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『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』 – Part 2

『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』

Part 1

I uh, suggest you read part 1 before reading this part lol. This game is going slowly for me mostly because I write the blog posts while I play the game… So here you are, Part 2 \(^0^)/! I’m curious as to how this game’s story line is going to go. I’ve spoiled myself a tiny bit and from what I’ve read so far, this game is more plot-based than romance-based. Which, we kind of knew already but reading it from others has solidified this. Also since this game is 2 parts, Bloody Nightmare and Last Hope, I’m guessing some of the stories might be somewhat cliff-hanger-y because it’s supposed to continue into the next game? Or at least, certain characters will be moving on into the next game, but not everyone is I don’t think. ALSO I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHO “UEBURIN” WAS LOL. Turns out my last post was a little off with the Ueburin no Kami part, turns out Ueburin is actually “Weblin“, which is the kingdom this all takes place in. sigh|D I’m such a derp LOL. Once again, allow me to warn you about my many mistakes lol my Japanese is not fluent so if you see any mistakes, please let me know!!

And my last note: I’m not doing a full translation on the rest of the prologue, because honestly it’ll take way too long to SS a lot of crap and translate everything line by line lol… I mean if I’m going to do that I might as well make an english patch right? Which obviously isn’t going to happen LOL so I’m just going to sum up the prologue for now and then continue onto the route and just do a review with lots of big screen shots in it 8D lol. I’ll try to be detailed but I have a chronic problem of skipping too fast and forgetting there’s a history function ( >﹏<。)~ so sorry for my crap summaries 8D lol!

Now, come along with me!! 8D I am pretty much writing this blog post the exact same time as I am playing the game so my thoughts may be scrambled up because of it ;D LOL.

Also, I was looking at the config and I came across this:

Apparently you can turn the Heroine’s face on or off LOL I didn’t bother toggling with that but… loool hi i thought this was bws not starry sky

Anyyyyways. I went back and watched the video after the scene cuts out from Part 1, and it was pretty much just an explanation of the main kingdoms in this game: Humans, Wolves, and Cats. It also goes into some of the sub-characters / races that exist, like the CCK (Chu Chu Knights lol) and rabbits, etc. So anyways Rath is narrating the video part and once it ends he starts talking again.

Rath: Yes, ten years earlier.

Rath begins to discuss about what happened ten years earlier. Originally there were three like, royal houses I think, the humans, the cats, and the wolves. But after a while tensions between the three houses began to grow because of the growth of population and such was causing friction between available land and such.

After a while people began to choose sides and the arguments and fighting was soon to become a definite thing between the tribes. Ten years ago there was an incident of rebellion, where one of the Wolf Knights that served the Weblin Royal Family turned his sword against the Weblin Royal Household. (I think? I’m not sure, I can’t tell if Weblin is one kingdom with like 3 royal houses or idk lol nvm |D if someone could clarify this to me I’d really appreciate it!) Anyways they rebelled against the Cat race (they’re called the Kiyatsushii in the game I think) and Weblin. Rath explains that “The crime was heavy” and that the house the knight belonged to was crushed and he was forced out of the country. But even so the turmoil did not end, and that the small turmoil between the Cats and Wolves soon enveloped all of the races.

Rath: …And at that same time, a great plague struck the country.

Rath: A brutal, fatal disease “Zodiba” 「ゾディバ」…… The epidemic so called by the people, was prevalent.

Rath: Symptoms of the disease included the skin spotting black, and the disease consumed at the brain, eventually causing one to go mad… an unknown epidemic…

So some crazy ass shitty disease called “Zodiba” begins to spread across the kingdom, right when all this turf war shit is going down. And of course people being people some rumors begin to spread that the source of the disease was from the wolves, and this rumor spread across all the kingdom. People began to fear that if a town or village was attacked by the wolf species, that they would then get “Zodiba” and began to curse all of the wolf kind. Instead of being called “Zodiba” the name soon turns to what it is commonly referred to now: “Mad Wolf Disease”, and in order to deal with people’s fears, Weblin’s king Garibaldi the VI decided to put out a decree, 「狼狩りの令」。

Rath: Wolf genocide.

