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Walpurgis no Uta ~Walpurgisgedichte~ First Impressions





Walpurgis no Uta ~Walpurgisgedichte~

First Impressions.


Walpurgis no Uta is the first otome game to be released from the company 3Daisy, and if the name looks familiar than it should if you played Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou!~ from Daisy2. Yes, some of the team members from 3Daisy (I don’t know if it’s all of them :x) were part of the team that made Sangoku Rensenki from Daisy2. Originally the game interested me because of it’s solemn theme and “life-risking love” and I won’t lie, even after all the vampire stuff and werewolf stuff that’s been released in the otome community I’M STILL INTERESTED IN IT FOR SOME REASON (you think I’d be sick of it by now but apparently not LOL  _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_   ) so there’s that aspect as well. I liked Sangoku Rensenki a lot as well so I’m placing a lot of faith in 3Daisy so don’t let me down LMAO bouncingbun (this icon has nothing to do with how I feel but I wanted to use it so there you go)

Well, so originally I wasn’t going to get this game. But then it got delayed and since I got paid I decided I’d just preorder it alongside my Ken ga Kimi for V so I’d have two things to play bun12! I’m starting with this game because I already played KgK on PC (even though the Vita has lots of new stuff and I’m dying to know but I think waiting a little bit longer will make finding out more satisfying bun8 www) and I’m just so freaking curious about this game as well.

Also, I wasn’t aware that Walpurgis no Uta was based on an actual festival, which is Walpurgisnacht or “Walpurgis Night” in English. (Please don’t judge, I’m not good with this kind of stuff lol) This is the festival that takes place on April 30th where witches gather on Brocken, the highest peak on Harz Mountains, to celebrate the coming of Spring I believe. It takes place on the eve of the feast day (aka the day before May Day) for an abbess named Saint Walpurga. This is the German folklore, and as such there are variations on this tale/celebration in other countries. GERMAN GALORE AHEAD bun3. The game says that on April 30th the boundary between the living and the dead begin to blur.

This post will be extremely short, because there really isn’t much to talk about. It’s mostly just my first impressions of the game aesthetically, really, because there isn’t that much plot to go on obviously LOL. After the “prologue” or beginning or what not, the game immediately starts when the heroine – Izumi Shio – all grown up and making a cake or some shit for her brother and then suddenly CHOICES which puts you in a route. So this part is the intro before that point.

The intro was actually a little confusing for me bun1. So the text is in German and it’s read in German, but then afterwards it’s translated into Japanese but there’s no text. It also plays sort of like a video, so you can’t stop it to pause or anything it just keeps going. Mister mysterious seinen here speaks super quietly so when I first played through I was like wtf is this game actually gonna be in German or something? www but then I strained to listen and I finally heard the Japanese part. To be honest, even after turning up the sound I had a little bit of trouble making out all the wordsbun5? I guess I should have turned down the BGM and everything because there’s raining BGM and there’s like music BGM so it was kind of hard to hear. Instead of translating what was spoken in Japanese, I just listed a translation of the German beneath each screenshot. Appropriate credits at the bottom.

Anyways, first impressions at the bottom!  \\\٩( ‘ヮ’ )و ///



Menu/Start screen.


“Wie heißt du?” aka Name Configuration. I chose the default – Izumi Shio.


The game opens up gray, dark, and rainy. This event takes place in the past, given Shio’s age.


**”Darkness now no longer snares you,

Shadows lose their ancient force,”


“As a new desire tears you

up to higher intercourse.”


“Now no distance checks your flight,”


“Charmed you come and you draw night,

Till, with longing for the light,”


“You are burnt, O butterfly.”


“And until you have possessed,

dying and rebirth,”


“You are but a sullen guest

on the gloomy earth.”**


The scene shifts to inside the crypt. A young girl wanders around, calling for her dog and begging it to come out. She has an apple, and suggests that they eat it together.


She trips and hurts herself.


Blood begins coming from the wound, and the little girl begins to cry.


Voice: “Shut up.”

The girl continues to cry.

Voice: “Shut up. Be quiet.”


Voice: “I told you to be quiet.”

The girl stops crying.

“…Who? Wan wan? Wan wan, is that you talking?”

Voice: “What’s with you?”

The little girl introduces herself as Shio, and asks wan wan what his name is.




The voice tells her he’s not wan wan.

“Then, what’s your name?”

Voice: “Name….?”

“You don’t have a name?”

She reintroduces herself as Izumi Shio.



She then proceeds to introduce all the members of her family.


Her mother’s name is Izumi Kaori. Her father is Izumi Shuuhei, her grandmother is named Izumi Chiyo and her older brother is named Izumi Suou.


“What’s your name?”

Voice: “My name is…”

Something that sounds like a howl echoes outside the crypt. Someone is calling for Shio.

???: “Shio? Where are you, Shio?!”

White lights appear everywhere outside the crypt. A woman appears, looking startled.



