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『 Fuyu Sakurashou ~Sakuragatari~ 』


『 Fuyu Sakurashou ~Sakuragatari~ 』


Part 1 / First Impressions

Curiosity got the better of me.

(As usual, pretty herpaderpaderp image heavy.)

This is an R-18 otoge, but there aren’t any R18 scenes or CGs etc in my posts.

First post since my hiatus!! Huzzah!! \(^0^)/

And what better way than to post about perverted stuffs

Soooooo to be honest I really don’t know what this game is about because I never really bothered learning what it is about but looking at the gallery made me curious.

And you know what they say curiosity killed the cat BUT SATISFACTION BROUGHT IT BACK

I actually forgot the game existed until Kirinet reminded me about it so HERE I AM PLAYING IT LOL. WHY NOT? My friend had a copy of it which she ripped for me so here I am … playing… it….

Whelp I’m pretty much going in blind (not even gonna bother reading the story part on the website) so STUMBLE ALONG WITH ME WOOHOO!

I know I know the real reason why I’m playing this is because I’m a pervert huehuehue

menuMenu screen.

namaeName Screen! Heroine’s Name: 五条咲 aka Gojou Saki

The game begins with a voice, ??? asking 「花裏の山に?」

“Hana Ura mountain?” (I think?)

1Another voice, a girl’s, responds 「うん。行ってみようよ。二人なら大丈夫だよ」

“Yes. Let’s go there. Since there are two of us, we’ll be fine!”

Mystery Boy voice responds, “Children aren’t supposed to go there! We’ll get eaten by an Oni, is what everyone says!”

2Mysterious Girl’s Voice: “Who is everyone”

The boy responds, “Everyone is everyone! Such as grandpa, sensei…”

3Mysterious Girl: “Maa-kun, you’re scared!”

4Maa-kun: “I’m not scared!!”

5???: “Reaally~?”

Maa-kun responds, “Of course I’m not scared! Then, let’s go. Saki are you coming?”

Saki responds: “………..Yes.”

Maa-kun: “………..”

Saki says something about being hanahime idk I wasn’t paying attention and Maa-kun responds with something about the Oni eating people lol idk man idk.

The screen fades out.


「That’s right. After this, is scary.」


6「What is scary?」

It is said what is said.

I must go.

However, there is that thing ahead.

….That thing?

What is that thing?

「What’s the matter? The inside of my head, it seems, is pure white――…… 」

The screen fades from black to white.


The fog is dense and stretches on from side to side, endlessly.

7It is a deep, deep, pure white fog.

There is the sound of crunching feet.

8Makoto: Saki, are you okay?

(By the way, they call you “Saki” if you keep the default name)

9Saki: “Eh?”

10Makoto: “Don’t eh, me. I asked if you were doing okay.”

Saki responds that she’s doing fine and shouldn’t Makoto face forward or else he might fall down.

Makoto responds that she shouldn’t be saying that sort of thing, didn’t she fall down earlier?

She responds that she’s fine because Maa-kun was there and he thinks to himself, making me a cushion now, are we? LOL

Saki responds, quite cheerfully, “YUP! That’s why I’ll be okay”

Makoto responds, all ^^;; wait, what about me then…?

Makoto Sawara – Saki’s childhood friend of the same year.

For as long as Saki can remember, they’ve been like brother and sister.

I guess since Saki’s parents are always working, being with Makoto and going home together has always been her daily life.

And since obviously going from introducing your  childhood friend to the fog is a perfectly logical transition, Saki then thinks:

11“Even so, this really amazing fog.”

She isn’t even sure of how much approximate feet are in front of her.

Up until a minute ago, she was walking home with Maa-kun like usual.

…Just now?

A little while ago it was, it seems.

How long have we been walking this way, she wonders.

Already, it seems as though the fog is inside of her head.

Awfully absentminded.

Saki notes that it’s the first time she’s seen such a dense fog.


12……First time?