AKA Weblin’s King is planning on completely wiping out the wolf race. In order to kill out the cause of the plague, the only way to do that is to kill out all the wolves (ಠ_ಠ)man wtf lol anyways, moving on…. Rath goes on to say that the racial balance between all the tribes, which had lasted peacefully for several hundred years, decisively ended and collapsed. The justification for “hunting” down the wolf species was that they had to protect themselves, which is why the humans deemed wiping out the species was “okay”. All the other races feared the disease “Zodiba” so they hunted the wolves with diligence so to exterminate the root of the problem.

Rath: –…. And, after that, ten years of time has flowed past…

Apparently though since the wolf population decreased sharply, the cases of people with Zodiba also decreased. But w/e cause the wolves are still pissed off as fack at the king of Weblin and that now the wolves have gone to the point of being an endangered species (wow this sounds so much like real life lol)

Because the wolves fell, the power of the cat race grew and is now an absolute power. The walls inside the castle is a far different place compared to the outside world, and now the Cat race is there…

Rath: …an absolute monarchy.

okay so I think this is where the prologue ends… moving onto the main game \o/

Auger: ……?

So anyways this part starts out with Auger stopping because he hears people talking and gets curious. He wonders who would be talking in this sort of place. Turns out it’s just some dumb maids gossiping about shit lol, so typical. Anyyyways lol

Maid 1 is like “yo my bitches omggg have you heard any rumors about that witch?!”

Maid 2 is like “Witch?”

Maid 3 is like “ Uh helluurr have you been living under a rock The rumor of Shalmessen’s witch?” (Uh, I think that’s how you would write it? Lol シャルメッセン)

(NOTE: This game has this really handy function, where if you click on the red words it brings up this “Word Description” box that tells you wtf the red words are. I only just realized this. DERP)

Anyways Shalmessen is a forest land that is part of the House of Galland I think, and it’s a place where agriculture and stuff flourishes.

Maid 1 is all “Yeah that’s the place, they say there’s a witch living there”

Maid 2 finally remembers where she put her memory and is all “OH yeahhh I’ve heard of that shit too Oh yes, I heard about that too, the Shalmessen witch that put a curse on all of Weblin right?” Or something like that.

Maid 3’s like “Yeah, yeah. And wasn’t a northern village recently attacked by wolves?”

Maid 2 suddenly has all the answers and is like “Yeah, I heard it was really horrible. They killed the ladies, even the young and the old, before setting it on fire.”

Maid 1 was whoring around with one of the knights which is how she got her information and is like “Yeah, I was talking with one of the knights that was sent there.”

Anyways they babble on about how horrible that sort of thing is how you would have to avert your eyes at such a site blahblahblah anyways then Maid 1 speculates that the WITCHES MUST BE CONTROLLING THE WOLVES lol yeah okay.

Maid 2 is using her brain and is all “dafuq you talking about woman Eh? But what would the witch have to gain from the wolves attacking the village?”

Maid 3 then pops in, “Hey, you know I heard that in order for a witch to gain eternal life that she needs a lot of sacrifices.”

Maid 1 then says that it’s scary that wolves are attacking villages etc. And Maid 2 is like “You know what’s more scary? That our King (Garibaldi VI)’s condition gets worse and worse every day.”

Maid 1 realizes there are more important things than gossiping and is all “Yeah you’re right. His Majesty’s body keeps becoming more and more weak.”

They keep talking and Maid 2 thinks that the throne should be quickly transferred to Prince Mojojojo Mejojo. Maid 1 is like “stfu don’t say that shit out loud”

Maid 3 thinks that although Prince Mejojo is the most qualified to become the King they shouldn’t say that kind of stuff out loud, since, you know, Auger and Mejojo are twins so there are two of them qualified to inherit the throne.

So one of the maids is like “yo that’s enough reason to have you killed for treason” or something stupid like that I forget and Maid 2 is like oh shit you’re right, sorry ’bout that it won’t happen again.

Anyways it gets silent and Auger is like lulz, since I overheard this conversation I’d best be careful not to get caught. Oooor something like that. Auger however enjoys most of the gossip, especially if he can use it to his own advantage.

Anyways the maids continue to talk about these two chicks that caused shit with his royal highness and the crown prince I think and one of them got her head cut off lol? Or something like that and Auger’s kind of like “Hmm, I suppose I should get going now”

So Auger pops up and the 3 maids are like oh fuck “Le gasp!”

Auger’s like “Hey, hey what are you guys talking about? Why don’t you include me on it too? I love stories, you see”

His voice was bright and cheerful but you could tell he was definitely up to no good.

