『 Yan Ero ~Aisuruga Yueni~ Drama CD 』


『 Yan Ero ~Aisuruga Yueni~ 』

『 ヤンエロ~愛するが故に~ 』

Yan Ero ~Aisuruga Yueni~ is a drama CD created by stanetto / their “sub-branch” called “black stanetto” (there is a “white stanetto” omg is anybody else getting osananajimi no kare shiro & juro vibes? LOL)(although I guess the white/black thing can be said for any drama CD w/ the two routes…but I digress) which has just released a drama CD called “Yan Ero ~Aisuruga Yueni~” which is a drama cd for more “mature females” type of audience. The drama CD utilizes the dummy head mic and other sound effects to give you a full experience.

Alyyn and I have decided to do a somewhat joint posting project on this CD. For now my post is up first since I’m going a shorter, more general overview of the CD/plotline along with my thoughts to it. Alyyn’s post will be an in-depth review on the track listing! Find the post HERE~ 😀

This is going to be a short overview of the summary/storyline of the story, the tracks and of course my thoughts on this drama CD. Now, this isn’t for everyone (it’s yandere, it’s definitely an acquired taste lolol) and track 13 contains non-con so yeah if that doesn’t suit you then you probably shouldn’t listen to this CD lol.

Ok first is the track list.

第1部:first love
1. 2013年1月25日(金)八面玲瓏
2. 2013年2月14日(木)意気自如
3. 2013年3月14日(木)破顔一笑
4. 2013年4月16日(火)二律背反
5. 2013年6月28日(金)社燕秋鴻
6. 2013年8月3日(土)比翼連理
7. 2013年10月17日(木)自己嫌悪
8. 2013年10月21日(月)無理無体

第2部:another End
9. 2013年10月21日(月)唯一無二 ※初回分のみ収録
10. 2013年11月12日(火)意馬心猿 ※初回分のみ収録
11. 2013年12月24日(火)魚目燕石 ※初回分のみ収録

第2部:nomal End
12. 2013年10月21日(月)悪因悪果
13. 2013年12月24日(火)有相執著

※通常盤では第2部の「another End」トラック9~11が収録されず、

The length of the CD itself is pretty good, but as you can see the “another END” isn’t included on the regular edition. I don’t have the regular edition I have all 13 tracks so yeah lol xD as does Alyyn so she’ll be doing a more textwall post on what happens in the tracks.

Note that my JP is super derpy so I might be getting some of the story wrong/the translation I made it based more on interpretation than an exact word-for-word translation lol so yeah take what I said with discretion www

So basically the storyline is that the heroine is a 4th year in college that has a senpai (who has already graduated) that she holds feelings for. This senpai and the heroine met because they share a similar circle of friends. This senpai’s name is “Nao” (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke). But, this senpai of hers is very robotic/stoic and expressionless and he is a very hard person to read/doesn’t show much emotions with his facial expressions so it’s hard for the heroine to understand him. But in reality, Nao-senpai actually may hold affection/love for the heroine. Everywhere the two go they appear/look to be to be a couple that is full of happiness.

However, slowly things begin to go wrong and fall apart ―

There are quite a number of tracks, even without the “another end” tracks there’s still 10 tracks total on the regular edition. The another end is basically just an alternate ending where Nao doesn’t go yandere on your ass pretty much.

The storyline itself is actually kind of slow, if not well-paced. The first few tracks gave me the impression of more of a “pure love” sort of drama CD. Nao-senpai is very sweet, caring and teasing towards the heroine. He has the tendency to lean in close and whisper teasing/sweet nothings into your ears that will probably make you きゃー (/▽\)like they did to me hahaha! The tracks themselves are listed by “date” and lists the slow progression of your relationship. Track 2 is what happens on Valentine’s day, and the heroine makes Nao-senpai home-made choco :3 He also happens to whisper in the heroine’s ear that she is his “precious lover”  (//ˇ◡ˇ//)and that he loves you. The tracks aren’t too long or too short, they all vary in length in terms of what important events happen on the day that the track lists. If anything, I was actually wondering when the yandere was ever going to appear xDD but I didn’t mind this so much. I was also wondering where all my ero was but uhhhh yeah that’s only because I’m a big pervert BUT REALLY, AFTER YUME KARE CHIHIRO VERSION I JUST CAN’T HELP IT OK GUYS I really liked the slow progression and the “pure love” feeling that we got and it made the yandere all the more interesting because you really get to see the slow progression from pure love to uh well yanero LOL.

