♛ Localized Otome Game Prospects, the PSP, and the PSVita ♛


Good day, minna-san~! \(^o^)/


2. I finally finished hand sewing a blanket for my friend’s newborn daughter YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY god damn this thing took fucking forever to finish lmfao

3. This totally isn’t a filler post at all no siree

4. This is kind of long and I think I might have gone on tangents in a few places and have a lot of run on sentences and not make sense and this post isn’t very cohesive and I might have repeated myself a few times LOL ヽ(・´д`・)ノ

So as some of you may know, I recently broke my PSP (Q______Q) and my Dad(dy) was nice enough to buy me another one (which will hopefully have gotten here by the time I go home for winter holiday) lol but it really got me thinking. As I’m sure many of you have noticed, otome games are primarily released on the PSP as of now or for PC (which it seems like is still slowly dying as well other than for R-18 games). I mean there are only a few otome games scheduled to come out for the PC (OZMAFIA!, Yandere Heaven, Double Score I think? or is that for PSP i forget LOL) while everything else is scheduled for the PSP. Even the PS2 isn’t very popular anymore, and that’s probably because we ladies like our hot 2D men on the go (●ゝω・●)

Ok so ANYWAYS this made me think about the new PSVita. I’ve been considering buying one for a while now but I’ve been a bit apprehensive since the other PSP model (I’m looking at you, PSP GO) failed pretty epically. I like the PSP slim a lot and it’s a great system for otome games. But with the new PSVita’s released, if you live in the USA you’ve probably seen the major push for putting all the new games on the PSVita. I mean, Persona 4 got ported to PSVita!!! But this begs the question, is the PSP dying in the USA?

I would say yeah, the PSP is pretty much on it’s deathbed. I’ve already seen one gaming company (not an otome game company, tbh I can’t remember which company this was xD) that has decided it’s next PSP release will be it’s last for the PSP and moving onto the PSVita. Any way you look at it, the PSVita is growing in popularity even if there aren’t very many games on it right now. Hakuouki was recently released for the PSP in the USA market and from what I’ve noticed it did pretty well in terms of people buying it. The price was decently cheap for a limited edition and game with great extras. The game itself was a smart game to introduce into the US market cause it had an anime to go with it and was already quite popular itself.

However, this seems to be the only import/translated Japanese otome game on the market right now. With PSP on it’s deathbed, should we expect to see any more PSP otome games coming over? If the PSP is really on it’s death bed, does this mean companies are less likely to localize otome games for the PSP and move onto the PSVita? ┐(;Ծ⌓Ծ;)┌

Or will otome game companies make the move from PSP to PSVita? If so CRAP I have to buy another system LOL but I wonder if the fact that the PSP is essentially dead in the USA, if localizing any other otome games in the USA will happen. For some reason the PSP to me is a bit more for heavier gamers, but maybe it’s just the system’s design that makes me think that? xD Lmfao.

tl;dr if the PSP market in the USA is pretty much dead, does this mean we won’t see any more localized otome games in the USA?

What do you guys think? I hope this won’t happen and that more otome games will be localized because I would really love to see the otome gaming love spread to others ^^

That and I don’t want to have to spend more money on another gaming system LOL….. (´ε`;)

Aaaaand I’ll try to get back into regular otome gaming soon… I’ve been busy with school and work 😦 Hopefully I’ll have more time and motivation during holiday lol (●´▽`●)


30 thoughts on “♛ Localized Otome Game Prospects, the PSP, and the PSVita ♛

    1. What’s wrong with the comment up there? Lol… Ahhh!! I hope there’s more Otome games to be localized for PSP…. I also want to buy PSP (hopefully this month, haha)… Yeah, notice only Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom in English… Hmm… >_<

      1. LOL xDDD Yeah i was like interesting face you made when I saw that comment LOL 8D I would like it if more otoges got ported to PSP in English, that would be fun but I guess that depends on the prospects of the PSP market and if it’ll still sell/games will still sell even though the PSVita is out…which hopefully will still have a good market so that game makers are encouraged to release more otoges here in the US ^^ lol I STILL haven’t played Hakuouki… I mean everyone and their grandmother played it when it came out in Japanese and I’ve just been so lazy getting around to it xD

      2. Haha, yup, keep hoping ^^…. BTW, good luck to both of us for getting a PSP… 😀 Haha, it’s okay if you’re been lazy…

      3. Haha ^0^ yes I agree, we just have to keep hope up and pray that PSP will get more localized otome games xD SPREAD THE OTOME GAMING LOVE LOL!! xD yes I hope my PSP comes soon… I want to play BROTHERS CONFLICT SO BADLY UGH T_T

      4. Yeah…~SPREAD THE OTOME GAMING LOVE~ Hahaha… I want to buy PSP 3006 PINK ^o^… BTW, are you from US? (Curious)

      5. ME TOO LOL but I got a black one T_T but I’m going to deck it out in cute pink accessories :3 and lots of rilakkuma and korilakkuma charms~! And of course otome ones if I ever decide to get any xDD lmfao and yeah I’m from the USA :3 are you?

