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『 Hana Awase ~Mizuchi Hen~ 』


『 Hana Awase ~Mizuchi Hen~ 』

Warning: This post is EXTREMELY image-heavy! aka I unnecessarily SS’d EVERY SINGLE IMAGE LOL WITHIN THE FIRST FIVE ISH MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY wwww.

Hello everyone! I’ve had this game for a few days now but I haven’t gotten around to playing it ’cause it was finals week and starting a new otoge would just… well studying would have been impossible LOL. From the twitter updates that I’ve seen this game is filled with OMFG JSFKDL:JFKLDJSFKL:DJSKFLDFJDKLSFJDSFDS moments as well as QQ’ing moments SO NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM PRETTY FUCKING STOKED.

And here I thought Hana Awase was going to be filled with crazy hoes and bad plots… I also thought it was R-18 at first too LOL I don’t even know why I thought this… maybe it’s because it’s for the PC and I feel like the only PC games that get released nowadays are R-18 games? xD Other than OZMAFIA, that is, IF PONY PACHET EVER DECIDES TO RELEASE THIS GAME ARGHHH ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Anyways first thoughts when I open up the game the menu music is OMFG SO COOL LIKE WTF MANG LOL I AM SO READY FOR THIS GAME. The menu music is really effing cool, not gonna lie.

Also so this post is image-heavy (but you probably already know that since you clicked the read more button, huh?) Actually, I wouldn’t say there are very many images (only like, 90 ish? LOL) cause I didn’t actually get very far into the game (I’m sleepy… I’ve pretty much been sleep deprived all week from studying LOL T_____T SCREW FINALS WEEK so I only played into like the first 5 minutes of the game.) but I did hit past the 80 mark in terms of how many screenshots I took so yeah www. Literally, I pretty much SS’ed like almost every screen from the start screen to where I ended. xD LOL if you haven’t noticed I’m pretty much writing/editing this post while playing the game ww


The menu screen even makes cool little noises when you move from one screen to another. The transitions are super nice and smooth, and it really makes the game feel put together and very sharp, I guess you could say?

So before we get too ahead of ourselves, a little background information. Hana Awase ~Mizuchi Hen~ is the first in a series of three discs in the Hana Awase series, and the game creators are Enterbrain! Hana Awase’s “mini-game” is more like a battle system that involves playing a card game of sorts which I’m not entirely sure about yet (all I know is that I’m terrified of mini games so WE’LL BRAVE THIS TOGETHER LMFAO) which I think is just related to the regular hana-awase card game. It seems you can make chains and I think there’s an ex mode or something like that? And I think there are people who hit a shit ton and can 1HIT KO you? (I… twitter has just lol I’ve been reading this off of twitter literally LOL) Also there is an experience point bar and it looks like you can level up different stats.


Also, I like how they spelled Defense wrong ww anyways I’m not too sure how to play the mini-game/battle system but oh well lol we’ll see when we get there (´^ω^`) since there’s a tutorial game I’m pretty sure. You might need to know some of the in-game specific vocabulary, like Kaei and Minamo etc. I’m pretty sure they explain it in game since there’s like a dictionary option under the Extra tab so yeah ww. LET’S START THIS SHIT


Name screen! I’ve kept the default name of みこと. (Mikoto)

Also, uhh I’m definitely playing this without a guide (it’s an experiment….and it will probably end badly LOL) so uhh DON’T USE THIS AS A GUIDE LOL. (If I even get far enough in that I start making choices |D;;;) but yeah forewarning you… I doubt I’ll get far enough in the game to start making choices but if I do another post (which I likely will) then I’ll put a warning in that post too. Seriously I can’t believe I’m playing this without a guide lol I barely know what I’m doing right now www

An unknown voices calls out your name.


???: …Mikoto.

OMG THEY JUST CALLED OUT YOUR NAME SWEET LOL YAYYYY SO IT’S ONE OF THOSE GAMES (๑→ܫ←๑) sad that it took me a while to figure this out. Aka after I typed out everything then was about to start typing something else when I realized what was going on LMFAO.



???: You are Mikoto… right?


Mikoto: ….Who?


???: Mikoto… Finally, we can meet. For a long time, I’ve been waiting for this day.


Mikoto: You….


???: Me, I’m Tsuki no Hanshin. (I’m assuming… this is it’s name…?)


Mikoto: Tsuki no… hanshin.


Tsuki no Hanshin: Un. Even though we soon will be separated, we can still meet like this. So, with the power only you have, let’s meet here once again. (It’s something like this I guess lol)


Mikoto: My power…?


Tsuki no Hanshin then proceeds to tell something Mikoto that sounds something resembling a prophecy lol or a legend or something. I’m not really too sure how I should present this but here goes nothing? Basically he says that the reunion of Mochizuki (I honestly have no idea as to what’s going on now. lmfao) requires something and that two people will become one and create a life? Noooottt sureeee but oh well, guess it’ll be explained further in game?


Tsuki no Hanshin: This is hell. If your stay here your body will wither and die. You should return. To your world.


