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『 Aisaresugite XX Sarechau CD Choukyou Otouto 』


『 愛されすぎて××されちゃうCD 調教義弟 』

Aisaresugite XX Sarechau CD 『 Choukyou Otouto 』 Review

I was going to do a post on Akai Suna Ochiru Tsuki but then I gave up like after 5 minutes cause I got distracted on twitter courtesy of my yandere partner Alyyn pfft lmfao and then I was gonna do a post on Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~ but decided to give up on that shit too so I’ll do those later maaaaybe. I’ll probably do the R18 game first I’ll take one for the team guys so if it sucks you don’t have to deal with it, not because I’m a filthy pervert or anything So this is basically just a short review about this drama CD, nothing big or fancy and most definitely not a line-by-line translation because my brain can’t function like that seeing as how I got an hour of sleep last night (thanks to all the Drama CDs I listened to (;-◞౪◟-) wwww).

WARNING: My JP is bad so I apologize ahead of time for any crap that doesn’t make sense lol :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

So I finally got around to listening to this CD last night right before I went to bed haha. This CD is part of the Aisaresugite XX Sarechau series which is an R18 drama CD series with dummyhead mic created by Melty Drop and is the third set of CDs released focusing on the “younger step-brother” character. The first two sets are the younger boyfriend character I think and your older boss-type characters. This CD, “Choukyou Otouto”, is the dark route of the younger step-brother route. The other CD is the sweet and attending younger step-brother route. There are two follow-up routes, tokutens released by Animate & Stellaworth. I don’t know if I’ll review the sweet side seeing as how I haven’t listened to it yet www but it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that I chose this route instead of the other one to review hahaha~ I also listened to the dekiai kareshi and kichiku joushi routes and LETMETELLYOU HIRARIN DESTROYED ME LOL IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE (✿ ♥‿♥)

Oh yeah that blood isn’t just for show in the cover picture btw. Just an FYI….LOL (d/w it’s not even that bad. haah)

Anyways the premise of this CD is that you have a younger step-brother named Nagumo Chiaki of whom you are close to. The first track is basically just the two of you eating at a cafe I think, sharing food etc it’s a pretty short track, only like 3 minutes or so. Anyways the cute part about track one is when Chiaki convinces you, who is on a diet, to try some of his sweets and feeds you and gets all excited about how sweet the fruit is and how good it tastes wwww I’m pretty sure at one point he mentions that it’s already almost time to leave and then he like asks if you need to go to the toilet to fix your make-up and shit like omfg LOL there’s a little hint at his craziness when he mutters something to himself in a creepy way and tells you not to worry about it when you ask him what he said. The track ends basically after that. After that the following tracks are you and Chiaki celebrating your birthday together with him mostly making conversation about your parents and such the entire time. You make him a cup of coffee to which he responds with “Nee-san’s coffee, it’s really delicious”. He says something I think about how you don’t need to be on a diet but after it continues with Chiaki offering you a birthday present. For some reason you’re surprised, and in response Chiaki asks “What, are you really that surprised?” He laughs and tells you to open it up. He got you a scarf and it’s at this point that he tells you, “Nee-san… I… love you.” He loves you NOT AS YOUR KAWAII OTOUTO BUT AS A MAN and the scarf sort of represents that AIIII~ (∿°○°)∿ ︵ ǝʌol

After this the path diverges in the sweet path depending on whether or not you accept the present or if you basically like say no to that shit. Obviously in this route you say no slash more like I get the impression that you sort of avoid the situation? I’m not really sure to be honest how2japanese pfft LOL Anyways he kisses you regardless and gives you a hickey, and after giving it to you has the gall to say “Sorry, did it hurt? But, you know, it looks like a rose – ” wwww and you cut off his sentence because you slap him in response to the rose comment pfft he takes it well though I guess, “Nee-chan, how meannn~” lol he wishes you happy birthday another time or two after that. He seems pretty cheerful, you know, like nothing is wrong or anything.

Everything seems fine and dandy after the end of track 2 but I know you guys didn’t let that fool you right www it’s track 3 onwards that he goes all “choukyou otouto” on you basically. Seriously though it all sort of comes full round with that scarf thing, especially seeing as how it gets mentioned again in the last track.

Call me a pervert or a do-m or a freak I don’t even care but I definitely enjoyed this CD. Although I have to say my standards for a good drama CD aren’t very high www basically if it amuses me even slightly it’s basically a good CD to me LOL. But yeah it wasn’t bad and the dummyhead mic was nice. I enjoy the younger step-brother premise because YOU GUYS KNOW ME AND MY INTENSE BROCON srsly all this needed was for his name to be Asahina pffft. The dirty parts were uhhh fun to put it one way I guess wwww there’s a lot of “やらしいからだ” and “NEE-CHAN’S VOICE IS SO ERO” and asking if you feel good and OH AT ONE POINT LOL he said something along the lines of like “iya, iya, is what your mouth is saying, but here it’s asking for…. more…. more…” in fact I’m pretty sure this is the one where he cough uses his mouth to go down south cough he even says at one point “Nee-chan, here, it’s delicious” IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BY “HERE” WWWWW \(///Σ///)\ Of course the dirty parts were sort of cut-off when (I THINK THIS HAPPENS NOT ENTIRELY SURE wwww) you pick up I think a box-cutter knife or something (??) that he had brought in with him earlier and threaten him with it lmfao.

