wonder if now, whether or not I should rampage!

Arles: One must be efficient, do not let even one person live. Excluding wolf kind, kill everything. Steal everything. Deprive everything of life.

Guillan: All right then, Master!!

The smell of blood and the screams that arise from the tragedy are not heard, and are drowned out by the rain.

Now, the small village becomes the hunting ground of the wolves.

Arles: Rath.

Rath: …………

Replacing Guillan, the youth emerged from the darkness.

Arles: What are you doing?

Rath: Nothing really. I was killing, separately. Just as you said.

Arles: Rath, don’t worry. After the rain stops, light the fire.

Rath: ….Yes, I understand, elder brother.

Arles: It has to happen. In order for the god Ueburin’s (that one god ughh who the fuck is this?! lol!) foolish people to know the existence of the wolf.

Arles: Take everything… The house, the field, the life, enough so that if one tried to return, this area would have disappeared.

Rath: ….I understand, elder brother.

Arles: Answer, if you understand. I am the chief of this pack.

Rath: …Aa.

Arles: Rath, do not think of the meaning. Listen to the instinct inside of you, and kill all the humans.

Rath: …I understand, elder brother. I understand!!!!

Arles: You say that. Now kill.

Rath: …Kill… Kill human kind…

Arles: Say it once more. This is an order.

Rath: ….Kill…. kill kill…. kill, I’ll kill….. kill kill kill kill kill…!!

(Rath repeats that and I was like, “he is so not gonna do it”)

Rath: I have to kill, but I can’t.

Arles: Rath, do not hesitate. Do not forget what these people did to us.

Rath: Kill… kill… I’ll kill…

Arles: ….Good. Now go, burn everything!

A small nod, before the youth disappears into the shadows once again.

Arles: …fufufufu…

While during the hellish event, the man laughs.

Arles: Other races, I hope you all crash. Exterminate, send into ruin…

(Arles gets a crazed look in his eyes.)

Arles: Take a good look, Ueburin (…thisname.) This is the beginning even of the revenge for the Wolves! You call us a cursed race, you will curse us more.

Arles: Ahahahaha… ahahahahahahaha!!!

He stands at the center of the tragedy, the King of Wolves, wet from rain and blood.

Aaaaaannd…. end scene!

I still have no fucking clue who “Ueburin” is LOL. I mean honestly, I know it’s supposed to be a god but WTF?! LOL. I’ve never heard of this god before!! >_> Oh well. I know that after this scene there’s a movie scene that’s supposed to explain stuff but I uh accidentally skipped it. And didn’t save before that so… we’ll uh, see what happens ^_^;; I think it continues to explain it after though so hopefully I’ll finally figure out who the F is this “Ueburin no Kami” person LOL.

So yeah. I don’t know what to think so far… All I know is that Guillan is a complete psychopath that we are, unsurprisingly enough, able to capture and that Arles is a secret sociopath that’s handsome but just as crazy and fucked up in the head. Although he has his surprisingly weird, rare moments, like that one part where I think he pats Guillan on the head. Like WHAT? LOL. I don’t have much of an impression of Rath yet, considering that he was present for like what, 2 seconds of this prologue-part? And all he did was say “I understand, elder brother” or “Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill” (ㆀ˘・_・˘)…. Anyways it’s 6:30 in the morning here and I’m on the verge of passing out. Sorry if my translations made no sense. Quite frankly, with like no sleep, nothing really made sense to me… not even when I was typing in English LOL.


18 thoughts on “『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』

  1. OMG USAGI what are you playing at this hour at this moment and this game omgg. I’m not really fond with the arts but the way the character moves it got me really curious. I think their ears moves too? That’s kinda adorable for such a merciless species www

    This game is just a true psycho game and I don’t think I’m going to touch this game EVER. Even though I like yandere, i think this is too much for me to digest www XD glad you’re playing it. Do express your feelings for every scene (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Why they killed all the villagers? and most importantly, why are you playing game go sleep XD

    1. God I don’t even know why I was up playing this (ಥ_ಥ) I just – I just – I installed it and then I was like “No… I should go to bed LOL NAH *clicks game*” And then… from there on it was just spiraling down into… playing it whilst doing the blog post at the same time for like 5 hours… Took me a while mostly because I was writing the blog at the exact same time as playing the game and screen shot-ing stuff takes… a while LOL ^_^;;
      I don’t think the people in this game are true yandere… I think more like they’re all just crazy psychopaths with a lot of uh, issues… But I have no idea LOL I don’t mind the dark story, but this was uhh… and interesting start, to say the least? I’m not even quite sure… how to put it LOL (ㆀ˘・_・˘)
      AND I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHO UEBURIN IS. It’s actually Weblin and it’s not a god it’s a place |D LOL. But I guess Arles is referring to “Weblin’s god” so whateva lol. |D
      Yeah… I don’t know what it is about this game but it’s strangely sort of like, “hoooriii shiet these ppl be cray cray but…. I GOTTA KEEP PLAYING *_*”
      And I have no idea why yet, but I know they did it as a way of getting back at Weblin and the human race… is what I gathered so far LOL as for the actual reason? Who knows ^-^;;
      I fell asleep after… and slept til 1 in the afternoon ^-^;; LOL

