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Spirit Parade Trial


Spirit Parade Trial


Hello all! I played this demo a while ago and I originally wasn’t going to do a post on it since I only finished one ending but I figured I’d go for it anyways. My recollection is a little hazy on the details but I still remember the gist of it.

A little background info:

Spirit Parade is an otome game with Asian mythology themes created by the two-person dream team Lettuce Waltz, aka Rins and Lore. There is no current concrete release date. It was just recently greenlit for Steam! Pre-orders are available for purchase at a discounted price of $10 or you can buy it for $15 when it is released.

Find out more at the website here!


The trial is the full common route I believe which branches into three different endings. I got the normal ending (my friend Alyyn got the bad end, “like her life” according to her LOL) and I haven’t gotten around to playing the other two routes so this is mostly just my own thoughts about what I’ve played of the trial. What I really like is that the game offers a tutorial of how to play! I was surprised and went through it (although I know what to do www) but even better there’s a screen shot function in game! Of course I only used it once and proceeded to use PrtSc the rest of the time but … it’s the fact that SS exists that makes me happy lol.


Most of the interaction in the trial is between Nara (the heroine, name changeable), twin supreme mafia sisters Sakuya and Asuka, Hayato and Shuye. A few of the other characters are mentioned, like Haiyue and Mikio but don’t show up.


The game begins with Nara staying at home reading a book. It talks about the Spirit World and our world which are parallel, close but separate. Once every year on the seven month of the lunisolar calendar, these worlds open up to each other. During that time, both worlds hold festivals – the Spirit World holds a spirit parade, while in our world we hold a festival. It is a ~*~romantic~*~ time to spend with the people you love….

or not LOL

The spirit festival in our world only lasts a week, but in the Spirit World the spirit parade supposedly lasts a whole month. Nara notes that if she’s that bored with her world’s festival, the youkai in the Spirit World must be way worse off than her lmao before remembering that youkai aren’t real hahaha

Anyways Nara refuses to go to the festival but despite the fact that she didn’t go with her family, she’s still bored at home. She’s read all the books, so she decides that she’ll go to the festival only to look at the book stall. She gets into her wheelchair, still unused to it after 10 years and despises how helpless it makes her feel.

Well on her way to the book stall she feels a chill and everything sort of starts mixing around. Suddenly SHE’S NAKED AND HER WHEELCHAIR HAS DISAPPEARED and weird monsters approach her when they smell her human flesh. They want to eat her but two twin kitsune sisters approach and chase the three spirits off.


Their names are Sakuya and Asuka. They make some funny comments about the fact that she’s naked in the dust and telling her to get up. Ofc Nara is all “uh yeah I can’t walk”

Well turns out she can walk, because this is the Spirit World. Sakuya and Asuka shield poor Nara to the clothes merchant and purchase her some nice clothing. You can choose to distrust the sisters (which I did LOL) but really Nara finds that she has no options other than to accept their help. They buy her some clothes and offer her a place to stay.


They eventually see Hayato, who is the younger brother of the two twin sisters. Hayato is all wow you really are cute and Nara responds with uh duh why you pointing out the obvious son


Well Hayato notices Nara looks familiar. He leans in close and remembers her from when she was a child, and in return Nara remembers him as “Yato”. There’s a flashback from the time when she fell down, also shown at the beginning of the game.

Asuka and Sakuya call Hayato a lolicon BYE I’m DONE LOL (രᴗര๑)

Despite this, Nara and Hayato seem to have a strained relationship. Aka, Nara really really despises Hayato lol. It might have something to do with her “pure maiden heart” and how “Hayato stepped all over it” or it could have to do with something else. Well basically Nara goes to stay with the kitsune family when Shuye shows up at the kitsune’s family home.


Well he introduces himself as White Permanence. Shuye is a “Heibai Wuchang” Black and White Impermanence) which are two deities in Chinese folklore that escort souls to the dead. He (surprisingly for me) gets lost very easily and before you get his name Shuye, his name just ends up being a bunch of different hilarious statements.


Well “not white independence” has come to watch over Nara’s soul. Since she has a gray soul, which means she doesn’t lean towards good or evil, she has to be watched. If she doesn’t return home at the end of the month then her body dies. If her soul leans towards good, she falls under white impermanence’s jurisdiction, and if she leans towards bad she falls under black impermanence’s (or Haiyue) jurisdiction.



Well basically turns out Nara didn’t come through a portal or anything like that. Her body in the real world is in a coma, and souls don’t come with clothing/physical injury when they come to the Spirit World which explains her state when she arrived there. Since it’s during the spirit parade festival, her mortal body is protected until the end of the month. But after that her body will age and die off. She can’t go back now because souls can only come during the festival but can’t leave during it.

Hayato tells Nara that she should just stay in the Spirit World while Shuye argues that he’s mostly considering it for himself. Nara gets pissed at both of them because wtf do they know about her LOL

Since Shuye has a job to do, he thinks it’s easier if Nara just comes with him to the underworld so he can keep an eye on him. Hayato is all like hell naw and wants Nara to stay with him.

So long story short after three days pass Nara has to choose who to go with. During those three days in between you get some interaction between Hayato and Shuye. Shuye is… well he gets lost in the forest… and as for Hayato you just get more anger on both sides of them. Hayato clearly wants to be friends but Nara is having none of that. You don’t really know what happened between them but it looks like it happened 10 years ago when she contracted polio.

The normal end is basically Nara choosing neither of the guys, and although she doesn’t know where she’ll go, she’ll figure it out.

It ends with a nice poem from the Manyoushuu:



I didn’t mean to make this so long tbh. After a bit I decided to stop summarizing every single line because really, the game is in English and the demo is up for download so EVERYONE SHOULD GO PLAY IT THEMSELVES www. I’m honestly really, really, really freaking curious about what happened between Hayato and Nara and the curiosity is killing me like I don’t know if I can wait until the game is out I need to know nooooowww!!!! Shuye was nothing like I thought he would be. Like, I knew he was supposed to be pretty stoic but oh my god the fact that he gets super lost everywhere destroyed me. Seriously, what a cutie hahaha (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) I wasn’t expecting to like him so much, I thought I’d like Hayato more tbh but damn Shuye LOL let me take you home ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Sakuya and Asuka were pretty hilarious too. Everyone in this game is pretty witty (except for Hayato I guess lol but he’s cute in his own way xD) and super adorabubble. Ultimately though, my favorite character is Nara. She’s very decisive, and although some might find the way she speaks a bit arrogant, I don’t think so. I like her assertiveness, her confidence and how utterly witty and hilarious she is. I like the interactions between the characters, everything is pretty funny and Nara is just so full of sass (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

Really, the demo is great fun and everyone should seriously go download it and play it. I enjoyed it a lot, and I’m looking forward to the full release.


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