The maids try to get away but Auger’s all like “eeehhh?” and says something really weird that I didn’t read/understand 8D;;; lol anyways the maid begins to apologize and ask for forgiveness but Auger’s like “Nope” and mentions that it would be pretty easy to die right there, I think he was threatening them. The maids freak out and Auger’s like “So, what exactly are you going to do?”

It seems to me that Auger is an asshole that derives pleasure from threatening people and pretending to be a nice person when really he’s more than likely a cold, heartless bastard underneath that but for some reason I am strangely intrigued

The maid freaks out and apologizes some more and Auger’s like “God, what an annoying noise, just shut up.” Auger then goes on to mention that he’s like a musician of the court and that his hearing abilities are the best or something, and that humans wouldn’t understand that lol.

Here’s Auger getting ready to kill the maids (ಠ_ಠ)

Anyways Auger’s like be careful of what you say next… or I’ll kill you.


But of course he doesn’t actually kill them and he says something to them before they apologize once again and run off. Auger’s like there’s a lot of rumors; gossiping, isn’t it fun?

Auger: I walk through the corridor, leisurely, while laughing.

Auger then goes on to think about the wolf attacks and Zodiba and how their coupling has spread rumors and stuff across the kingdom. And then he mentions something about his father’s death as a rumor, before noting that yes, gossip is in fact fun, and how he enjoys that he could hear an interesting conversation because of it. He then decides to tell his older brother about what he heard that day I think. I think Auger then says that his brother is so serious but Auger likes to play around. But I guess this “makes things more interesting” for him.


Fiona: ….Unpleasant rain…. Because, it is unlikely to stop at all.

So it’s raining and Fiona is all depressed about it and sits on her bench and stares out the window. Fiona’s all like “haa.”

And so is here interesting looking dog, Pearl lol. Pearl: ….ha.

This is Fiona’s other doggie, Richie (*´ω`*)

But yeah there’s something creepy about the way these dog errm, breaths (ಠ_ಠ) It sounds more like a person breathing or making noises than… a dog lol I’m kind of creeped out.

Anyways Fiona’s dogs like to copy her apparently, which is why they made those noises lmao

D’aww. Doggiieeeessss. Lol sorry I can’t help it I love animals (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ even strange sounding ones

Anyways Fiona thinks her dogs are quite down trodden for once which she thinks is because of the rain. AND THEN WTF SUDDENLY PEARL STARTS TALKING ABOUT HOW HE WISHES THE RAIN WOULD STOP Σ(゚Д゚ノ)ノ

AND THEN RICHIE IS ALL LIKE “RICHIE WANNNA GO PWAY OWTSIDE” wow wttffff talking dogs okay I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since this game is full of half human half animal people but srsly. lol iiiiiinteresting anywho, moving on now xD

Anyways Pearl and Richie bitch about wanting to play with Fiona and having some new toys lmao and Fiona’s like “wow aren’t you guys selfish (ಠ_ಠ)” LOL

Anyways they are all “buubuu” and “sighsighsigh” some more and ask Fiona if she doesn’t like the rain too and Fiona’s like today I particularly do not like the rain.

Richie doesn’t like the rain cause it messes up his fur or something like that o(≧∇≦)o lol cute reason

Then Fiona goes a head and pets/nuzzles or something like that with them and they’re like “wewt pet us moar” and I don’t even know why I’m commenting on this, this is pointless LOL MOVING ON

So anyways Fiona likes having those two companions there because she’s lonely in the large tower. She was put there shortly after she was born, and her parents decided that the best way to keep her…safe I guess is to stick her in that tower. she’s just like Rapunzel lawl Anyways Fiona says something about liking dogs more than people I think :p Lol.

But yeah the dogs are like I wish the rain would hurry up and stop. Fiona can’t step outside of the tower so she likes it when the weather changes or the weather is good because then it changes the scenery outside of the window that she can’t you know, get past. And then…

AND THEN ZARA COMES IN YAAAAAAAYYYYYY \o/ Sorry I’m extremely biased to anything rabbit-like so when I saw him on the character screen I won’t lie, I WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY EXCITED. 8D okay enough about me lol

Anyways Zara Skeens is Fiona’s childhood friend as well as the family butler. He’s part of the Rabbit race (no, really?) and was a war orphan that Fiona’s father picked up.

