♛ DIABOLIK LOVERS Comic Anthology ♛



Hello, minna-san! (●´▽`●)

I’m finally home from vacation (for the most part) slash have been home for about two weeks now ish. Yes yes I know I should be posting more on BWS and no this is not just a filler post cause I’m too lazy to post anything game related coughcough but I just recently got back into the dialovers craze. And yes, I’m alive \o/! And before anybody assumes this is going to be a translation on the comic anthology… It’s not. It’s basically just a fangirl post about how forking awesome some of the scenes in this anthology are LOL. I originally listened to the first CD when it came out and planned on listening to Subaru next… until, you know, I downloaded it and then kind of forgot about it / let it rot in my folder… lol I still haven’t listened to it yet is the best part So I recently finally found the comic anthology online and read it, mostly because I can’t find anywhere that’s selling a hard copy which SUCKS SO MUCH CAUSE I WANT IT SO BADLY. I just – have any of you people seen some of the scans that have been posted about the comic anthology?! I WAS DESPERATE TO READ IT/STARE AT THE PICTURES CAUSE I TEND TO DO THAT WHEN I READ MANGA (I sound crazy I know. But seriously. You’ll see.)

Has anybody else gotten the chance to read this anthology? Actually I didn’t even really read it lol. I mostly just stared at the pictures gaping the majority of the time. (I do this a lot though when it comes to manga. The stuff just doesn’t go through my head for some reason lol, even if it’s in English or Chinese or Jap it all sort of just… doesn’t register) Is this what the game is going to be like?! If so, MYBODYISREADY THE GAME NEEDS TO BE RELEASED ALREADY o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o Now the comic anthology has a total of 13 chapters I think? And about 120+ pages or so. I’ve only read through like the first 11 or so chapters. And holy shit. I have no words for some of the scenes in this anthology. And since I have no words I’ll just show you a few clips of what I stared and gaped at…

There were some really cute little scenes as well as some just oh my forking mother of god hawt scenes.

If you want to catalog my reactions, it pretty much went from




So yup. Here’s just a few spoilers. These are just small panels from the actual pages, so they might be out of order in terms of chapters lol. Some of them go together, some of them don’t.

Pictures 1, 2, and 3 are from the same chapter. (Shuu)

Pictures 4,5,6, and 7 are from the same chapter. (Raito) (MMMMMMRAITO (人´∀`*)♡)

Picture 8 is foreveralone.jpg (Shuu)





ovaries blown. jussayin’.

Okay and now I shall go back to BWS…eventually. Maybe I’ll go back and actually read what’s in the panels rather than just staring at the pictures too. LOL Seriously though, these drama CDs and this comic anthology is bad for my health (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Raito I want you so badly just take me now


12 thoughts on “♛ DIABOLIK LOVERS Comic Anthology ♛


    I knew about the comic anthology but wasn’t so keen in buying it. But looking at these pictures I’m just literally going lsdkfjsdlfkjsdflkj WOW. NOT GOOD FOR MY KOKORO.


      I was going through one of his chapters (the shower one) and I was like BRB DYING OMG. I was – I just – SO HOT. If we get a scene like that in the game… I’ll probably faint or squeal like murder or die or all of the above. lmao

      IKR? I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about the anthology either until I saw some of the images and I was like I MUST FIND THIS RIGHT NOW. My kokoro just… it exploded as did my ovaries. How is it possible Raito can be that hot!? I wasn’t even interested in him until I went through the comic anthology LOL

      1. I think people are thinking that too LOL I didn’t like Raito’s volume (still like Hirarin though hehe <3) but looking at that wowwwwwwwwwwww. Makes me think what the game will have in store for us HAHA

      2. I agree lol Raito in this anthology is just… wow. lol all that thigh licking. I want a scene like that in the game LOL. I know seriously now I’m seriously anticipating the game hahaha hopefully instead of frightening (LOL) the crap out of us let’s hope it just ends up being one crazy lust fest \o/ I’d be okay with that hahahha xDD

  2. *gassp!!* OOMMGGG!! RAAIITOOO!! Can you please, please, please, tell me where did you get the anthology? unfortunately it isn’t available in my country :'((

    1. Aww, unfortunately I don’t own the anthology myself either but the only advice I have for you right now is to try using google! I’m really sorry but it’s my policy to not give out links! D:

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