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『 Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』 – Part 3

『Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』

So I finally got off my lazy ass and decided to continue BWS xDD;;

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about BWS. I’ve (valiantly) stayed away from completely and totally spoiling myself as to what will happen in this series, so don’t worry I will be just as surprised (horrified, lol’ing, scared, etc) as you all will be as we trek through this game together! Anyways I was actually debating on what I should post next. I’ve been kind of out of the otome gaming comm for a little bit (going to another country to study abroad all summer will do that to you lol) mostly because I have this thing where my interest in otoges will just come and go, and it definitely went after my last post hahaha. Well, more like the actual playing aspect went away cause of my lack of motivation xD LOL don’t judge ;-;

Argh, I got on a tangent. Anyways I was debating what to post next because I finally installed Trick or Alice by [little cheese], and I also got Hitofuta Kitan by [profitrolle] and it’s that one game that got delayed 20 years and by that one company nobody knows about. I started Trick or Alice aka I installed it, opened it, closed it, and went back to BWS. I haven’t read any reviews on this one yet, all I know is that the VA for Ashe is playing Arisa (oh yaaay) and that Hiyo wrote the scenarios. hi i thought this was sugarbeans // i mean, i thought this was little cheese not sugarbeans.

…I guess I’ll just stick with BWS for now. Lol but expect a post after this on Trick or Alice.

Don’t be lost! Read Part’s 1 & 2 first! 😀

Part 1

Part 2


(Note: Also, being the derp that I am I realized now that you’re supposed to click on the red words that give you definitions cause apparently you can “collect” them… now i have to go back to get all the ones i missed goddammit)

So I guess I left off at the part where Auger’s like “yo I came to arrest Fiona” and when it jumps back to “Back a few days ago…”

So it jumps back to “a few days ago” and you have Auger in the hallway commenting about how bored he is having absolutely nothing to do, and that he’s going to die of boredom. He yawns and mentions that even though he’s come out of his room to do something/find something to do, he’s bored cause he didn’t find anything to do I guess lol.

The King’s castle is peaceful today.

Auger: Aah… Peace is so boring.


He then thinks that rampage is nice every once in a while, and that the peace and boredom is too recent/prominent and tedious these days, and that it feels aimless.

Auger: ….I wonder where nii-san has gone. If it’s nii-san, I’m sure I’ll find something fun/interesting to do. Mm, mm.

With the destination set, Auger begins to walk down the hallway in a brisk “trot” (lol i couldn’t think of another word for this xD). Auger thinks that even though there are many theories of sibling rivalry/discord between twins, he says such things don’t exist between him and his elder brother and that it’s probably because he frequently visits his elder brother daily.

Auger: Firstly, I have declared to have no interest in the throne.

He says something about interesting but all it did was sort of confuse me LOL it was like a double negative and I’m kind of brain dead since it’s the summer sssoooo we’ll just skip over that line… xD

He says something about how isn’t it interesting that he’s interested in his elder brother and that, “it just is.”

Auger: In a sense, I love my elder brother because he doesn’t bore me.


He then says something about wanting to play with his nii-san before humming to himself with a very, hmm, I suppose you could call it as though he’s planning something, sort of expression?

Auger: While humming to myself, I head in the direction of nii-san’s room.

The scene fades to black and switches to Auger walking into Mejojo’s study room/library/work room/I dunno who’s room it is but it looks like a library to me. Auger’s all “wassap man Yahooo nii-san~”

He doesn’t knock because he knows Mejojo doesn’t care and in turn, he doesn’t care either. Even though humans care more about this sort of thing, the two of them don’t.

This is the mutual view of the brothers, of us.

And this is the reason why he doesn’t knock, even though he’s stepping into the work room of his nii-san, the future king.

Auger: Nii-san, it seems he is very grumpy.

Auger: Ehh? Nii-san, could it be that you’re in a bad mood?

Mejojo: ….Oh, Auger.

Elder brother looks up from the document he held in his hand, muttering bitterly as he looked at me.

Auger: ….Strange.

If it is nii-san, then there will be no pardon for what they’ve done to offend him. (no pardon for the person who made nii-san so upset, sorry if this sentence sounded weird.)