Zara tells the two dogs to stop bitching to not make such sad faces because it makes Fiona sad too lol or something like that. So anyways tomorrow is supposed to be Fiona’s 16th birthday and there’s supposed to be a big special party for her. After that they babble on about how they hope the sun will come tomorrow and a bunch of other shit that I didn’t really find to be important LOL so I pretty much just skimmed over it. It was kind of pointless filler talk about the party, really.

So tomorrow is Fiona’s birthday party, her 16th birthday party and for the first time in a helluva long time she’s been allowed to leave the tower.

The tower is located in Shalmessen’s forest (lol is she the witch?! jk.) and Fiona hasn’t ever gone too far from the tower and has lived there for a long time with nobody else except for her servants and Zara.

Richie (the girl) & Pearl (the boy)

(Richie is a girl? (;☉_☉)  for some reason her voice when she’s uh, a dog sounds more…like a boy….lol)

Pearl & Richie I guess were two people that were prepared for her to be her partners. The tower was built specifically for her. However Fiona says that she longs for the outside world, for the world past her window. Since Fiona is the only daughter to Earl Galland, they like to keep her locked up in the tower because she might fall ill if she was allowed to lead a regular life.

So yeah Fiona and Zara always have these little squabbles about letting Fiona outside. Zara realizes it’s hard to keep her locked up in the tower but they do it because they want her to stay safe. Fiona thinks she’d catch a cold quicker than the “Mad Wolf Disease” cause I think she’s more susceptible to it because I think her body is weak? But yeah they always have this same conversation over and over again and Zara usually comes out winning lol. Even though Fiona wants to go outside, she also understands Zara’s position as to why he won’t let her go out and that he’s just worried about her well-being. But even so, she decides she’ll try her best to fix this “weak point”.

So I keep reading this dialogue and it seems to me Zara is half like toying with Fiona lol. Like, in a good amusing fun way but still, half-toying with her xD I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s pretty amusing to read lol.

Okay so apparently Fiona is a “Robeira”, which is a rare species born in Weblin who are more susceptible to diseases and such I do believe so. There isn’t much known about the “Robeira” species but that the only really known characteristic is that the person’s health is “sickly”. Oh, well now when you explain wtf a Robeira is the rest above kind of makes sense `-` lol.

Apparently Robeira’s have some sort of unique feature, but the only innate characteristic seems to be the fact that the person is sickly. This is why Robeira children usually die before they reach adulthood.

(wow. and to think of the torture shit you’re going to have to deal with in this game. jesus if you’re sick now how you gonna deal with all the other shit in the actual routes!? (ಠ_ಠ))

Zara likes to point out that if she wasn’t in that tower, she more than likely would have died at least a million times over by now and that because of her father (who spent lots of moolah and resources to get the tower made) and of the fact that she’s been locked up, she’s managed to make it to 16 years of age. But even if she realizes her father cares about her well being and stuff, she still thinks being locked up in a tower is taking it too far. But still her father and her step brother still come to visit her, and she has Zara and Pearl and Richie too. But with the garden party, it’s a first step into allowing her back into the outside world little by little.

little do they know she’s gonna run away with Rath lolol.

And then guess who decides to show up!?

It’s Kanba – I mean, it’s Nesso!

So yeah, Nesso is Fiona’s elder-step brother and he brought her a nice big bouquet of flowers in order to say happy birthday to her lol. I smell a siscon

Pretty flowers \(^0^)/

Fiona can see all the water resting on the flower petals and thanks Nesso for the flowers, but asks him wasn’t it hard to bring the flowers in all this rain?

(Another note: There’s this button called “CG CLICK” in the dialogue box when a CG comes up, and if you click it it makes the textbox go away but you can click on various areas of the picture, like Nesso’s face or Zara’s face or the flowers or Pearl & Richie and they’ll all say something pertaining to the CG ^0^ cute feature! To get out of it there’s a little X box in the upper right hand corner that will take you back to the textbox.)

