♛ 『 ALICE=ALICE 』, 『 ONEDARI ShareMate 』 but mostly a post about my life lol ♛



Short post about the ALICE=ALICE and ONEDARI ShareMate games and my LIFEEEE.

No Pictures lol.


I’m back! I had another really horrible semester. Not nearly as bad as last semester but pretty damn bad LOL. But let’s not talk about that. I had a really heavy fizzle on the otome gaming too but for some reason right before the semester ended (perfect timing amirite) I had a sudden urge to just start listening to Drama CDs and play otoge again haha and as such I got back into it I just haven’t made any posts since I wanted to get through with school first. In fact, I’m actually supposed to be going to campus in like 15 minutes but whatever this post is gonna be short.

So my beautiful friend Chihiro has just sent me my copy of ALICE=ALICE because she is a goddess (I hope you’re reading this Chii-chan!) and in the meantime we’ve been playing her copy. I never played the trial (cough or listened to the CDs cough I promise they’re on my list cough I own them so I’d better listen to them soon cough) so I was kind of running in blind with the game but I have to say I really like it a lot. I love anything Alice in Wonderland themed so I find the concept of the “other Alice” and stuff pretty interesting. I thought the part where Alice bumped into the King and he was threatens her (I think? This was late last night so) and he takes a moment to be like “Hmm you could you be…” and she’s just like “lol time to run” and sprints off LOL.  ALSO YOU HAVE TWO BUNNIES IN THE GAME AND WE ALL KNOW HOW OBSESSED I AM WITH RABBITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Also when you use the CG click function if you click on certain areas of the CG (your cursor will turn into a little sword if you can click) something happens, like for the first CG if you click on each of the guys they say something to you. It was pretty cool and GODDAMN I LOVE REJET GAMES LOL

We only played like five minutes but I can tell everyone is probably gonna be pretty crazy. That should bother normal people but let’s face it I’m not normal so… 😀

Oh, also I played through a few routes in ONEDARI ShareMate and what the fuck was I thinking????? This is the most PWP game on the fucking planet holy fuck. Like I know that’s how most R18 games are but HOLY SHIT THIS IS EVEN MORE SO LOL like most of the other R18 games I’ve played have had some plot to it I feel like (or attempt at a plot) but jesus ONEDARI ShareMate is like the most cliche roommate romance shit on the PLANETTTTTT. Like at one point she goes into Minemura-sensei’s room and he says something mean like once you’re done leave immediately and she STARTS CRYING LIKE OMGGG DOES HE THINK I’M DISGUSTING OR SOMETHING like what LOL and then Minemura-sensei is all something something make me lose my very important self control something something MATTRESS MAMBO. DO YOU EVEN KNOW hOW MANY FUCKING 3P ENDINGS THERE ARE IN THAT GAME?? ITS RIDICULOUS LOL

Anyways it’s summer! I’m torturing myself with summer courses to finish off a minor but other than that I should be able to play more games and listen to more CDs. I have a few translations in process but hi my name is lazy so we’ll see if they get done in a timely manner. (Hi lets hope any of this actually happens first off)

Right, so I hope everyone has had a great semester and I can’t wait to see you all in the summer!

Does anyone have any recommendations for games or drama CDs? I’ve listened to quite a few Drama CDs but as for games I’m a little behind. I was reading through B’s Log and Girl’s Style and my face was mostly “lol what is all of this” as usual so if you have any recommendations I’m game to hear them! Or any recommendations of what looks interesting would be great too!


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