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Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~恋を唄う死神~ Prologue






(Insert long explanation about life and career choices and possibly moving abroad etc blahblahblah)

WELCOME… to my first post of 2015. It’s been several months since my last update. Sorry for not existing for so long! Once again, I got caught up with life. I hope everyone is doing well and I’m excited to start posting again! I want to say I’ll try to be more active in the future lmao but we’ll see about that hahahahahaaaa ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

Before I go any further I’d like to thank everyone who has continued to read/comment/follow my blog even though I suck at posting and I like to disappear for months on end. I love you all! _(:’3」∠)_

Anyways up until this point I’ve mostly been hanging around listening to drama CDs and pretending I don’t have a blog. I’ve officially jumped on the PS Vita bandwagon and got myself a pretty pale pink vita!!! And I ordered P4Golden for it (even though I told myself to buy an otome game omfg), but most importantly I pre-ordered Re:BIRTHDAY SONG (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ and the nice thing about not really knowing wtf is going on in the otome game sphere/ignoring that you have a blog and that otome games exist is that when you do come back, the games you did know about in the past are either released or close to being released LOL makes the waiting less painful ლ(´ڡ`ლ) It’s the only game so far that I’ve ordered for this year, because I’m saving money for moving abroad so I’m really picky about throwing my money around this year.

Also mmm Suwabe Junichi wooo my body is readaayyy!

Soooooo I was going to translate most of the lines but I’ve decided just to sum up what happens in the Prologue. I started off really good at first LOL SSing and taking down notes but then after two playthroughs (due to my spacy-ness) I was like wtf am I doing so now I’ve just done a summary instead and in the back of my mind I’m thinking WHY AM I POSTING THIS but oh well lmao. You can see where it basically goes downhill and I give up LOLOL. Anyways please take it with a grain of salt because my Japanese has gotten pretty shitty over the months of non-use and I’m really sick right now so formulating poetic and sensible sentences is a struggle lol. I swear I had to play the prologue like 3 goddamn times to figure out wtf was going on I kept spacing out so badly lmfao in one ear and out the other jfc hahaha just leave me here to die ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Anyways enjoy!



Menu Screen

name screen

Clicking start will lead you to the name screen. I kept the heroine’s default name, “Kokoro”


Self explanatory www


Where is this place?


My surroundings are wrapped in white light.

I don’t see anything. I don’t hear anything. I feel no sensations.

…Who am I?

I try to search my memories. However, I find nothing. I cannot remember anything.


In this white world, I am alone.

I do not know where I should go or what I should do.


[???]: …My voice, can you hear it?


… Who?

I could hear a voice from somewhere.

The voice of an unknown man.

But somehow I feel something like warmth toward the voice.

It feels like I know him from long, long ago… I remember this sensation. (something about sensing how she knows the voice from long ago I didn’t really know how to word this lol ugh)


…Who it is, however, I am unable to recall.

….I hear it. I hear it. And therefore, tell you.

Although I say this, words do not come out of my mouth. It is similar to losing my voice.

[???]: For a long time, I’ve been watching you. For a long, long time.

For a long time? Since when? For how long?


[???]: I didn’t think you would ever possibly come to this world…


….What is this world? This place, where exactly is it?

[???]: That which you were looking for, did you find it?

That which I was looking for…?

I, was I looking for anything?


I don’t know. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t recall anything.


[???]: …It seems you haven’t found it yet.


I don’t know. In the first place, what was I looking for…?

[???]: However, it’s all right. In this world, there will be people who will think you are important/precious (?? I guess)

A person who thinks of me…?

The voice keeps talking at this point, something about the world that the heroine is going to. The heroine is confused, saying that she didn’t hear him or something and asking the voice what she should be looking for.

The voice reassures her and tells her not to worry because she will definitely, definitely find it. (Whatever it is)


The voice tells her to get going, but the heroine is like wait I don’t wanna go lol

Well too bad.

The heroine wakes up with this lovely look on her face:


Kokoro: …………….




When I wake up, I was in an unknown town.

In this town at night, I do not hear any voices.

The light spilling from the windows and the starlit sky create a mysterious feeling.


Where is this place?

Why am I in this place?

When I try to remember the route which I took to get here, I cannot recall it at all.

What is that over there?

I take one step forward at a time –

“Something” big flies past me.

The wind dances and I involuntarily close my eyes.

