♛ Trick or Alice ♛

Here is my obligatory Trick or Alice post.

When I said “semi-hiatus” I meant that I would only post when I have a substantial amount of time… like right now LOL. (FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE LOL)

And so here is my obligatory Trick or Alice post that I was going to do earlier. (It’s a shit ton a bit modified but w/e lmao) All I have to say is:

1. I’m confused as FUCK LOL.

2. My eyes hurt.

Holy fucking christ, my brain hurts from reading this game LOL and on top of that everything is so bright and shiny that it just makes it like 10x worse and good fucking LORD this game just DRRAAGGSS OUUUTT FOR FOREVERR if I even tried to translate this I’d probably just do it wrong cause let’s face it how do I semi-translate something I don’t even understand LOL. I give up, seriously, I just give up LOL. I’m going to just stick with Koezaru wa Akai Hana and Black Wolves Saga and other shit.

Seriously guys, staring at this game for too long will do serious damage to your retinas lmao xD not to mention sometimes Arisa’s picture in the textbox makes her look like a loli and god this game just feels so wrong and confusing and shiny LOL. I mean it’s cute as fuck artwork but… I just – I don’t even –

Also, is it sad that I didn’t notice til like halfway through the game that her hair switches colors from brown to blonde? LOOOOOOL WHAT ELSE HAVE I MISSED THROUGH THE PROCESS OF PLAYING THIS GAME? LOL

So anyways, I said I’d post this when I made it and I finally have done it!! JOIN ME ON TWITTER ❤ ❤ ❤

(search xxUsagii pl0x lol my picture is the same as my wordpress pic ;D)

As for that secret project my darling Alyyn and I are working on, uh it’s… I want to lie and say coming along ok so it’s kind of coming along, you wouldn’t believe how much goes into setting this shit up LOL.


8 thoughts on “♛ Trick or Alice ♛

    1. Yeah lol I was like SCREW THIS ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) like partway through the game LOL. And my eyes hurt SO MUCH LOL the CGs and, well, everything was like super sparkly and adorable….TOO sparkly and colorful and shiny and it just made me strain my eyes LOL xD and of course /o/ search up xxUsagii on twitter and you should be able to find me 😀 if not give me yours and I shall find you ^0^

      1. Found it, I already added you ^-^/ Thanz

        Ha2 I guess a lot of people complaining about this game lol The CG and the text frame hurt my eyes too. Though I like the colors and the art buy it’s to girly for me lol

      2. Yay \o/ and yeah I guess so lol the plot was just too confusing and too much to handle alongside the CGs lol the CGs, after staring at them for too long, made my poor eyes hurt @_@ and I feel like they tried to hard to copy the same artwork from Kuro to Kin but only ended up making it really shiny and really really girly lol xD I hated how in some of the textbox stills of Arisa made her look like a 10 year old Loli I was like THIS IS SO WRONG LOL

      3. OMG you are right about her being just like a loli, glad I’m not the one who thought about it. They should make the game more simpler since I kinda like the art but not the colors ^-^/ And I heard the game is very long wwww

      4. Yeah I liked the artwork but I think they really over did it with the bright pastel colors lol like the Queen Alice & Kuro Usagi CG picture isn’t so bad, but the colors are darker like black and red that it doesn’t make my eyes hurt so much BUT OMG EVERYTHING ELSE LOL MY EYES THEY BURN MY RETINAS LOL and yeah the game is pretty long, I couldn’t finish it LOL makes my head hurt too much xDDDDD

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