But yeah an all around amusing CD for me haha. I didn’t even notice the whole “NEE-CHAN, HERE, IT’S DELICIOUS” part until like my second or third time listening through and most of the times dirty talk is great, like I like it when the seiyuus talk that talk but sometimes when I hear it, it just ends up making me laugh www. Obviously this type of drama CD isn’t for everyone which is why I like that they offer two options for each character, a sweet route and a dark route. But if you need a break from the sweet fluffy CDs give this one a try! It’s not very dark in my opinion so I feel like it’s a good option for people who want something just a tad smidgen darker than what they usually listen to, but don’t want to listen to stuff like Yandere Heaven or anything haha. If this just isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always the sweet side waiting for you~ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

On a last note, I was writing this review and listening to part of the dirty track when my dad got home from work and started talking to me about my sister cause she’s moving soon into a house she just bought and I was like “yeah….uh-huh…” *quietly turns off media player* LOL it was kind of amusing how he was talking to me about all this serious shit and I’m over here listening to some crazy ass younger step-brother doing dirty things in my right and left ears LOOOL

Anyways thanks for reading my incoherent babble bbies \o/ I hope you’re all having a lovely day~ *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡


6 thoughts on “『 Aisaresugite XX Sarechau CD Choukyou Otouto 』

  1. I have a small problem with all these ero drama cds in the fact that their sex scenes sound ridiculous to me. I can just imagine a guy standing in front of a microphone making kissy sounds and random moans while he reads a script, because lets face it, no one talks this much during sex, I mean, come on…
    Improbability aside, the idea of a sweet and dark routes are really great and kind of remind me of Under the Moon with the 愛情 欲情 routes, which were basically either fluffy sweetness or constant rape… Still a good game…
    I don’t particularly like incest, but regardless of the settings, my most favorite guys in otome games are the younger brothers. So god damn cute❤❤❤

    1. I have to admit, it took me a while to get over some of the sex scenes in the ero drama cds wwww because I have the same thing too where I’m like listening to the CD and just imagining the seiyuu standing by the like head-shaped microphone kissing the back of their hands hahahahahaha xDDDD some of the dirty talk makes me laugh too esp that “delicious” line wwww I don’t even know why it made me laugh but it did and pretty much killed the mood they were setting www

      As for that I agree, I like the idea of the two different sides. I’ve noticed other cds doing that as well, like that bad medicine series by rejet with the white & black routes. I just really like having the choice rather than only having fluffy sweet drama cds all the time :3 I listened to the sweet cd today too for the younger step-brother and it was pretty cute xDDD

      And yes I AGREE wwww I’m okay with step-sibling romance cause of the none-related-by-blood-thing but the oniichan or the otouto types usually end up as some of my favorite guys as well www especially the oniichan type xDD even if they end up yandere coughgekkaryouranromancecough

      But yes~ the younger brother types are always so freaking adorable! /)w(\ www

  2. wait what you listened to this?
    then… have you lsitened to the first one? HOLY SHIT I REALLY LIKE THE FIRST ONE TALK ABOUT ERONESS

    I didn’t quite like this volume im not sure why ^^; but seeing you made a review of it this must be something i shall put it in my mp3 meow.

    anddd whats with the blood? is he sick? o.o

    1. LOL omG THAT LATE RESPONSE DOE ROFL (I suck at keeping up with my blog orz) and yeah I loved the first one too OMGGGG ROFL they were all pretty good. Idk why I liked the brother one ^^;; but for some reason I did. And I think the heroine cut him wwwwwww

  3. Hello! I’m in the process of translating it for fun and I was wondering if you have the Stellaworth tokuten for it? 😛

    (BTW… during the “training part”, it actually does get pretty bad. Basically, he ties you up and you stab him to get him to stop. Then he gets the idea that if he kills himself he’ll be together with you forever since you won’t be able to forget him and he slices his wrist. D: That’s why there’s an ambulance sound at the end of the track and Track 5 takes place in a hospital room)

    1. Ugh yeah I remember that part where she grabs the knife from him and stabs him. I was like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON (cus I wasn’t really paying attention LOL) I just I just I WAS LIKE DID IT REALLY GO THIS FAR ROFL DID SHE REALLY JUST STAB HIM but yeah. That was… yeah. I enjoyed it regardless 8D ROFL unfortunately I only have the animate tokuten 😦

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