[???] Oh my, oh my what a mysterious soul you have.

“Something” lands in front of me and says with a gentle voice.


What the fuck? …Who?

When I open my eyes timidly, there is a large owl in front of me.

Upon looking at it, it was understood immediately that it was no normal owl.

Because a normal owl doesn’t wear clothes.

….Nor have I ever seen one wear a monocle and a professor’s hat.

(Well you lost your memories how would you actually know this isn’t normal? Pfft)


Moreover this owl… just now, did it just talk to me?

I should introduce myself. Um….

I have trouble opening my mouth.


…I… who am I?

Where have I been up until now?

I was surprised by the talking owl, but I am more surprised that as I try to think about myself, I find I can’t remember anything.


No way… why can’t I recall anything?

Where did I come from? And what did I come here to do?

… Just who am I?

The owl begins laughing softly at her and tells the heroine that it’s okay if she can’t remember and to not worry, before explaining that sometimes when people come to this world they don’t have any memories of their past and to not worry once more. Death parade flashbacks anyone?

The owl then makes some mysterious statement about this world being a place where lost souls can come. The heroine is confused, wondering what he means by such a statement and what he means by lost souls.

The owl then invites her to become a new student at his school.

The heroine is all wtf new student at your school?


[???]: It’s all right, you don’t need to worry about anything. …Now then, let’s go together.

After it says so, the owl extends one wing in a big wave.

Then, out of nowhere, the sound of approaching hooves.

What stops in front of me, like a fairy tale, is a carriage.

Moreover, I am surprised that there is no coachmen, only horses leading the horse-drawn carriage.

The owl tells the horses to take the heroine to the castle, and the horses nod back in response, as if they understood the words the owl spoke. The horse signals to get on the carriage.

The heroine wonders about the horse for a minute because she’s confused, but looking it over she thinks that it looks just like a common horse.

The heroine eventually is just like whatevs and gets in the carriage, the owl following her making some sort of noise as he goes in.

When she gets into the carriage, the owl follows and sits next to her. Judging by the voice, “he” must be an elderly person? The heroine wonders.

The heroine then wonders where the hell she’s going in this carriage with this owl she just met. (Okay so maybe she doesn’t exactly say that but she does wonder where the carriage is going.)

There a lot of things I want to ask him.

However, the words do not come out. I seem to have forgotten even how to speak.


[???]: Hohoho, don’t worry. Leave everything to me.

The owl’s eyes screw upwards and he smiles kindly. Though I don’t understand why, I feel very relieved at his laugh. The scene from outside the carriage changes quickly from the town into the forest. In the gloomy forest, it runs forward earnestly. And then, when the forest finally comes to an end…



In the depths of the forest, I catch a glimpse of an old and large castle that stands magnificently above the trees. The carriage seems to be heading there.


…It’s a full moon today.

I am fascinated by that mysterious brightness…

The owl asks her if she sees this world in the same way, and the heroine is confused by the statement and doesn’t understand what he means. The owl only smiles at her.


‘Uwaa, it is remarkably big close up.’

The heroine comments on how large the castle is and by instinct holds one’s breath and gulps.

The owl then tells her to follow him and together they climb the stairs up to the castle.

What on earth is this castle?

Though she is somewhat hesitant, she steps into the castle anyways. Despite how old the castle is, everything from the floor to the ceiling is exquisitely made. It would be easy to convince someone a prince and princess lived there.



So owl-y lol


[???]: We’ve arrived


After walking through long, long corridors and a set of stairs, before long we arrive.

『Staff Room』is written above the door.

The owl tells her to go inside.


…Staff room? It’s just full of bookshelves…

The owl offers her a seat and she takes it in front of the “Principal”s seat where the owl takes his spot. He starts by wondering where he should begin, smiling at the heroine.

He then explains that this world is called the “Netherworld” and that it is a world that is both near and far away from Heaven and Hell (I think?) and that originally, when a person reaches the end of their life, they either go to Heaven or they go to Hell. However, there are exceptions to this rule. This exception is if the soul has a “lingering affection” or a strong “regret”. If the soul has a strong regret, it is impossible for the soul to go to Heaven or go to Hell and as a result they are stuck in a sort of wandering limbo I guess. However, this “realm of the dead” is where those lost souls gather.

This castle is where the souls who gather in the “realm of the dead”. It is a school who train “gods of death” better known as “shinigami”.