Nesso’s like lol the rain is no problem, besides seeing your cute and happy face makes it all worth while.

what a siscon

Anyways they talk some more and he mentions there’s another gift for her from him at the party. Nesso seems to be a pretty amusing guy, but his siscon is like so obvious LOL he keeps saying that Fiona is his princess (although he’s also like, “it’s the same for you too, isn’t it Zara?”) and stuff like that lol and then Fiona’s like “welcome home!” and he’s like “I’m home, now will you hold me?” LOL WHAT???? (  Д ) ゚ ゚ WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY LMAO?? And he whispered it too is the best part so for a minute I was like “Wait, what is that quiet noi – WTF IS HE WHISPERING TO ME LOL”

So yeah Fiona gives him a hug. loool |D But yeah apparently Nesso had gone to the village that Arles & Rath & Guillan were at the other night to inspect it I guess. He rehashes what we pretty much already know, that the entire village had been wiped out. Anyways Nesso is part of the Weblin Kingdom Knights, which is why he’s been dispatched to these places to investigate. Although he’s young he still managed to get into the Weblin Kingdom Knights, making him somewhat of an exceptional person I suppose you could say. Nesso is also the strongest swordsman in the Kingdom, which is why he tells Fiona not to worry so much because he can properly defend himself.

He keeps moving in all close like lol

Lol so he pets Fiona and then Zara is like “yo stop sticking so close to oujo” and Nesso is all like “Eh? Why?” lmao

Anyways the three keep talking and Zara asks what Nesso is going to do, since dinner is starting soon. Nesso is like obviously eat here so Zara leaves to go make preparations. Fiona wants to have a big family dinner once again but she doesn’t know what’s going on in the main house, because she’s not permitted to leave the house. But nonetheless, she wants to have rice together again with her friends and family. So Nesso invites their father, Edgar, over to have dinner with them.

So her father comes over and Fiona’s just a little bit bitter towards him cause, you know, he’s kept her locked up for all her life. Even so he acts very friendly to her and she can’t help but look at him like she did as a child. She asks him then what will become of her, now that she’s turning 16, because in most families when a daughter turns 16 she’s eligible to be married off to another noble family. Edgar’s like “lol you’ll always be my wittle princess” and of course Nesso has to butt in and mention “Yeah, Fiona is my cute little princess” lol you siscon, you. And then Pearl & Richie (who still sounds like a boy but looks like a girl (ಠ_ಠ)is this a trap or something LOL) are all like “No she’s Pearl/Richie’s princess, right?”

Fiona’s all (ಠ_ಠ)

Anyways everybody’s all like in awe cause she’s 16 now lol ^-^;; and Richie’s all:

Richie: Yes, you’re 16 now, Fiona-chan. That means you can kiss now.

プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ pffft lol. Zara’s all how do you remember that sort of thing lmao and Richie’s like nowhere really, it’s just that in my dog state Richie has always licked Fiona LOL and Pearl’s all “Oh, is that what it is?!” or something like that LMAO

Nesso’s like “WHAT’D YOU SAY?” And Zara looks particularly murderous as well lmao but since he’s so chillax and cool he’s all “Nesso, your opponent is a child.”

LOL Nesso’s all: “But….licking……….”

Anyways Fiona goes on again about wanting to go outside but also how much she cares for her father and Nesso and Zara and such. She asks then her father if she can start living with him, and he’s like oh, well then my room in the tower – before Fiona cuts him off. She’s like no, reverse, reverse! I want to live in the main building! She wants to get out of the tower.

And although her father understands, he’s still too hesitant to let her out of the tower. Because she lives in the tower, she breathes pure air (what? (ಠ_ಠ)) he worries that if she is on the ground she will be taken by a terrible disease. Zodiba still hasn’t been eradicated yet, either. Edgar, Fiona’s father, has lost both of his wives to the disease and he doesn’t want to lose Fiona either. Because of her pampering and entrapment, many aristocratic families have begun to call Fiona the “beautiful princess of the bird cage”; trapped in a high tower, the princess of the bird cage.

So Fiona keeps thinking and she just sort of brushes off the name, mostly because she knows that people have started the rumor to satisfy their own curiosity. She then thinks of her garden party and seeing her family there and the servants and then she remembers, and asks if Mejojo and Auger are coming. Nesso gets a displeased look on his face and is all “ahh, Mejojo and Auger…?” Edgar and Nesso look a bit troubled and Fiona wonders what’s wrong. Apparently Mejojo is crazy obsessed with Fiona has not “given up yet” on Fiona, and even though he’s been rejected multiple times by both Nesso and Edgar, he still keeps going at it. Fiona’s like “wtf” lol.