Tsuki no Hanshin: Now, close your eyes. And when you awaken, the hands that exist, they will become the partner who leads you. (Okay that’s a terrible translation q_q)



Tsuki no Hanshin: That’s right. Reach out your arm, more, extend your hand towards the light. That’s right… the light, catch it….

The text box fades out and behind it the thin sliver of a moon can be seen, before everything fades to white.



Tsuki no Hanshin: It’s been found. See you soon, Mikoto. Important, in another half of the month… (I’m actually just guessing here. I still have no idea if Tsuki no Hanshin is a person or if it’s referring to like half of a month or something. NOOO IDEEAAA LOL WHY AM I EVEN WRITING THIS POST I’M PROBABLY MORE LOST THAN YOU GUYS LOL also I keep reading all the kanji in Chinese and it’s uh making my head hurt ww)


(Also, MY EXPERIENCE POINTS WENT UP WOOHOO I guess reaching for the light gave me exp? LOL)


Mikoto: Just now… a dream?


Mikoto: Huh? This place, where?

The screen shakes.


Mikoto: …Ow!


Mikoto: My whole body hurts!?

And then one hot as hell voice speaks to you (*ノ▽ノ) oh mannn YUMM-AAYYY!! 8DDD


??? : You’re awake.


Mikoto: You are…



???: …You do not remember me.


Mikoto: Sorry man I probably drank way too much last night


Mikoto: …An acquaintance? …No. Such a beautiful/handsome person, I would have definitely remembered.


Mikoto: Sorry.


???: You, you were in an accident and taken to the hospital.


Mikoto: Accident!?


???: I happened to be present and escorted you.


This apparently is somewhat unbelievable to Mikoto I guess? LOL

Mikoto: Attended to me….? This person….


???: The doctor said that your life isn’t in danger. You should rest for a while.

He walks off briskly. You can run, but you can’t hide Iroha… I will capture you >8D


Mikoto: Ah! Wait…


Mikoto: I waited….


Mikoto: …He was a powerful person. It was almost otherworldly.


Mikoto: Though he attended me to the hospital, I couldn’t thank him. His name… what to do. If only I had listened properly…

uh Mikoto I don’t think he ever actually said his name lol….


Mikoto: Come to think of it, that person’s uniform….


Mikoto: ? This…


Mikoto: Beautiful… Possibly, is this something that person left behind?


Mikoto: This card, surely…


Nurse: Ara, you woke up.


Nurse: Your body will be sore. However, in a few days (2-3) the bruises should be healed.


Nurse: But to be involved in a car crash, these sort of injuries are quite light.


Mikoto: Car accident…!


Mikoto: Was it a big accident!?


Nurse: A student of 華園 was there at the time. It seems he saved you.


Mikoto: A student of 華園?

I’m not entirely sure how I should translate 華園 in pertinence to the game, so for now I’ll just leave it in it’s kanji form. 8D LOL


Nurse: Ee, it probably was. He was very beautiful! He attended to you for a very long time, even after you arrived. (I put it this way because I feel like she’s implying that Iroha is such a good guy cause he waited for her to wake up?)


Mikoto: Is that so…


Nurse: That’s right. Aren’t you and that person lovers/sweethearts?



Mikoto: No, of course not!


Nurse: The way he gazed at you was intense. He grasped your hand. I thought for sure it was love.



Mikoto: Grasped my hand? …No, such a feeling it wasn’t like that at all.


Mikoto: However, not only did he help and attend to me, yet I was unable to give him my thanks…


Ayi: Mikoto!


Ayi: Ahh-! Thank goodness, you’re alive! When I heard you’d been in a car accident, seriously I thought my heart would stop….


Shou: What’s this. You’re energetic. And here I thought you would be a bandage mummy. I suppose it wasn’t necessary to worry to this degree or come?

oh, Shou… why don’t you tell us how you really feel? xDD


Ayi: What’s with that. Despite the fact that Shou was the first to be worried! Who was the one who wanted to quickly go to the hospital and made a big fuss over it, hmm?


Shou: …Okay, already! Mikoto was in danger, so, regarding that, well… as usual… I’ve been caught…

Something like that lmfao it was pretty adorable watching him get all stuttery and adorkable like that LOL


Nurse: It’s so lively. Friends?


Ayi: That’s right~


Nurse: I see. Well visiting hours are over, so keep it brief.


Ayi: An accident is so frightening… why does Mikoto have to suffer like this.


Shou: Well, something like this can’t be helped/understood (or something like that lmfao). Anyways, it’s good that you’re safe.


Mikoto: Yes. I’m sorry for making you worry.


Ayi: Mikoto shouldn’t be apologizing! Because Mikoto is the victim, you should get some sort of consolation money.


LOL gotta love Ayi.

I like the look on Mikoto’s face, she’s kind of like “ahahaha…sure Ayi, whatever you say” LMFAO


Ayi: Also, here’s a change of clothes/spare clothing. If you need anything else, just say so ok.

cause nobody likes hospital gown wear!


Mikoto: Wa, I’m saved.


