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Walpurgis no Uta: Common Route Part 1


Walpurgis no Uta: Common Route Part 1


Hello everyone bun14 This is a brief summary of the first part of the common route, right before the opening video! So actually this was supposed to be the start of Izumi Suou’s route, but since I’m pretty sure this happens in every route I decided I’d make this just the common route part. There is more after this, I just split the posts up because this was already pretty long in my opinion. The choices I made in this part (only like one or two choices?) were for Izumi Suou’s route, but regardless this should be a rough summary of what happens.



The date is April 16th.

The game opens up with Shio making breakfast and lunch for her brother. She’s baking a cake / cupcakes and packing their lunches. Her brother arrives, wondering about the cake.

Suou doesn’t like sweets. Pretty sure it’s because of some “traumatic” incident or something from their childhood. Shio like made him a cake or something and even though he ate it he was like actually in pain cause he really didn’t like it cause it was too sweet lmao. So after that she “did some research” and makes cakes now without the sugar in it. It’s actually funny, because one of the first choices you make in the game is Suou talking about how “he wonders why only her cakes he can eat” or something. When Shio is like why this, so suddenly? He talks about how someone brought a pound cake in and he couldn’t eat it because it was too sweet. “I wonder why” He asks, and one of the choices you can choose is “BECAUSE IT’S MADE WITH LOVE” (basically) LMAO and he’s like “OH I THOUGHT SO” and Shio right after is all I said that really suddenly when I saw his face…

And right after she says “I was joking. I just don’t put sugar in.”

Since he’s working today at the school, he offers to take Shio there by car. She refuses, telling him to relax and come later, because he doesn’t have to come to the school until later.

He’s very fond of Shio. When she leaves for school, he’s like “WAIT HIME YOU FoRGOT SOMETHING”

Shio: “?”

where those hands touchin oniichan

Oh hahahahahahaha she forgot a hug. THE SISCON IS STRONK

Well anyways the reason why they always hug or whatever is because it’s sort of a “see you soon good luck charm” according to them. It was a greeting passed on from their grand mother to their mother, and then from their mother to them.

Apparently she was surprised when other friends in elementary school didn’t do this, so this greeting is a little embarrassing for her.

Well, Shio leaves for school. She attends Sakuragami High School, which is about 30 minutes by foot and 15 minutes by bike. She prefers to walk though because there’s an incline.

At that moment, Shio feels the weight of someone’s eyes watching her.

this is what happens when you tell strange disembodied voices that live in crypts your name
this is what happens when you tell strange disembodied voices that live in crypts your name

Well she continues walking through this forest park area, thinking to herself that she doesn’t want to meet with them today…

But that wish is empty because as soon as she steps foot onto the road into the park, two shadows appear. In front of her are two large white furred, blue-eyed dogs.

She tries to avoid them by moving in around them while keeping her distance, but…

what is this, a pokemon game? www
escape was not effective LOL
escape was not effective LOL
i'm sure you guys can guess who the two wolves are lol
i’m sure you guys can guess who the two wolves are lol

So, what is the proper response to getting cornered by two big dogs????


Well that just pisses them off. “Why are you mad?” She asks LOL

One of them begins to approach her slowly, and in her panic she pulls out her cake and chucks it off. It takes off after the cake and she uses that chance to escape at full speed.

She briefly wonders about the dogs, because they don’t have collars then she wonders if they’re stray dogs. But their fur coat is pretty nice, despite being wild dogs.

For someone like Shio, who doesn’t like dogs, the stroll through the park has become somewhat like entering the demon’s gate LMAO


When she arrives at school, her two friends, Uehara and Aikawa greet her. When she sees the two, Shio asks them if they came together. Uehara manages to stutter out something, and Aikawa is like ???? lol and suddenly Uehara changes the conversation by talking about the rain from last night…. Apparently last night because of the rain there was a landslide in the mountains. Shio didn’t hear it, despite the sirens and patrol cars last night.

Well, apparently no one was hurt in the landslide, however the European-styled house “where no one lives” collapsed.

However, someone did go missing, and nobody has found that missing person yet.

Well, shortly after this, the Ogami brothers make their appearance.