Mejojo & Auger Von Garibaldi

So apparently a long time ago Edgar met with his Majesty Garibaldi VI and they discussed how pitiful it was that Fiona was a Robeira and how she’d never interacted with the outside world. Garibaldi VI then erm, mentioned slash noted that perhaps her and Mejojo should meet or something like that. It was more of an order than just a mere side note, however lol. But both Mejojo and Auger have gone to the tower before to play with Fiona. But apparently Mejojo just keeps on proposing to her, even though he’s been rejected multiple times now. But Edgar and Nesso don’t want her to marry him, mostly because she’s a Robeira. They’re worried that even if she went to the royal palace, her body is weak and she wouldn’t be able to adapt there. But yeah so they keep refusing and Nesso is like “I wish he would give up already.” Even though it’s supposed to be just a political marriage, Mejojo seems to be extremely persistent about marrying Fiona.

Edgar keeps trying to get Nesso to stop talking like that but he’s like it’s fine since we’re in private. Edgar doesn’t want Nesso to lose his position or anything and Nesso is like it’s different when it comes to Fiona. dat siscon

Anyways Nesso makes a joke that I can’t quite recall what but it makes Fiona blush and Zara go “For you to say something like that, Nesso” and he laughs it off. Fiona’s like “a joke…?”

Fiona says something about going over to the house or something like that, something about getting married and Nesso is like “no way, you’re still a child do you really think you could be a bride” or something like that. Pearl & Richie continue their comic relief with Pearl saying that Fiona should be Pearl’s bride and Richie’s like hell no, and Pearl’s all well at least it’d be better than you lol.

Zara’s like stfu you two lmao and Pearl and Richie say something about how Fiona really wants someone and Zara’s like “Oh-ho, is that so…?” And he turns to look at Fiona.

Zara: …Ojou-sama?

Anyways they continue with their little comic skit about marriage and stuff lmao until of course Nesso has to bump in haha

Nesso: Nope, neither of you two can marry Fiona.

Pearl: Ehhh? Why?

Richie: Whyy?

Nesso: The man who marries Fiona… I will have to recognize him as being stronger than me.

Zara: Saying things like that again… Is there really any person who can beat you with a sword, Nesso?

Nesso: At present, definitely not.

Fiona: I…I have thought that it is not possible for me to marry.

Nesso: Ahahaha! If you don’t have anybody else, I suppose it can’t be helped, I’ll protect you.

This makes Fiona blush.

Then Fiona thinks, “Well, we’re only connected by blood by half.”

whooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa there sister lol

And then she goes on into a spheal about how inter-family marriage is common in noble families. And then she thinks about how Nesso has made her heart skip a beat. Then suddenly a large gust comes from the window and it seems as though a storm draws closer. The weather looks to be getting quite bad so they’re thinking they’ll have to post pone the dinner tomorrow, until the weather clears up. Then Nesso tells everyone to shut up and they all go quiet. Then you hear some footsteps and Nesso says “As I thought… The sound of horse footsteps. It was hard to hear through the rain and wind though.” Edgar then mentions that they shouldn’t be expecting anybody at this hour, so who could it possibly be?

So they go over to the window and they see someone on horseback riding around, the lantern swaying about. Then they realize that it looks like either Mejojo or Auger’s body guard. Everyone then leaves the room when suddenly the person outside breaks in.

So the people break in, and it turns out they’re two of the cat race Knights. Nesso orders Fiona to go retire and she agrees, and Pearl & Richie begin barking at the intruders because they also serve as watch dogs. Normally Pearl & Richie would be able to hold off some thieves, but this is a different situation and these two are trained knights. Zara calls them back, mostly because he knows they can’t win. The ass holes kick Pearl & Richie (ANIMAL ABUSE, ANIMAL ABUSE HELP I NEED A PETA MEMBER) Nesso’s like that’s cruel but they’re like “it’s justified knight’s defense” And then gueeesss who decides to make his entrance? =_=

Auger, of course. Fiona thinks that Auger’s smile has always been somewhat scary. Auger’s like sorry to ruin your happy dinner, but I’ve come to catch a witch.

Fiona: “A witch….?” (‘I have a bad feeling.’)

Nesso reprimands Auger for entering Fiona’s room like this, just barging in on a woman’s room like that and how he shouldn’t have done this, because it wasn’t proper as a knight or anything. Auger’s response to this is “well, I’m not a knight now am I? I’m a Prince”

So anyways Auger goes into explaining why he came: Apparently there’s a witch in Shalmessen spreading the disease Zodiba.