Auger mentions something about how even though he entered the room he isn’t excused even though nii-san is being a little bitch in a bad mood.

However, the thoughtful look on nii-san’s face is unusual.

Auger wonders if it’s an issue that cannot be solved easily, although he supposes that would be strange/impossible for his nii-san/the next king. (I guess since he can solve everything? (ಠ_ಠ))

Mejojo: …The answer from Earl Edgar Garland.

Elder brother hits the desk out of frustration.

LOL of course he’s pissy cause he can’t go to Fiona’s super sweet 16 birthday bash cause the Earl won’t let him marry Fiona. Anyways Auger’s all, “oh, could it possibly you’ve been rejected again? I’m curious, how many times has it been now?”

Auger goes on to say that Mejojo is eventually going to have to give it up, and that he shouldn’t marry anyways so that he can always have fun playing with Auger. (o______o)(oh man when I read this – I don’t even – )

Mejojo: Be silent. (I translated it as this because Mejojo seems more like the refined type than the type to tell his younger brother to simply ‘shut up’)

Auger of course doesn’t listen and continues on and says that why Mejojo is interested in a child he can’t even begin to comprehend/understand.

Mejojo: I told you to be quiet.

Auger: Ha–ai.

Auger: I close my mouth before I seriously offend nii-san.

Auger: If I seriously offend him, he will not want to play for a while after.

Auger: Therefore, I resist temptation as much as possible so as to not anger nii-san seriously.

Auger then says something about how Mejojo hasn’t learned from experience or something like that lol I’m assuming he’s referring to the Fiona thing/about how the Earl keeps rejecting him.

Auger: Apparently the cause of brother’s ill-tempered mood is the Garland house.

Auger: For reasons unknown to me, elder brother is interested in the daughter of the Garland house. Her name, Fiona.

Auger: Fiona Garland.

He then says something about her “disease”/species/state/whatever you want to call it, the “Robeira” 『ロベイラ』, pretty much rehash about what we know about it, that the body is fragile/weak and stuff. I guess it’s implied that maybe Mejojo is interested in her because she’s a Robeira because Auger then goes on to say something about how beauty is not so much a reason, I think? Auger also says that apparently Mejojo’s been over to the tower several times to play before as well. I think Auger then says something about how if it was a shockingly beautiful woman maybe it’d make more sense that his brother is so infatuated. He says something else that I can’t remember lol before then revealing that ten years before, Mejojo had, LE GASP, ANOTHER FIANCE.

Auger: Ten years ago, nii-san had another fiance. The woman’s name is “Elvira Garland”.


Auger: As the name suggests, Fiona Garland is a blood relative of hers.

Auger: Although the woman was engaged to nii-san, she fell in love with another man.

I think that what Auger says next is that even after all this time, his brother still pursues that woman’s face, and how it seems to be such a tra~agic love, with that usual smug/scheming look on his face. The look on his face almost seems like he’s mocking such a thought.

Auger: But, as a matter of fact, nii-san didn’t love that woman.

I guess Mejojo was a knight who..saved Elvira cause she was kidnapped or something so I guess he won her? i don’t know it’s two a.m. why am i still playing this lol I guess apparently that even though Elvira chose another man, the only thing that was really hurt was his pride lol. I guess Auger says that Elvira was just a superfluous toy that unfortunately didn’t fall into Mejojo’s hands. Anyways he says then that although he understands this feeling, putting so much importance on one girl isn’t very interesting. Auger then says that he thinks that even when he does get it it won’t satisfy him, or something like that. (At least that’s what I interpreted it as)

Anyways after thinking all of this to himself lol, Auger then says, “Well, if nii-san wants it, I suppose you have to take it by force? Shall I help?”

Auger says something else that I didn’t quite catch, but Mejojo advises against it since the Garland house is a favorite of their father’s. (the current king)

Auger: ….Aaahhh…. that’s true.

The Garland house is close in terms of friendship to the royal house, because the Garland house was deeply involved in the founding of Weblin. Auger reasons that it’s only natural a marriage proposal would arise from that. In terms of social standing, it’s strange to defy nii-san by denying his marriage proposal.