They’re obviously pretty popular, and most girls in the school are fans of the two twins.


Well Ryumaru looks back after Uehara says something, and she’s like “ahh oh no did he hear me? What do I do” and Aikawa responds “What do you mean what do you do? Just greet them normally.”

He says good morning to the two Ogami twins, which only causes Toramaru to look back at the three of them as well.


Yeah well they don’t say anything, only nod to them but this sends Shio’s friend in a tizzy lmao.

Despite Aikawa being in the same class as the two, they aren’t friendly with each other. After all, the Ogami brothers tend to talk to each other and only speak when necessary, and as such there’s like a distance between them and everyone else.


A new transfer student has arrived in Shio and Uehara’s class. His name is Shiga Takashi. The teacher seats him to the right of Shio. Shio’s friend suggests she talks to the new student, and offer him notes that he missed. She turns to talk to him after a bit of convincing by her friend, but he cuts her off short. His eyes glow red briefly.

oh okay fine then geez
oh okay fine then geez

She stops as soon as he says this, and wonders why he looks at her with those eyes. His eyes are clearly filled with hatred, and it leaves her body feeling frozen. She quickly turns away, uncomfortable. And after, she does not look at him again.

Lunchtime arrives, but she can’t get Shiga’s attitude out of her head. Uehara and Shio go to the infirmary to eat, where her brother is working.

When they get there, Shio is lost in her own thoughts. Suou asks her if she’s all right, if her body is in healthy condition, and whether or not she is feverish despite her telling him she’s all right www she thinks that he’s incredibly persistent, and avoids his outstretched hand to open her lunch box.

Uehara asks Shio if she managed to talk to Shiga-kun. Shio pauses to answer this and eats part of her lunch while trying to think of how to answer the question. She gets caught up in her own thoughts about his attitude when Suou asks about Shiga-kun. Uehara answers, telling him they got this super good looking and cool new transfer student named Shiga-kun lol

Well they ask her if something happened between her and Shiga-kun, and Uehara gets super excited but Shio tells her it isn’t anything that exciting. In the end, Shio simply tells them what he said to her when she offered him her notebook.

Uehara simply exclaims what’s up with that, and Shio can understand her reaction very well. Suou wonders if perhaps he was shy, but Shio tells him he was angry.

Uehara wonders why he would get so mad at someone offering notes to him, and says that he probably has a bad character. Suou on the other hand reasons that it was his first day of class, and he was probably just nervous. Well, despite this Uehara forgives him because of his face, and the problem which had been rooted within Shio’s chest disappears after talking about this with the two of them and decides not to worry so much about it. Instead, she offers Uehara a cupcake that she baked this morning. Uehara gets excited because Shio’s cupcakes don’t have much sugar in them so she can eat them even if she’s on a diet LMAO

Shio is surprised that she’s dieting, and Uehara answers that it’s because she gained a bit of weight over the summer. Something Aikawa said too, made her want to diet a bit – basically lol he called her fat. bun4 AND SUOU LAUGHS AT THIS LOL

Shio remembers suddenly now from that morning, that Uehara would talk about her and Aikawa when they were alone. Well, she remembers this after Uehara talks about Aikawa and asks her what was it that she wanted to talk about that morning.


Uehara stutters, and Suou wonders if he shouldn’t be there LOL

Well, apparently up until that point it seems as though their relationship has changed a bit. Before this, they were just friends but now it seems they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Honestly, how did you not figure this out earlier Shio lol… Apparently this happened yesterday after club activities.

i guess he’s also a love doctor not just an infirmary doctor? LOL

Haha jk, her question totally caught him off guard LMAO

Uehara isn’t familiar with relationships and wants to get the view point from a man’s side haha


Well apparently they kissed at the time of the confession, which surprises Shio lmao. Suou, who has known Uehara since she was in elementary school, is probably shocked by such a revelation ahahaha and she wants Suou-sensei to be frank and suddenly his eyes avert

"Why are you looking at me, onii-chan?!"
“Why are you looking at me, onii-chan?!”
"Oh, no, I've just begun worrying about various things..."
“Oh, no, I’ve just begun worrying about various things…”

Well regardless, Suou gives her some advice and Uehara’s response is “as I thought, Suou-sensei really is an adult.” and that Shio should get a boyfriend too.