Edgar responds that he hasn’t heard any report of that, being the Earl of the area. Auger’s like well it seems the witch is the cause of Zodiba, the witch that lives in the tower. Fiona’s like, “In the tower… you mean, me….?” Zara tells Auger that what he says is nonsense and pure fabrication. Auger tells him to shut up and that a direct appeal was made to the castle so he’s here to…

arrest Fiona. ( ´・△・`) what are you up to, Auger..? lol

Of course, everyone is like “STOP MESSING AROUND ASSHOLE”

Auger was only joking about this obviously.

The scene ends with the narration of the storm being loud in the background, and in the room, Auger standing there, smiling in the candle light.

It then jumps to “Back a few days ago….”

All right I’m ending there before I pass out from exhaustion. I don’t know how much of this post makes sense and how much of it doesn’t lol but… hopefully you got the gist of what’s going on? ^-^;; I’m kind of getting a bit nervous as to what is going to come in this game. I know that rejet’s Gekka Ryouran Romance was like the first game in the “dark romance genre” so I’m curious as to how BWS is going to go, and how far they’re going to take that “dark” aspect. Normally I’m not into torture (which I think is in this game) either but goddamn, my curiosity is going to kill me… or just severely traumatize me for the rest of my life.

So anyways I hope you enjoyed this post, it was probably somewhat like you were playing with me since I was typing this post whilst I played the game but whatever 8D lol so far I’m pretty interested in Zara, Nesso and god help me Auger LOL. He just seems like a bag full of tricks that’ll certainly keep me on my toes this whole game, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll wrap up the rest of the prologue / parts before Fiona runs away and then I might review on one route at a time. Whether or not I do all the routes is something I’ll have to wait to decide in the future ^-^;; ahahhaa…

And now, off I go to sleep! ┗(^o^ )┓三


12 thoughts on “『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』 – Part 2

  1. Ah.. I am so interested with Auger and Nesso. I can’t decide if Auger is a mean guy or not, but he is the kind of guy that interest me. (Hope he is not a sadist lol) Btw may I ask? Who are the remaining guys that are pursuable? So far Fiona is an okay heroine ^_^

    The dogs are so cute, even when they transformed into human form (*´▽`*)

    1. for your information, this game was based loosely from S&M play and all the guys are sadists. A true sadist.

      ヽ(・∀・)ノ (what am I hyped about ;;; )

      1. ( ̄□ ̄;) in that case I hope they are not a total sadist lol. I can handle sadist thing as long as it is not too much キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!

      2. Yup! Both Aruru (ahaha i love his name xD) and Rath are capturable 😀 I agree, I wonder how that love story would develop?? I’m sure with Rath it’ll be something somewhat slow and painfully sweet but with Arles…. that is a mystery to me lol ^^;; I don’t mind sadist too but I’m curious as to how far they will take the sadist thing in this game >o> lol I somehow managed to get through all the SS games, but I agree Tsukiko is such a dumb heroine… sometimes I just want to punch her `-`

    2. I know right!? I’m interested with Auger and Nesso too lol Auger seems like a fun back of jerk-ness that just keeps me on my feet \o/ and Nesso is an adorkable siscon LOL I also hope he isn’t too much of a sadist… I don’t know if I could handle that ^-^;;
      It seems that Zara, Nesso, Mejojo, Auger, Rath, Arles, Guillan (oh god.) and Julian are all capturable in this game. In Last Hope I’m not so sure ^-^;; I agree, so far I don’t dislike Fiona so that’s always good 😀
      I know I saw the doggies when they transformed and I was like OMG SO CUTE (人´∀`*)♡

      1. Rath and Arles are capturable? (・∀・) Ah sound interesting lol since in the prologue it showed how their hatred toward human. Kinda interested how they fall in loveキタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! Well for sadist I am ok too as long is not too much ヽ(´ー`)┌ Yeah Heroine likeness is one factor to play a game lol, I remember playing starry sky in spring, only finish one route. I can’t stand tsukiko, she is beyond dumb lol ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8

  2. my face when i saw the post Σ(・ω・`|||) that was one looong post and then I saw the screenshots and I was like *sigh of relief* and then I skimmed through and I was like gurrl you gotta that sense of humour in every sentence www.