???: “Shio! Where are you!? You aren’t supposed to enter here! Hurry up and come back! Shio — !”

Another howl in the air, and the screen fades to black.


**German to English Translation from Walter Kaufman’s Critique of Religion and Philosophy**

First Impressions:

The German excerpt from the beginning is from the poem “Selige Sehnsucht” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the same man who wrote Faust. The poem “Selige Sehnsucht” is commonly translated as “Blessed Longing”/”Blessed Yearning.” I looked a bit online and some translate the line “Dieses: Stirb und werde!” as “this: die and become!” or “to die, and so to grow,” so I suppose you can take that line with a grain of salt? Actually feel free to take this whole translation with a grain of salt. Translations aren’t always agreed upon and poetry is especially hard to translate in my opinion. frustratedbun  Even so, the Kaufman translation should give you some idea of what that part means. IN ALL HONESTY…. I probably should have translated the German to Japanese translated spoken part? Although this could have caused problems too I mean German -> Japanese -> English, can you imagine everything that gets lost in translation? But oh well I did this instead, it’s done, I’m not going back to redo it, so yeah. LOL regardless, the poem is an interesting way to start the game and quite frankly, very beautiful. I… um… somehow feel like maybe it’s foreshadowing something in the game? Like shit LOL but who knows… bun4

Anyways, the music is very pretty. Aesthetically, the game is gorgeous in my opinion. I didn’t notice this until I looked at the menu screen closely, but there’s actually a little lantern hanging off the word “uta” and it glows/flashes. Even the little icon in the bottom of the text box is a little lantern that flashes. Super cute cheekrubbear. I don’t know why, I usually notice this stuff but I don’t typically think any more of it. However the lantern definitely helps set the mood in my opinion www also the confirmation screen is really cool too. At first I thought it was just like a lace doilie or something at first but it’s actually a moon with a lace border!


How pretty! fangirlbun

I’m pretty sure the game is supposed to be a solemn romance theme or something along those lines, and the general mood the game creates definitely makes me think of solemn and mystery and fog. The different shades of purple, black and gray definitely create a mysterious atmosphere. Definitely draws you in. To be honest it somewhat reminds me of the atmosphere of Black Wolves Saga: Bloody Nightmare. Just not as uh, violent and heart wrenching as that game though I guess LOL but still it does give off an extremely mysterious feeling. I’m trying to think of other words for solemn and mysterious because I’ve used them a shit ton in this post already but I can’t LOL that’s just how I feel I suppose? It’s the only words I can think of right now that accurately describe the atmosphere I get (apparently I have a small vocabulary pool lol bun4)

Well, I’m certainly interested into why mysterious vampire guy is so interested in Shio. Is it related to the fact that she hurt herself as a child AND SUDDENLY BECAME INTERESTED IN HER BLOOD? (insert cliche Twilight moment here) Haha just kidding. But seriously, I know Shio is like 6 or some shit right now but didn’t anybody ever teach you not to give your name and the names of all your family members to the creepy disembodied voice inside a crypt???? That’s like sure fire way number one to get murdered by a serial killer LOL regardless I’m interested in the vampire dude because he has the most mystery surrounding him. I mean, his name (or what he’s presented as) is “謎の青年” so yeah lol…

I’ll be starting with the brother because in terms of importance in the story line, he seems the least important? (Lol sorry bro)

What do you think? Are you playing this game as well, and who are you most interested in?


5 thoughts on “Walpurgis no Uta ~Walpurgisgedichte~ First Impressions

  1. LOL I saw the screencaps and thought you were playing this game in German. The game looks very pretty *A* although since this was 3Daisy’s first game doesn’t that mean this game has been around for awhile? Or is 3Daisy a spin off of the company that made otome heihou? BTW YOU SHOULD CONTINUE. Let us know if Robert Pattinson comes out of the coffin wwww

    1. LOL SAME HERE. I started it up and I saw the German and I couldn’t hear the voice and at first I was like IS THIS GAME EXPECTING ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS then I heard the voice but it was just reciting it in German so I thought DAMMIT I CAN’T UNDERSTAND THIS LMAo but yeah luckily they say a translation… and luckily the poem is pretty popular hahaha….

      Yeah 3Daisy is a spinoff company to Daisy2 I think?Some people on the otome heihou team were part of the team for this game www


  2. I’ve been thinking if I should play this on the side because it looks sooo interesting and mysterious shounen is <33333 alkdfjasdk. lol

    Speaking of mysterious shounen, isn't his seiyuu Kakki? So then Kakki and German… xD

    1. Fufufu yeah I think it is? I can’t remember at the moment but yeah I’m so interested in this game so I’ve been playing it on the side, but haven’t had time recently due to some work stuff aahhhH @____@ -wants to shirk all responsibility and go back to walpurgis- wwww

  3. I tell you, you should make the review per route ;;; I love this game before I know there game already out and my PC is fucking broke, I cant play anymore ;;; Please give another revieeeeew ><

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