Thanks for One Year!




Do you guys like my anniversary picture? Eh? Eh? 8DDD

I’ve officially decided to name him Noir. He is my cutie patootie baby.

I should probably put a warning here: the majority of this post probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m sorry. I really have no explanation other than midterms. LOL

Apparently my 1st year anniversary has passed since I joined WordPress, thank you for informing me WordPress otherwise I would have forgotten about this! HUZZAH (I actually don’t know the exact day the notification didn’t tell me and hell if I remember a whole year back oh god my memory sucks this is what memorizing too many formulas and equations and science stuffs has done to me look at what you’ve done to me college – )

SO ANYWAYS. Thanks for sticking with me for a whole year!! I know my translations are crap, and that I rarely post because college is a biiiiiitch but STILL THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME ALL THE WAY \(;V;)/ I would have done a little contest for my first year anniversary however I’m lame and have nothing cool to give away. Plus, I kind of missed the actual day so… maybe next year LOL. //SHOT//

Hmm I suppose I don’t really know what else to write for this post. I guess I’ll reflect and look back on what has happened to me in the past year?

Well let’s see. A year ago I would say I probably wasn’t as into the otome gaming community as I am now. I’ve made tons of really great friends, close friends and people that I really treasure very much and I’m glad to have gotten to know all of you! (You all know who you are) For a while I’ve always quietly lurked in the shadows of the otome gaming community and only this year have I decided to really try and come out of the shadows. I’m still not very confident with my Jap but I’ll continue to try and do my best! 一生懸命頑張ります!!! Even though I’m technically on a semi-hiatus right now because wao uni sucks balls but even so I’ll try my best to update when I’m not busy.

I’ve seen the otome gaming community go through a lot of changes in the past year (whether that be a good thing or a bad thing is still kind of up in the air for me hahaha….) and even though it’s sort of been a roller coaster it’s been a relatively fun one and I can’t wait to spend more years with you guys! Let us grow old together

Oh my it sounds like we’re getting married 8D haha now you’ve entered into an eternal bondage with me. get in my cage of love imeanwhat

Well I suppose that’s all I’ll say. I don’t want to get like sappy or critical or anything haha and I’m probably going to post this and go back and re-read it and wonder if I was drunk or stoned when I wrote this (it’s all the studying, it’s fried my brains I swear. Why did my first year anniversary have to be the week of midterms? or maybe it was earlier… …yeah I’m just going to stop thinking about this now.)

Thanks to my twitter list as well for not getting annoyed with my derpy twitter spam and obsessive usagi love spam. LOL you guys are troopers, seriously. You have the patience of gods. Or you’re really good at ignoring me LOL 8D

\(^0^)/ Cheers to another year with you, my dears!

Oh, and STALK ON MY FRIENDS, STALK ON. I’ll always be watching you. ^0^

(I actually intended NOT to be creepy at the end of this post but it always just slips out. I’m sorry.)(buti’mreallynot)


One more image of my paint drawn rabbit, Noir. I really love him. I’ve grown very attached to him already. 8D (excuse the crappy anatomy. although my usagi really does lay like that occasionally lmfao)

Oh yeah it’s also 3/14 today, so Happy White Day and Happy Pi Day everyone!!!! 🙂



21 thoughts on “Thanks for One Year!

  1. Happy one year anniversary!
    Here’s hoping for an Ozmafia review in 2013/春予定 (<– Seriously, they STILL don't have a set date. wat).


    Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary Serena baby <33 Let's stalk… I mean, stick to each other for the next year and years after that. 8D

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