No, she thinks, it definitely feel as though it is not the first time – that there was a time before –

A long time ago.

She remembers, she was with Maa-kun that long first time ago –

“Hey, Saki.”

Saki: “Eh? Uwah!” Saki runs into Makoto.

Makoto: “Ow!”

13Saki: “Ahh, you surprised me! Geez, don’t stop so suddenly.”

Makoto’s only response is: “I’m not the one absentmindedly walking through the fog!”

(He’s got a point, you know. LOL)


14Makoto: “Anyways, look at that over there”

15In the direction Maa-kun pointed, the fog had thinned out a bit.

From beyond the fog, she could see a tree that grew high towards the sky.

She thinks how such a huge tree is visible even in this fog and in this forest is unfamiliar. Makoto voices something similar to Saki’s thought, recognizing the tree is unfamiliar and not on the way home.

“No, it isn’t is it….”

They continue further into the forest and Saki looks around her, noting the forest has gotten more dense. The fog is extremely dense as well all around them, making visibility low. The smooth asphault they had just been walking on has now turned into an uphill of dry earth. The weeds are lush, and Saki notes that this must mean not many people travel or have traveled this way before. As they walk through the fog, the uphill suddenly turns into a steep down slope. For walking down the mountain path and to not notice until now.

Makoto notes something I think about how the path was the same and that it’s impossible to go on.

Saki: “Eh? What is?”

Makoto responds, “Didn’t you notice? The road suddenly becomes narrow and drops.”

Saki: “Me?”

Makoto: “You. You don’t remember?”

Saki: “Ah….. Me….?”

Makoto looks away.

1617Makoto: It’s fine. Let’s go.

Saki questions whether they should keep going, or shouldn’t they return the way they came?

18Makoto: Look behind you.

19Upon turning around, the road that had been taken was now pure white.

A white world where you could not see past even one inch.

Here you have your first branching choice set.

進むしかないかな – No choice but to continue

やっぱり戻った方がいいよ – As I thought, we should turn back

まーくんの言うとおりにする – Do as Maa-kun suggests

Since I’m going after Fubuki first (the white haired, red horned guy) I chose まーくんの言うとおりにする or follow what Maa-kun does.

After making my choice, Saki says obviously that they should just do what Maa-kun suggests.

Makoto responds, “What’s with that, being all obedient.”


21Saki: “I’m always obedient.”


Makoto: “Is that how it is?”

Saki then tells Maa-kun that she’s counting on him, because in the long run she’s known Makoto for so long that she knows he’s a reliable person. Even though he complains a lot, if she’s crying or in trouble he’s the first one there to help her.

Aww, childhood friend syndrome. I LOVE MY OSANANAJIMIS OMGGGG I SHOULD GO AFTER MAKOTO FIRST I still have time the first choice for Fubuki and Makoto are the same and – NO I WILL RESIST.

(I feel like Makoto’s route is going to be full of spoilers sooooooooooooooooooo)

Although Maa-kun is the youngest child, he feels like an onii-chan I can depend on.

After Saki thinks this however, Makoto’s face is all:


Saki: Maa-kun?

A face that cannot be quite described / that has not been seen.

I wonder, did I say something funny?

“It’s not a lie?” Saki states

Saki wonders if he thought she was joking or not, so she presses the issue. Makoto smiles at her.


In a short answer, Makoto laughed as if he’d been troubled.

….Is it possibly because I’m always the one in need of help?

When I was small/a child if I feel and scraped my knee Maa-kun would carry me home, even if it was not serious. Even when I lost my wallet, he would search day and night to find it. All the times that he has helped me, cannot be counted on hands and fingers alone.

23Saki: “Uuuunnnnnn”

She makes the noise as if thinking heavily to herself.

Makoto: What are you doing, growling to yourself?

She reasons that a position or opportunity in which she can help has not arisen yet. She then blunders out something about how if Makoto is troubled or wants to cry it’s okay and that he can count on her.

24Makoto: “wth”

He shows her that face again.

