Thank you to everyone who has followed, commented or read this blog even when I’ve been dead under piles of paperwork and oral presentations and my capstone and essays… ;_; I’ve missed the otoge community terribly, I’ve missed my twitter friends sososososo much and even when I got Alyyn’s DMs or tweets on my phone I had to make the tough decision of ignoring them so I could finish my studies Q_Q I HATE YOU UNIVERSITY. Uni, forever cockblocking my otome gaming life.

It’s been many months and I realize my lack of response or life probably isn’t that surprising made your kokoros sad in terms of comments and posts is all my fault but I AM BACK AGAIN!! I had a rough last year of undergrad (graduating early) and I had a ton of paperwork and a thesis to work on but HERE I AM and it is SUMMER so hopefully posts will start up again!

Aaaannddd unsurprisingly I’ve been out of the loop for a while so anybody know what’s coming out or what I should start with? I hear TINYxMACHINEGUN and NORN9 are out in a few days so yeah MYBODYISREADY for those two haha but anything that’s already out you guys think I should play?

I was tempted to put a new tag in saying “i’m back bitches” but then decided against it. LOL


11 thoughts on “HELLO

  1. BABY WELCOME BACK1!!!!!!!111


  2. I played the most awful freaking game with terrible art called Princess Nightmare. It’s a so bad it’s good kind of game, so many things to make fun of in it. I was literally laughing while playing it at it’s serious moments.
    You should check that one out.
    Ozmafia maybe might be perhaps coming out FINALLY in June.
    Can’t find a single download for 冬桜抄-さくらがたり- also not many people are actually playing it, even in Japan it seems. I would really want to know how it is though, because that shota looks so cute, I want to play it.
    New game coming out called Danzai no Maria in September http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=771751
    It looks interesting, so it might be worth stalking.
    I see that you linked to their banner, but I don’t think you’ve done a review for Koezaru Benibana. It’s a lot of meh and then a threesome rape happens (=_=), then it’s back to more meh.
    Nise no Chigiri came out, didn’t play it, though. Doesn’t look too interesting.
    Loads of new games for the PSP, all of them are infantile and idiotic so far from the ones I played.

    That’s basically the brief for 2013 for me. I would definitely like to read your review for Princess Nightmare though. That game was a train wreck.

    1. HI KIRI ❤
      And yeah I've played Princess Nightmare before haha and Danzai no Maria is actually a report I think of the PC Game from Karin Entertainment, who made Princess Nightmare ^^ I think I'm going to get Danzai no Maria, I recall it being pretty good but it's been a while 😛 so haha~ as for Koezaru I never reviewed it since there were a lot of reviews :3 as for Nise no Chigiri ITS SOOOOOO GOOD I'm totally going to play it again LOL xDDD as for PSP, I know NORN9 is out so I'm going to try that out. OZMAFIA is on my pre-order list I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR INFINITY FOR IT TO COME OUT LOL qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
      As for a review on Princess Nightmare, I think I played it a long time ago xD don't remember much so I might go back and pick it up again :3

    2. OOHHHH 冬桜抄-さくらがたり- I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT GAME LOL wow really? Nobody in Japan is playing it? Hm idk if I want to play it, but I guess I’m also…. quite curious………………………………

  3. Hallo. Do you think you can play Princess Arthur? It seems so interesting and I would like to see your review on it.

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