To Mejojo’s great chagrin, both Edgar and Nesso are in a position of trust with their Father.

Auger’s response to this is that it’s so-o troublesome and that the Garland house should do them a favor and “become more foolish”. Auger explains this as honesty to a fault is the virtue of a subordinate or something like that. I actually didn’t really understand this, but oh well lol. Auger continues by saying that competent subordinates think for themselves, are trouble/cumbersome and tedious and hard to treat.

Auger realizes something about the amount of trust/power that Father has given to the Garland house and tells Mejojo that he has a plan.

Auger: Hey hey, nii-san, I have an idea.

Mejojo: (in a tone that’s almost like, wow wdf you actually have an idea?) ….You do?

Auger: Wahh, if you have that sort of attitude, I’ll be hurt. For nii-san, I just want to be your strength.

(but of course he says that with this look on his face/tone in his voice that’s like, extremely mocking.)

Mejojo’s like “all right I’ll hear it” with his super refined sprite stance, and Auger’s like don’t be so dismissive, nii-san. Mejojo says something bitchy back to Auger, and Auger’s all like “owch, burned” and since this little bitch war amuses Mejojo he’s like all right hurry up and talk with a pleased tone and a pleased expression on his face. Auger’s like geez, you’re so mean nii-san in his head and continues to explain his little idea.

I guess it can’t be helped, even though nii-san is impatient, I still love nii-san so I’ll tell you.

(I’m sure you all can assume what his plan already is. You remember [from part 2] those rumors about the witch living in Shalmessen, where Fiona just happens to live?)

Auger: Hey, as of recently there’s been a rumor on the streets about a witch.

Mejojo: A witch?

Auger: Mm.

He has this sly smile on his face and I’m like you are up to nooooo good Auger but DAMN you conniving hot bag of –

With a smile on my face and his face, I suggested to nii-san of my plan.

The screen then fades to blood red, before reopening up with the sound of chains (I think?) and of Fiona in the King’s hall.

Fiona: Until a few moments ago, I should have been happily having dinner with my family.

Even though a storm was outside, inside was warm and safe and everyone was smiling.

Fiona then mentions something about how her party will be postponed because of the storm as well (ಠ_ಠ) YO YOU HAVE WORSE THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT THAN YOUR SUPER SWEET 16.

She then goes on to say that even though it’s postponed, she enjoyed the innocent conversation and company with her family.


SEE? SHE GOT ARRESTED WDF. Fiona: ….Arrested, it was carried out.

Auger is a huge scum bag. Wow. Anyways, moving on.

She explains that she has shackles/locks on her wrists, and you hear the sound of chains in the background.

The image fades to a flashback with Nesso flipping a bitch and yelling at the guards/Auger.

Nesso: …Stop it…!!!! Don’t touch Fiona, what is the meaning of this?! Don’t touch Fiona…!!

Edgar: It seems as though some terrible mistake has been made. Fiona could never commit a crime.

Edgar then begs them not to take her away/don’t put her in chains because she can’t leave the tower and stuff.

The scene fades back to present with Fiona sighing.

Even though her father and Nesso begged not to do all of that, Auger was merciless and was smiling the whole time.

Scene fades to a flashback once again.

Auger: So-o-orry, but it’s the rules. What if she turns out to really be the scary witch?

Scene fades back to the present.

Fiona says he was not timid and was smiling while speaking. She was afraid Nesso would pull his sword out and go super knight on all of them so instead she simply handed her hands/wrists out obediently and was chained.

The links are heavy, as expected.

She thinks that even though she obediently put on these chains, having them on both wrists is more miserable than she really thought, and that she has become melancholic quickly.

She wonders if this is because her freedom has been taken?

Or, is it because of the chains that are the sign a crime has been committed, that she feels like a criminal?

She was taken from her tower and loaded into a carriage with a heavy number of guards to be taken to the Weblin castle.

Although she has dreamed of leaving the tower, she had never imagined it to be like this. The feeling and weight of the chains is real.