      6. Yup, I will… ^_^ Hehe… I also influenced my best friend with Otome Games, lol… She already try Witch Spell and Heartful Chance… Cause I gave her the installer, haha…

      7. xD LOL spreading the otome love, I see~ I just bought some Alice in Clover manga so now I think I’m going to go back and play Alice again ^0^ except I think I’ll play the PSP version~ IF I COULD JUST HAVE MY PSP T_T LOL I can’t wait to go home and pick it up :3

      8. Oh, I see… Today I went to the mall & start searching for PSP, lol… Can’t find the model 3006 with Pink color… {That sucks} Maybe they didn’t have the stock, oh well… What pissed me off is that they said there’s no such thing as PSP 3006 Pink… WTH… I was like if they didn’t have the stock, it’s okay… But I did see the PSP in other shop, so how can it be no such thing… (=,=)

      9. Yeah that was why I just bought the piano black version lol I would love it in pink but I can never find it in pink xD so I’m just going to try and get a pink case for mine ^^ it sucks it doesn’t “exist” in pink 😦 but I suppose we can make up for it by buying pink accessories? xDD what a way to milk us of more money playstation LOL

      10. Yeah, hehe… Anyway I did see the model 3006 Pink, it’s memory (or whatever it is) only 4Gb… But my dad don’t want to buy it… I guess he want the one with 8Gb :-/ Hmm… Anyway, I’ll just keep searching for it, hopefully will get the one that I want, ^^….

      11. Ohh only 4GB, yeah 8GB would be better lol but the pink one is so much prettier ^^ and yeah good luck! I’m sure you’ll be able to find it~! I can’t wait to get my PSP and finally play Brother’s Conflict…. everything I see now has something relating to Brother’s Conflict in it and it’s starting to get ridiculous LOL xD

      12. Haha, yeah… (My favorite color is pink, that’s why dying to find it, ahaha XD) Thanks… And hope you can play your Otome game too, 🙂 …. Oh and I did download Boku no Shokora… Still playing it, hehe…

      13. Mine too~! Pink is my favorite color as well~ ^^ my apartment is filled with pink things and my bedroom is painted pink xDDD hahaha~ I think my love for pink has gone a little far xD;;;;; and thanks :3 oohh how do you like it? I thought it was an adorable and fun game~ since Diamond no Kuni no Alice is coming out soon I’ve decided to go back and play Anniversary no Kuni no Alice :3 BLOOD COME TO ME ❤ ❤ ❤ hahahaa~~! ^0^;;

      14. Wow, ME TOO! I mean, I’m totally obsessed with pink color too… Most of my stuff were in pink…. Haha… (same color obsession, lol) XD The game is not bad, yeah, it’s adorable and fun… Ahaha… >.< I see… 😮

      15. SAME hahaha I have so much pink stuff! Almost all of the blankets I own are pink :3 and my sheets are pink… and my bedroom is painted pink… many of my cooking utensils are pink too ^^ I think I might have taken it a little bit far though LOL…. xD;;;;

      16. Hahaha, me too… When I was in school, my schoolbag and my pencil box are pink… My clothes mostly pink too… I always buy things that I want in pink (if it’s available in that color, haha)… Even my phone case also is pink… Oh and I did finish playing Boku no Shokora with the White Day too ^^ Yeah, it’s really really funny… Komachi IS funny, I like her punching, haha XD

      17. Same here xD my bags and pencil box are pink, and the majority of my pens/pencils are pink.. and I own a lot of pink clothing if it is the right shade of pink that looks good on me xDD LOL My phone case is a pink bunny case 😀 cause I love bunnies as well haha~ and YAY /o/ the game is pretty cute, isn’t it? :3 since I’m officially on holiday now, I decided to start Hana Awase ~Mizuchi Hen~ lol… but it looks like my Japanese is getting rusty xD;;;

      18. Haha, I think we both have things in common… lol XD Yup, the game is cute~ ^^ Haha, well, gambateh to you on brushing up your Japanese language… 🙂 And your blog is snowy??? =.=??? lol

      19. Haha yes we do ^^ and yeah I really need to start playing otoges religiously again so my Japanese doesn’t sink down into a bottom less hole of forgetfulness |D lol and yup ^^ i figured the snow would be nice for winter~ 😀

      20. Hahaha… Santa Claus is coming to town… lol XD BTW, I already make a Twitter account… 🙂 (Kinda confuse cause it’s my 1st time, having a bit trouble, lol)

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