Shio responds that it’s not like that, and Suou’s only response is that he doesn’t mean to pamper her LOL

Uehara is like yeah okay and responds, listing some of the things he does for Shio and Suou’s only response is “isn’t that normal?” lmaooo and Uehara gives Shio some advice:


Suou wonders about if Shio ever came to him for the same kind of consultation Uehara has, what would he do. Uehara asks him what he would do and he responds with “Well… I’d cry, possibly” LOL

Well Shio basically like avoids the rest of the convo by shoving a cupcake into her mouth lol. That’s when Suou asks her about if she was all right that morning, with the dogs.

Uehara asks if the dogs were the ones in the park, and Shio replies that she managed to shake them off, and she wonders if the smell of her food is why they approach her. Uehara responds that she’s never seen the dogs at that park before. Suou notes that when they go together, the dogs never come out so he hasn’t seen them either. Suou wonders if they should call some sort of animal protection service, because if the dogs hurt a child that would be terrible. But Shio protests at this, saying that she doesn’t get the feeling of a wild or stray dog from them. He wonders if in the morning he should send her off to school from now on, to which Uehara responds that sending her off because of some dogs is too generous/indulgent www to which he responds that “but, hime doesn’t like dogs…”

Uehara: “Shio… he’s still calling you hime?”


The school day ends, and Shio is leaving the classroom, wondering if she should go to the store today. As a result, she runs into Toramaru Ogami, the older of the Ogami twins. She apologizes, and he tells her to tersely be careful. He walks away, and she wonders if Shiga-kun and cool people are all aloof/unapproachable like that lol incidentally, she wonders why he’s alone, as it’s strange to see him alone without his twin.

Well she leaves, and who does she meet on the way home? One of the dogs. She recognizes it as one of the dogs from the park in the morning. She wonders if it by any chance is returning home. She follows after it curiously, wondering if it’s going home and if she can meet the owner. Instead, she arrives at the European style house that was there from before her grandmother was born. As far as she knew, it was deserted and no one lived in it. When she was little, she used to explore through the house but stopped after being caught and scolded. She wonders if the house was always like that, because it’s out of the way so she doesn’t see it often. Shio wonders if the dogs have settled in the house, and if it really is a stray after all.

Standing outside, the sound of a door creaks open. Shio stands there, wondering if she just heard the noise of a door opening.

"Perhaps, someone lives here...?"
“Perhaps, someone lives here…?”

She enters past the gate, and the atmosphere feels almost as if she’s entered another world. She knocks on the door, calling out, but getting no response. She puts her hand on the door, and it opens easily. Walking in, she wonders if it’s really abandoned.


She calls out once more, but as soon as her voice came out she gets the feeling of being pushed against her back, and she topples forward and down. A door slams behind her. She tries to open the door, but it’s locked. She doesn’t understand why it won’t open, as it was just opened a moment ago.

legit tho lol
legit tho lol

At first she tries to reason that maybe it was the wind, but she remembers the distinct feeling of someone pushing against her back, and she wonders if someone confined her into the home.

She begins to worry about how she’ll get out, when she remembers that she can call her older brother. However, the sound of footsteps echo in the air. There was a black shadow which appeared in the staircase landing, and walked down the stairs slowly.

Shio tries to apologize for walking in, pausing when she sees the person.


He doesn’t answer.

Shio: “You are Shiga-kun, right?”

Although his clothes are strange, the face is surely that of Shiga-kun, who she met at school today.

Though as he approaches, and reaches her, Shio thinks to herself that something is not right. His eye color. She has never known any human with that eye color.

Although his face is the same as Shiga-kun’s, his form is different. His atmosphere is different.

“This” was a creature different from me.

She feels this is so, and in this place those feelings begin to turn to fear. The gaze from the classroom has not changed. Clear hatred.

She feels as her body is in danger. And she instinctively returns his gaze back to him. His presence is overwhelming, and it is stifling. As he approached closer to her, she was unable to bear it and ran away.