      1. i think you should go to twitter and search for BWS tag because, you know there’s a lot of crazy stuffs and they actually used whip and they whipped the poor heroine o_o i mean omg, is this the new way of S&M play in otome game? i mean seriously?

        that’s why i keep myself from this game ;A; it’s too painful and im not really a do m who enjoys this and im only do m for my Toma cage? XDDD

        ikr the feeling. the arts okay, i changed my view about it. it’s really pretty. maybe i’m used to see gekka? and i hate the sorta stick men sprites? lol but BWS is really pretty o_o so many colours going in one sprites (*゚ロ゚)/

        are you going to continue this soon? i’ll just read your review as im not going to play it ^^;;

      2. Oh I know, I’ve seen… I’m scared LOL REALLY SCARED FOR THIS LOL I’m not scared of gore and stuff cause that don’t bother me (I’m gonna be a doctor ofc it don’t bother me xD) but OMG I’m scared for some of the crazy “punishments” they give the heroine >_> I heard they use a branding iron on her …. AGHJAKFLD;A i’m freaking myself out now LOL
        I’m just so curious about this game I can’t help myself ;A; I just… I don’t even know LOL hopefully I’ll be able to get through it… I might just go through a route and then review it rather than translating like the whole entire thing ‘-‘ that might take me like 5 years to finish the game then LOL.
        I agree BWS was a lot prettier because it used more colors I think, while Gekka was more like darker colored. I’ll try and continue it soon as soon as I have time (it’s finals week for me right now T_T) and whether or not I want to translate it or just do a review of the routes lol :3

      3. aslasas;; doctor in the house playing otoges \o\

        rather than scared, i actually pity the heroine seriously. and then, i read the prologue ^ and it all make sense. these animals hate human and that’s why they torture her. it’s kinda cruel, it almost looks like discrimination and abuse game rather than otome game imho.

      4. ahaha ikr /o/
        yeah i agree, i’m a little nervous as to how far this dark genre thing goes. I mean Gekka really surprised everyone and def pushed the envelope in my opinion on this genre, i mean it’s pretty much the landmark game for the dark romance genre so I wonder if they’re going to take it even further with BWS…. I’m sure we’ll get lots of implied secks and lots of crazy people like, legit crazy people lol >_>;; so I suppose we’ll…see?
        From what I’ve read in the continuing part, it looks like the wolf race got blamed for a lot of stuff and idk, lol I only played another like 5 minutes in before I realized I had to study for finals ^-^;; lol!

  2. Ah so lucky you have this game^_^ I don’t have it yet since I kinda broke right now from buying some mangas lol. I’m not fond with the art too but the story looks interesting. Arles and Rath are kinda scary lol, they shouted kill kill kill. I wonder why they hates human so much xD

    1. LOL yeah, I was pretty excited to play this even though it took me a while to install it ^-^;; lol! I liked the art a lot, for some reason. I suppose I sort of like that flowy-kind of art? I’m not sure xD I guess I don’t really complain about anything haha~!! (Mostly because….everyone draws better than me? 😛 LOL)

      Arles and Guillan are pretty scary imo ^-^;; for now, I don’t think Rath is too much of a threat :p since I haven’t actually seen him kill anyone yet… I am curious as well, so hopefully they explain later in the game \o/ lol

  3. It pretty much plays like a PSP game I see. I’ve been pretty disappointed with Rejet’s games before. They tend to barely have much plot or reason why we’re choosing the guys we’re choosing and have no sex scenes to redeem them for it, they also go on and on and on and at some point I lose interest. But I don’t know, maybe I just hate the PSP’s format and it would be better for me with BWS. But BWS actually does look interesting. I hope I can find it online soon enough.

    1. Yeah BWS seems interesting so far, so I’m kind of interested in how it’s going to continue on :> I’m curious as to the storyline… like why the wolves hate the humans lol although for some reason I feel like I can guess why ^^;;; LOL.

  4. Thanks youu so much for the translation xD I didn’t understand some words. Please, dont stop ;_;
    PD_ you have twitter or something? for “follow” you xD

    1. Haha thanks I’m glad you liked it \o/ yeah some of the words that are made up confused the fork out of me lmao but I think I get the hang of the game now… kind of… hahaha!
      And no I don’t have a twitter or a tumblr D: I’m having trouble just keeping up this blog and my LJ :p lol

      1. Thanks you soooo much for the translation .. but my problem is when i enter her name then Enter >Ok>Entery …
        there is that black space and windowes saying there is a problem and he is searching for a solution …T.T

  5. hi..
    I know this is so late.. I mean..your post and the game is on 2012, but I just start playing it now xD
    well, thank you for the review and the translation~ (I can’t read japanese) really help me out
    just like you, I’m in love with the art >< and the story ❤
    thanks again~

    1. Ahahaha~~ I’m glad that my translation has helped you out, that’s what I was hoping to achieve with the basic BN common route~ I’ll try to finish the rest of the common route ^^ and don’t worry~ I don’t mind the late comments haha~ BWS is a pretty popular series!! ^^

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