Makoto then notes that regardless they should keep going, the fog may get thicker any minute now.

Saki: “Un!”

25Makoto: “… Oh, that’s right.”

26Saki: “Eh? What’s wrong?”

27Makoto: “Hey, your hand.”



28Saki: “?”

ok srsly what do you mean what he’s asking for your hand to hold hands with you he’s your childhood friend wtf are you stupid or something Saki COME ON for a while there you had me going for a while I thought you were logical BUT NO WTF MAN OMFG TAKE HIS HAND OK TAKE HIS HAND

29Makoto: “Hurry, already”

30Okay seriously Saki why are you getting embarrassed isn’t he your onii-chan isn’t he technically onii-chan-zoned or something? Isn’t it normal for you guys to hold hands omfg srsly OMFG if there is drama later on about her being confused cause he’s the osananajimi I swear to god I WILL HIT SOMETHING, I WILL RAGE QUIT OK I WILL TABLE FLIP TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET

moving on

31Without waiting for a response, Maa-kun pulled and grabbed my left hand.

ohbby taking what he wants YOU GO BOY

Saki, still blushing, asks if they should go now?

Makoto responds, since it’s an emergency no complaining! (np i want to hold hands with you ok)

Saki: “But…!”




Makoto: “Shut up”

Okay more like be quiet because shut up sounds rude but no really Saki shut up

32Maa-kun, while holding my hand, quickly proceeds forward.

33A white fog approaches from behind.

I do not want to return to that white fog. I think so.

Saki then wonders something about connecting hands and thinking the same thing as Maa-kun or something like that it was weird idk lol


34Saki: “Maa-kun, are you nervous?”

Makoto: “Hah? What’s there to be nervous about?”

She thinks because they are holding hands it seems as though he is tense, and that even though there is a fog out and it’s chilly…. Regardless, Maa-kun’s hands are awfully cold…….

Makoto: “… I’ll definitely never let go/separate.”

Saki: “Eh? What?”

Makoto avoids the question. “Didn’t I say to hurry up?”

He insults her too but i don’t remember it and Saki responds “How mean!” And notes that he’s pulling her.

“If that’s how it is, hurry up” He responds to her.

Saki: “Yes, yes!”

Makoto: “Reply, one more time!”

35Saki: “Yes!” LOL dat face.

36Makoto: “All right.”

Maa-kun is laughing, but his smile is awkward and different.

It is an abnormal situation trying to act normal.

But why did this happen?

Saki notes something about how he knew the roads and how it would drop of.

I don’t remember at all. (she says, not me for once LULS)

Makoto mutters, under his breath, something about not going back there.

Maa-kun puts his power into his hands and grips the hand tightly.

It may be an unconscious mutter.

There are no signs he notices me. (something like that)

37Makoto: “Absolutely, definitely don’t let go of my hand”

Saki: “Maa-kun?”

Makoto: “…..” He looks away once again.

Again, he doesn’t hear.

There is pain from our connecting hands. (Like, he’s gripping really tightly)

The tips of Maa-kun’s fingers are cold.

38Saki: “Maa-kun, are you okay?”

okay seriously I feel like this scene has dragged out WE GET IT HE’S A ZOMBIE HIDING SOMETHING

Makoto: “Eh?”

Makoto finally snaps out of it.

Saki: “You’re not alone, okay?”

Makoto: “….Idiot. That’s my line.”

She said it because she thought she saw a little fear.

…..That’s right, just like that time.

Also at that time there was a dense fog as well, and ――.

39Makoto: “Hey, look over there!”

I looked up with a start.

The forest suddenly cuts out in front of them and turns into a neat path and entrance.

Saki: “Uwahh!”

40Glowing under the moonlight and beyond the white fog, there is a large house gate.

How far did the walls continue? It was impossible to tell with the fog.

Passing through the doors, they appear heavy and the yard is spacious. A large tree which touches the heavens like a black shadow, sinks into the darkness of the night. Like a painting, it is a fantastic scene.