    SO THAT’S IT. Im not gonna to blame the wolf or other animals (that can talk) in this game because, apparently the one who’s to blame is the human. If they didn’t made up the stories (like the Mad Wolf Disease), there’s no need to killed the wolf actually. I understand when the wolf turf start a sudden attack on human, i would be on their side. seriously (ノ・ω・)ノ゙

    MOTHER OF GOD.jpg AUGER IS ONE SEXY HELL TALKING CAT ┗(・ω・;)┛if im not mistaken, he was voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki right? and Mojojo (lol powerpuff girls’s villain) is Sakurai Takahiro? IF IM NOT MISTAKEN. But demm gotta love those sexy pose.

    the doggies! (and i was lol-ing at your comment) they’re super adorable! Isn’t the female doggie should be named Pearl and the male doggie should be named Richie? I mean what’s going on even their voices are i dont know, swapped with each other (・ω・;) ? is that some kinda special service for talking animals?

    I liked how you pay attention to details (read : pointless dialogue) LMAO ;;

    mann, when you have siscon in the game, your problem fled through the window (´-ω-`) not that i’m complaining, instead I LOOOVE siscon. It’s amusing seeing deem brothers getting worked out over their little sister (only works on no blood-related siblings though)

    FIONA LET ME CONFESS IT’S KINDA SUCK TO BE YOU SINCE YOU HAVE ALL THESE PEOPLE CLINGING ALL OVER YOU but it’s okay your life will turn upside down after you’re going deeper into the story so, rejoice? ヽ(・∀・)ノ

    that hurt. she’s 16 years old and she can kiss. i don’t even had my first kiss yet oh waiit a minute
    oh Nesso, for god’s sake. It’s dog nature to lick their owner i mean come on.

    oh my god. did i just sense a psychopath yandere there? I agree with you, this kinda of game is a somewhat new genre introduced to the fangirls? i mean, in a negative way. There’s no moral watsoever we can find in this game except for S&M play, locked up, animal abuse and etc. on. It’s perfect to be categorized as mature and in my opinion, i think it’s a great game with a deep story (minus the whipping).
    I’m glad you’re making a progress with this and i’m looking forward for the 3rd post! This is going to be long but you’ll have a permanent stalker here ヽ(・∀・)ノ

    …. sorry for a long comment. I was reading whilst typing the comment. お疲れさまでした!

    1. ^0^ hahahahahaha yeah I agree, it seems to me the humans look down on the other races? I think Nesso said that at one point and Edgar was like “stfu” lol. But yeah I’d probably be on their side too I mean >o> come on! If you’re going to wipe out an entire race you can expect the survivors to be pissed off lol….
      I LOVE THE SISCON xD So Nesso, I’m kind of excited to play him LOL 8D;;;; Is it bad I like the siscon? LOL. Fiona is surrounded by clingy lovers! And I totally thought the same thing about Pearl & Richie!! I thought the girl should be Pearl and the boy be Richie but… it’s the opposite…. o_o;; lol but they’re both pretty cute, and provide some amusing comic relief ^0^ but it looks like all the half-animal peoples can turn into a full animal or a human which I thought was cute 😀 I wanna see Mejojo or Auger in their animal forms LOL ^0^
      I think so too, I think this game is more mature with a pretty deep story. So far I like it but if I see some whipping or some branding I think I’m going to be a little erm, disturbed lol ^^;;;
      And yay I like your long comment \o/ lol you were like me, writing comment while reading xD like me writing the post while playing the game haha

      1. fangirls lovee Nesso and I can see why. Maybe because he’s the only human capturable in this game or his siscon thingy going on not sure but, he looks like a sadist knight in white horse XDD

        I want to see them in full fledged human figure! so minus the tails and ears and those cat eyes 8DD

        to tell you the truth, I want to see why they whip and brand her o_o; even though it might be traumatizing. Was it because out of love or they did it to get revenge to mankind? oh btw, this is R18?

      2. LOL I AGREE. Nesso seems like the secret yandere, like Wabisuke from Gekka xD LOL actually, their characters are very similar now that I think about it lmao, that is, if Nesso also turns out to be a crazy yandere too xDD!!
        Seems like they aren’t very many full human charas, except for Nesso…and Edgar lol. I kind of like the half animal thing, I wish I could pet those ears 8D;; LOL yeah that sounded creepy.
        I also agree with that, I’m curious as well, like what are their motivations for doing it? And so on. So many questions, yet no answers ; A ; (at least, not yet LOL) And nope, this game is not R18 but knowing rejet/otomate and seeing Gekka, they’ll probably push the envelope with the CGs and the content.

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