The heroine questions what he says, reiterating things like “shinigami” and crap.

In order to become a shinigami they have to attend this school.


[???]: And I am the principal of this school. Hoho, were you surprised?

The heroine is quiet, and can only nod in response.

Shinigami, the world of the dead, shinigami school, the owl as the principal…

Though the words come easily, my heart cannot follow them well. (Or something like that.)

However, the clothes the owl wears, his monocle and his professor’s hat are all clothes I think a principal would wear. (What is this logic lol)


…But wait.

From what I gather of our conversation, this place where people have gathered are already dead…

…As for me, who is in this world now… also must be….


Principal: It seems you’ve noticed.

He says these words as if he has seen through my heart.

Principal: That’s right, you are the soul of a former human being who could not pass on because of a strong regret.


You have already died.

…. In the end, I am an existence which has already died.

I understand his words more than I am puzzled.

The Principal then tells her that she has the aptitude to become a shinigami and asks her if she will attend the school in order to become one.

For an instant the heroine does not understand what he is saying before the words sink in and she is shocked.


Shinigami? Me?

At first the heroine thinks the owl is joking, but she realizes he isn’t after they sit there and stare at each other for a few minutes.


…I don’t remember anything.

I don’t know myself and I don’t understand this world.

For me, there is only one choice.

Well the heroine nods her head and decides to go to school. The Principal offers her a contract her name.


… My name?


Oh that’s right, in this world you don’t have any memories.


Then, let’s do it this way. I’ll give you a new name.


Your new name in the netherworld will be…


Your name is… Kokoro. How is it?


My name, Kokoro…

It’s my name…

The name the owl gives her makes the heroine very happy. Although the heroine doesn’t know what will happen after this, the kind / gentle owl has given her a place to stay and she will comply with what he has to say.

She signs her name on the contract and feels as though she has landed in the world (I guess? Sort of like she has taken root I guess) and that from here on, this would be her place to stay.

The principal welcomes her officially to the school.

Suddenly, the heroine becomes tired.

Her eyelids become heavy and she is unable to keep them open.


It’s all right, don’t worry. Good night.

I hear the Principal’s voice in the corner of my mind, before finally I fall asleep.


Well, there you have it. Sorry if I didn’t make a lot of sense, I haven’t been sleeping well recently lol the coughing keeps me up at night. The art is sooo pretty omigosh I love you Satoi so much jfc let me sacrifice a baby in your name…. So from what I hear Re:BirthSo has nice characters and story but I guess there are some text errors? I don’t think honeybee has patched the game yet but hopefully they do soon lol.

Not gonna lie I really love my new PSVita. Sometimes I just like to stare at how perfectly pink it is. Anyways everyone recommend me some PS Vita otome games to buy! I’m looking at Code:Realize and Trigger Kiss so far and MAYBE that new 黒蝶のサイケデリカ game from Otomate since it didn’t get horribad reviews compared to Shiratsuyu and it is gorgeous holy shit lol.

Soooo yeahhh let me knoooowwwwwww your recommendationssss hahaha ❤ ヾ(・ε・。)


6 thoughts on “Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~恋を唄う死神~ Prologue

  1. I didn’t know about this game AT ALL. OMG I’m so behind with…well, pretty much everything haha.
    The art is godly *O*. I could care less about the story as long as I could stare forevaar in that art. /kicked

    1. LOL SOUNDS LIKE ME 8DDD /flails
      Haha it’s okay, I remembered it from before I sort of went on hiatus as well and kind of followed it in the background haha~ but yes the artwork is topnotch mmmm 8D I love Satoi LOL luckily for us the game is pretty AND apparently has a decent storyline and characters? Hahaha

  2. I just finished Kairi’s route (at least 1 ending anyway) and I only saw 1 text error. The error was that there was some text said by Yoru that was unvoiced. It was 1 sentence and I barely noticed it within a conversation with all the other characters. This is the ONLY error I noticed so I’m starting to think maybe it’s a system compatibility issue that some get more errors than others? I’m on Windows 7 Pro and that’s my experience. In no way did it take away from how good the route was so I’ve brushed this complaint aside.

    1. Oh sweet! I’ll definitely start playing more then! I was waiting cus I was worried there were like HUGE GLARING TEXT ERRORS but if that’s all it is then MEH lol I’m on Windows 8 so hopefully there won’t be any issues because of the OS or w.e. lol how do you like it so far?

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