I think around track 5 is when the yandere begins to show up a bit. Just by the way he says things to the heroine and the way his tone of voice sounds, only for it to quickly change back to that sweet, caring and joking voice he normally has. At one point he hurts the heroine by grabbing her too hard. I think it’s track 9 that you hear Nao-senpai yell at the heroine. The start of it is the heroine’s phone vibrating and basically you get a call from Nao-senpai. Apparently the heroine has a stalker but she never bothered telling Nao-senpai. He meets up with her and yells at her angrily about how could she not tell him that she had a stalker!? Etc. etc. Personally it kind of makes sense that he’s mad at her after all track nine is what, like 9 months into their relationship? Lmfao anyways he just points out that he wants to protect her. Track 9,10,11 are non-yandere if I recall correctly so yeah you can read details about those in Alyyn’s post 8D

Track 12 and 13 are like full blown-out yandere. Vaguely, what happens is uh there are chains involved and non-con secks so yeah LOL. The actual ero scene was in track 13 and was really short imo. (But then again after listening to track 2 on Yume Kare: Chihiro ver’s disk everything is short now wwww) It also faded out after a while so yeahhh lol. When you wake up though Nao is there and says “Oh, you’re awake” basically lol. I’m honestly not going to give away any more than this though (not like I really gave away much at all `-` now that I look back LOL I’M LEAVING THAT FOR YOU ALYYN) because you should uh, go listen to it. 8D I really loved Tachibana’s voice in this drama CD, he has that really gentle voice that just, when he’s being sweet and gentle and teasing and whispers sweet nothings in your ear it’s like DOKIDOKI x9999999999999999999999 TO THE MAX OMG (人´∀`*)♡ MY GLASS KOKORO CANNOT HANDLE ALL THE FEELS

But yeah based the storyline and the tracks were really in sync in my opinion. The progression was really great in this CD and all of the sweet moments in the first like 5 or 8 tracks was just so cute ;v; I have to say Tachibana played a pretty good yandere as well. You could really feel like what he was feeling but this might just be my Tachibana bias showing

Anyways I don’t believe this drama CD is for everyone but if you’ve listened to discs like Osananajimi no Kare -Kuro Route- or Yume Kare ver. Chihiro then I doubt this will be too much for you to handle lol. Or if you like yanderes yeah you’ll probably like this. The ero isn’t as much as I’m used to but I kind of liked it better. It suited the CD I guess? I also like that this was set in college cause well, I’m in college so I guess it made it more relate-able to me lol xD I’m not really sure how to describe it lol! Also, I find it cute that the first day on the CD was the release date 😛


7 thoughts on “『 Yan Ero ~Aisuruga Yueni~ Drama CD 』

  1. hey traitor.

    so Black Stanetto? This is actually their dark branch company? I hope this is not their last yandere cd thou!

    I can’t promise you by the time you woke up you’ll see my post is ready because it takes some time tho >_<;
    My japanese is still of below average and it took me an hour so for each track so yeah i hope you can bear with it for a while ;;;

    i wouldn be surprised tho if ani to osananajimi will be upped before Yanero xDD

    you're actually missing this small detail. He actually goes a bit yan yan around the "first love" tracks though. Like his voice suddenly lowered and he whispers scary yet sweet words ;;;

    1. hey bby.
      yeah i checked the website and noticed they have like a “white stanetto” and “black stanetto” so let’s hope black stanetto keeps making some more yandere cd 8D LOLOL
      LOL I’M SORRY BBY I HAVE FAITH IN YOU THAT YOU WILL HAVE A POST UP WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS/WHENEVER BBY I DON’T CARE WHEN IT GETS PUT UP I JUST WANNA READ IT _> but Yanero is def shorter than Ani to Osananajimi lol but you’ve been working on Ani to Osananjimi for longer so :3 I WILL READ BOTH POSTS THOUGH OFC
      Oh does he? I couldn’t remember because yeah track 13 OVERRODE ALL THE OTHER TRACKS IN MY BRAIN LOL I was screaming that entire track if I recall correctly LMFAO 8DDDD;;;;
      Yeah I think the yan was introduced really slowly though which I really liked because it fit the “storyline” so to say really well 😀 plus Tachibana’s voice = Godly xDDDDDD LOL

  2. I was like wtf is non-con oh you mean rape…mkay.
    Lol I was curious about this but after reading your summary….I think I will pass lol. Seems like the kind of shit that makes me rage/roll my eyes in R-18 otoges lol

    1. Yeah pretty much LOL I was like listening to this and I was like “huh where’s the ero in “yan ero” – OOHH THERE IT IS” in track 13 lmfao. But yeah it’s definitely an acquired taste lmfao

  3. Do you know of any CDs that are pretty extreme in the you know what scenes like yume kare’s chihiro’s CD? *blush* I’d love some recommendations that are as intense as that ^^ *blushes again* thank you!

    1. Hi Frea! Sorry for my late response, I’m currently going through finals week LOL unfortunately. As for extreme CDs, I really can’t compare anything to Yume Kare’s Chihiro because… He kind of takes the cake in my mind as well LOL so I know how you feel hahaha. I feel like in the back of my mind I’m comparing a lot of the R18 cds to Chihiro’s cd WWWWWW

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