Shou: We care about you, you know ’cause you’re like family…

(Not gonna lie, I’m starting to get really tired and I’m only like 5 minutes in LOL and I just realized it’s 2:40 in the morning…)


Ayi: What, is that it? Say more cool things, isn’t that ok~?

Something like that at this point I’m not really even translating anymore LOL T_T BUT I WILL PERSEVERE UNTIL THIS HOSPITAL SCENE IS OVER WITH.

(all of this screen shotting and saving and crap takes a load out of you xD LOL)


Shou calls her an idiot and gets all embarrassed here heehee


Ayi: Yes, yes. Hey now, we should go now, Mikoto, we’ll see you tomorrow. Mata ne~

Both Shou & Ayi walk out, leaving Mikoto alone again.


Mikoto: In the blink of the eye, they’re gone.


Mikoto: Inside the bag, the spare clothing is packed tightly. There are even socks. They’re Ayi’s, it seems.


Mikoto: Ha, there’s manga, and there is a game too. I wonder if these are Shou-kun’s? Of course, it must be… a remote controller!?

(err, at least I think it’s a remote controller…? o_o)


Mikoto: Why this?

Your guess is as good as mine, Mikoto. Lmfao


Mikoto: …To have put this in, they must have left the house and packed in a panic.

Aww…. They were just worried about you Mikoto! Such nice friends 🙂 But then this reminds me of the CG on the Hana Awase website with the lady that slaps Mikoto and that makes me angry 😡


Mikoto: To the two of them, thank you for your care.


Mikoto: …Uu, when I move my body, it is painful. I really was involved in an accident.

(I almost typed “i really did have an accident” but then that made it sound like she effing wet the bed or something so I decided against it LOL but now I can’t get that out of my head and it’s making it hard to take it seriously xD LOL)


Mikoto: Although I was involved in a car crash… I don’t remember it which brings me anxiety. If possible I want to try and recall it.


Mikoto: But more than this, I shouldn’t worry Ayi-chan any further. Sleeping properly, will help my wounds finish healing earlier.


Mikoto: That’s right, a lost article… it’s not near…


Mikoto: This card, is one of Kasen. The clothes of that person… the uniform of 華園… I’ve seen it on TV…


Mikoto: It really is a person of 華園…


Mikoto: ……華園, huh. That place that is as high as the clouds, have amazing people attending. That kind / beautiful person…

The screen fades out from the hospital room to black.


Mikoto: 華園 location, I should go…investigate, with Ayi-chan… so that I can… express my gratitude…


Aaannnd YAY My experience points go up after this!! After this the scene fades out to a girl with purple curly hair saying something to Mikoto, but seeing as how it’s 3:21 in the morning I think I’m just going to stop here. Also, on top of that, I’ve hit almost like 90 images in this ONE post LOL aka too many images, very few worded post xD LOL

Basically, I needlessly screen shotted everything… I don’t know why I did it, but I suppose I wanted you readers to play along with me? Haha…. Not going to lie this took me forever for some reason. I’m really bad with katakana/hiragana, I’m always forgetting what everything is pronounced and especially since I haven’t been doing much otome gaming or anything relating to Japanese I guess I’ve gotten a bit rusty =_= I was constantly having to check tables and match characters ’cause I couldn’t remember what the hiragana or katakana was `-` it’s sad, but I was able to read the kanji better…. LOL except I was reading it all with Chinese pronunciation so then NOTHING MADE SENSE EITHER cause I didn’t know wtf was going on with the hiragana let alone the Japanese pronunciation of the kanji omfg lol it was a rough night, needless to say. Also I feel like I’ve gone back multiple times and edited this post like a million times in the duration that I’ve been writing it.

Anyways this post is probably too long and has little to no words in it LMFAO but oh well xD I hope you enjoyed reading my horribly translated parts of the first five-ish? minutes of gameplay into Hana Awase~ I plan on continuing to play this slowly but surely and I may post a part 2 but I’ll try to uh, not screen shot so damn much LOL.

Okay time for bed. Good night, lovelies! (*´꒳`*)


PPS: I didn’t write over 3000 words in this post. LOL so short |D;;;


4 thoughts on “『 Hana Awase ~Mizuchi Hen~ 』

  1. I tried to play this but i dunnu how to play dat hana fuda game thang. Have no clue and so I kept losing! orz I’m very curious about this game so hope others blog it too! (^v^)

    1. omg same here LOL I know I’m going to get my butt kicked at the mini game lmfao I’m going to stay level 1 for forever ;A; I think the idea is to match cards up to equal points which is supposed to deal damage but I… yeah lol I don’t know |D and same~ I’m sure others will ^^ it’s pretty big right now I think~ 😀

    1. God I know xD it’s because I only played a few minutes in that I was like GOTTA PAD MY PLAYTHROUGH TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I DID STUFF LOLOL
      and yeah the game is pretty nice xD i think you should definitely try it out when you’re in the mood ;D
      ofc SSing it didn’t help me figure out wot the hell was going on LMFAO.

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