Each time the wind blows, the whisper of leaves reaches the ears.

It was a nostalgic noise.

Makoto notices a light on in the house and Saki notices it after. Makoto wonders who could be living here.

They enter the grounds.

41From the shoji doors, there is a pale light.

I did not think there was electricity in such a place, but it seems as though there are people living there.

42Makoto: “…!!! Who’s there!?”

Someone tries to attack Saki from the back, but manages to avoid it and is protected thanks to Makoto.

Saki: “Wait a moment, who are you?”

43【???】「Why did you come?」

Saki: “!! Who?”

Makoto tells Saki that for a moment she should hide. Saki refuses.

I’m pretty sure Saki here turns away from Makoto and runs off or something, parting hands with Makoto.

44The red eyes and white hair – beautiful, somehow.

45Saki: “……..”

46Makoto: “Why, you…! What are you doing at a time like this….

4748Makoto: “….Huh?”


50I don’t know.

51Nevertheless I…. my heart is pounding so.

52I break into a cold sweat.

53My throat suddenly begins to hurt.

54My hand unconsciously grabs the hem of Maa-kun’s shirt.


【???】「来るなって、言ったろ」Didn’t I tell you not to come again?


And with that, I shall stop!

So far, I’m kind of interested as to see what’s up with Maa-kun and to figure out what happened … in the past…..

Anyways I’ll continue this later, right now though my eyes hurt lol and I’m tired since I’ve been at work all day today xD

Anyways hope you guys are just as curious as I am haha!

So I’m not gonna lie but I have a huge thing for osananajimis (and brocons) so Makoto is pretty adorable in my eyes already. Fubuki seems interesting enough and I can’t say anything for the other charas obviously since I haven’t met them yet. So who knows, I guess I’ll have to get further into the game to make any real judgments. I haven’t really gotten very far yet and to be honest it’s all sort of been like Saki thinks something, then wonders for a moment about what happened in the past and why something was familiar to her. So yeah. Obviously this is not the first time she has met Fubuki seeing as what he said to her was something about why did you come back here sooo we’ll see what happens

Anyways, thanks for reading! I suppose I could call this my comeback post? LOL


7 thoughts on “『 Fuyu Sakurashou ~Sakuragatari~ 』

  1. Oh my god, you had me on the floor with that part with holding hands XD
    The beginning is like something out of Silent Hill and it drags on and on and on…. It’s never really explained why they’re even walking there in the first place, but I guess that will be explained soon enough.
    I also have a thing for osananajimis and also for shotas and sometimes tsunderes (*´Д`)ハァハァ
    Fubuki looks like a very cute girl, but Ma-kun showed his sananajimi charms first. But Saki isn’t fooling me when she says he’s onii-chan zoned. Way too much hesitation with him around. That’s not how friend-zone works, you don’t blush when your onii-chan wants to hold your hand!
    You’re a stronger person than I am for going for Fubuki and not for Ma-kun.

    I have to get a copy of this game somehow! ><

    1. LOL WELL I MEAN she’s going on and on about onii-chan-zoning him and I’m like WHY YOU BLUSHIN DEN GURRRRLLL COME ON GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT LOL xDDD and Yeah I have a huuuge thing or tsunderes/osananajimis so LOL Ma-kun COME TO ME BBY (/^3^)/ hahahaha~ 😀
      Yeah it really is like Silent Hill, that’s exactly what it reminded me of… only you know, less zombies-everywhere-trying-to-kill-me kind of thing hahaha I mean the music was kind of creepy and the pictures were nice and they had some nice descriptions so I was actually kind of interested at first but then it just kept going and going and I was like HURRY UP ALREADY LOL xDDD either way I’m still pretty intrigued so why not 8DD hohoho

    1. I know Maa-kun is pretty adorbs ;v; hahaha~
      It’s pretty interesting but kind of drags out. I hope the storyline will turn out interesting though :3
      And thanks for readin! 😀

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