She is being kept / waiting for the King in a space that’s like, between the throne and idk I read the little box too fast and forgot it too fast lol it’s like a waiting room I guess. Anyways lining the halls are grim faced soldiers, but she also sees Nesso and her Father and Zara.

A recognizable face, it is reassuring that there is family in such a place.

There’s some super fancy music and Soldier # 1 announces that the honorable King has arrived.

Unsurprisingly Fiona looks scared and surprised at the arrival of the King. At the sound of the soldier’s voice, tension and a shiver runs through her body. Because she’s never been so far out of the tower, it is the first time she’s met / seen his majesty.

The king begins to speak about how he’s heard the story, that his good friend Edgar’s daughter, Fiona Garland, has been charged with being a witch. Is this true…? He asks.

Edgar and Nesso appear on the screen looking flabbergasted and Edgar appeals to his “dear friend” the king to treat her with mercy (wow you make her totally sound guilty dude.) and to use his insight to save his pitiful girl.

Nesso then says to the King pretty much that Fiona being a witch is total bullshit


AGHH you sonuva (╬ ಠ益ಠ) I can’t help but hate him right now. LOL ruining Fiona’s life gawd damn. ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

So anyways Mejojo walks in and is all although it’s understandable not to be suspicious of your relatives, Earl Edgar, Nesso, know your place.

Nesso: Imperial Highness Mejojo…!

more like shitty shit shit shit twin brothers Mejojo & Auger (●`・ω・)=O)`-д゜)ポカ AUGH

Mejojo insults Nesso’s position and calls him unsightly/a bastard pretty much to his face. Nesso’s like che, even if it’s you… Anyways Mejojo goes on to question the power the king gave Earl Edgar and his contribution to Weblin and that he can’t look at that or something like that and Auger’s all like “that’s right, that’s right”


Mejojo says something about how he should know his place and whether or not he’s going to hang his head and kneel. Edgar has a wtf look on his face but is silent and Nesso has really nothing to respond with as well, he just looks like he wants to beat the shit out of Mejojo. WHICH I’D KIND OF BE OK WITH

Fiona’s like “Mejojo….?”

She then says something about Mejojo’s cold words towards Nesso & Father’s appeals for her innocence, and how he seems to be in control of the progression of this place. Auger tells Nesso & Edgar that in front of their father, they should be try not to be so unsightly. Apparently Mejojo / Auger have brought several villagers under Earl Edgar’s like area/rule that have complained about Fiona being a witch. They looked almost like fish out of water but when they looked up, they glared at me.

Fiona: No, it is not only hate. It is clear that they fear me.

In the depths of their raised eyes, there is fear.

Aaaannnd I’m stopping here. I know I kind of stopped in the middle of a scene/intense scene lol but I’m too tired and this felt like a good place to stop. I’ll continue on later, but for now this is all you’re gonna get (●ゝω・●) lol for some reason I feel really bad for Fiona in this part, because Mejojo & Auger are ass holes and are totally out to ruin her life for their own benefits (I guess that might be an exaggeration lol) and I guess I sort of like Fiona. I don’t know, there hasn’t been a lot of her per se but so far she hasn’t really grated on my nerves and she seems to be pretty amusing lol. I mean I guess her responses are pretty typical of someone who’s been locked up in a cold lonesome tower for 16 years of their lives lol but whatever, we’ll see. I just think Auger & Mejojo are total huge raging dick headed scumbags for dragging a sick girl a gajillion miles to the King’s castle in some convoluted plan juuuust because Edgar & Nesso didn’t invite Mejojo & Auger to her super sweet 16 don’t want her marrying Mejojo.

OH WELL, we’ll find out what happens later lol it’s 3 a.m. here and I’m about to fall asleep on my laptop.

(Why do I always play my games so late at night (or early in the morning depending on how you look at it lol)???? =_=

Expect my next post to either be about BWS again or a post on Trick or Alice lol

Thanks for reading (o´ω`o)ノ  And see you next timee~ (人´∀`*)♡


13 thoughts on “『 Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~ 』 – Part 3

  1. Playing this game really tests my mentality lol. This game is good, very dark and different from other otomes, and lasty the arts are pretty. But omg Mejojo, when I’m playing his route I almost throw my Laptop LMAO. He is pain in the ass xD

    Eh I think we are the same, I always play otome in the middle of the night, I don’t why I seem more focus on night? LOL strange isn’t xD

    1. GREAT LOL I already want to throw my laptop out the window when I see Mejojo on the screen so YAY I have high hopes (that I’ll break my laptop) for his route Q_Q LOL. I agree, I like that it’s different from other otoges and stuff and gosh the artwork… I absolutely love the artwork. I like how dark it is as well, I really like that sort of theme/genre. But Mejojo and Auger, geebus lol I don’t know if I can handle much more of these two together >_>
      LOL same! I’m always more focused at night for some reason ._. lol I wonder why that is? xD

  2. Ahmahgawdz! Your review is so cute! I can’t help but going lol on some of your comments. Very entertaining. I haven’t gotten around to playing this game. Not much free time lately I suppose. By the way, I’m also a night owl just like you guys. I tend to be more awake and focus at night instead of the mornings. No matter what I do, my energy seems to be more at night that in the morning so otome gaming and blogging for me are usually scheduled at night, too (^^)

    1. Haha thanks! 😀 And I’m glad, I hope to make people lol with my entries 😛 (I almost typed entrees there for some reason LOL XD)
      And yeah I haven’t gotten around to playing very far in because I’ve been super busy with work starting and also starting a job on top of it @_@ argh all my free time, where did you go Q_Q
      And yay more night owls!! I think it’s because at night I feel like I have more free time to focus on leisure things rather than during the day when I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off lol xD

  3. Oh my god, I love your comments on their dialogue, like, not only am I like really interested/stressed(????) over what’s going to happen (I can’t read Jap OTL), it’s like oh my gosh can Mejojo please be upset because he isn’t invited to her birthday like oh my god that’d be so great (it probably is, eh, but being rejected a bajillion times kinda sucks too I guess). Anyways, I guess I’ll have to stop here until you start playing again/have more free time and stuff. Hope work is going well for you and hope you’re doing well. :3

    1. LOL Thank you!! I’m really glad you like it 😀 Sometimes I think I impose too much into the posts but I’m glad that someone enjoyed it!! ^^ LOL yeah Mejojo was pretty pissed he wasn’t invited to the birthday party HAHAHA xDDD but yeah I’ve been pretty busy with school so updates have been pretty scarce ^^;;; Thanks for your comment!! It always makes me happy to see them 🙂

  4. Really appreciate your translations and like what others have said, I love your side comments too^^ BTW, I was wondering if you’d be willing to translate the rest of the prologue/common route when you’re less busy? Someone’s already translated (well really detailed summaries, basically translations) of the routes, but not the common one 😦 I really like how you did your translations, and if you were to translate the rest of the common route, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you ❤

    1. Hello!! I’ll try my best to continue the common route when I have time~ ❤ and yes most people usually focus on the routes ^^ but I'll try my best to do the common route when I have time~ 😀 Please look forward to it~

      1. I just found out that they gave detailed summaries on the prologue too haha xD Still do whatever you like^^ Personally, I’d love some translations for chou no doku hana no kusari and/or its FD (not much about it on the internet in contrast to other games and I really love it), but that’s just me personally being greedy LOL Anyways, I hope you’re having a great summer!

      2. LOL ahh okay~ No problem~ I might still do BN but we’ll see ^^ there’s still so many other games to play haha!! Ahh yeah CnDHnK and Gensou Yawa there isn’t as much info on it LOL I might go through Gensou Yawa some more (post on it some more) mostly because the routes are really short and I can do one route in one post pretty easily. :3~ And yes I hope you’re having a great summer too~ ^^

      3. Omg that would be amazing if you do ~ I’m finishing up chou no doku at the moment and am about to start the FD 🙂 I’m using those pesky translation engines, so my grasp on the story isn’t as good as I’d like it to be. There are some important scenes too that I wasn’t able to understand at all 😦 I still get the gist of things, but not knowing Japanese really sucks >.<
        Even the fact that you'd do more posts on the game(s) is amazing, cause chou no doku really needs some more love lol ❤

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