She exits the mansion, and running through a gloomy grove, she comes to a small chapel. She pushes open the door to the chapel, fueled by the sound of footsteps behind her. She locks the door behind her with shaking hands. The tremble of her hands extends to her whole body. She wonders what he was. It wasn’t Shiga-kun, it wasn’t the Shiga-kun who sat next to her. It was different.

It wasn’t a person.

Such a ridiculous notion is something that cannot be understood.

Only the sound of her breathing fills the chapel. She doesn’t know how much time has passed, and there is nothing to tell her.

Suddenly in front of her –


Shio grips the door knob behind her, and he looks to the ground, muttering “troublesome.”

His eyes slide to the floor, and the shadow of his foot expanded.

Shio: “…Did it really expand?”

this scene actually moves/sways. it's actually a little weird lol
this scene actually moves/sways. it’s actually a little weird lol

???: “Shut up.”

The black shadow holds her tightly, and it is hard to breathe.

She tells him it’s painful, and he tells her when he sees her suffering face, he is relieved.

Shio asks him why.

Why does he look at her with those eyes?

Why does Shiga-kun look at me with those eyes? Just what exactly is Shiga-kun?

“Do you want me to save you?” He asks her. Shio is quiet. “This is your last chance.”

“You can either become my companion, or you will be eaten in this place. Which do you choose?”

Companion? Shio wonders, like a spouse or a wife?

Do I become the companion for this person? Even if I do not know whether or not he is actually a person?


At that moment, her voice escapes her.


“Is that your answer?”

The tight black shadow loosens its grip, and she takes in deep breaths.

Shiga-kun’s hand touches where the shadow touched on her neck, and she gets goosebumps from how cold they are.

He wonders how her blood will taste. She asks him, who is he?


“Did you forget my name?”

Shio wonders, will she be killed?


An acute pain runs through her neck.

“Don’t faint. Look at me until the end.”

Shio wonders, am I going to die? It hurts, it’s painful, I don’t want it, I’m scared, someone save me –

“Are humans weak to pain…? Hey. Look into my eyes.”

“Turn this way.”


“Now, you cannot feel pain anymore.”

Shio thinks to herself, the pain, it disappeared…?

He bites her, again.

The wound is hot. Instead of pain, there is a numbness that spreads from the wound to the whole body.

“What is this? What did you do?”

“I got rid of the pain.”

She says he’s a liar, because that sort of thing – but she is unable to finish the sentence. He tells her that her eyes are interesting, and that until the end, he wants her to look at him. Although there is no pain, she can still distinctly feel the fangs buried in her neck.


She feels as though her five senses have separated from her, and that she is herself but not herself. Shio is frightened, because she has never known this feeling. She tells him to let her go, calling for help. But who would come to help? If she wants to be saved, she must beg him.




It’s painful, and she can’t breathe.

“Don’t refuse me.” He tells her.

They’re interrupted by the sound of shattering glass. Annoyed, Shiga wonders if they smelled them out.

that face though lol
that face though lol

Shio: “Inu…?”

Her vision goes blurry. In that moment, as they begin to fight, Shio’s vision blurs once more and everything goes dark.

???: “Did she faint…? If she doesn’t see it, then there’s no meaning.”

Shiga tells them to leave or he will teat them apart. One of the wolves tells the other they should pull back, and that it’s not possible to take him on alone.

One wolf tells him to not be impatient, and that they’ll get another chance. The other wolf barks back that he gets it, and announces that for now they will retreat, but they will be back, “monster.”

???: “…Izumi Shio. Don’t think you can escape from me. Your body, everything, belongs to me.”


After that last line from Shiga, the game cuts to the opening video. There’s more after this, but I’m just going to stop here for now. The choices I made for this part are actually the choices for Izumi Suou’s route since I’m playing him first, but in general this is what the first part of the common route looks like. I feel somehow drained after playing this part bun1, probably cus I was freaking out for some reason during it LOL

It was a roller coaster from start to finish that’s for sure LMAO bun4

Sorry if there are any glaring issues, it’s definitely 2 am in the morning and I definitely should be asleep haha.

I’ll be posting the rest of the common route later. So far though, OH MY FUGGIN GOD LOL I won’t lie when he randomly appeared in the chapel I actually kinda jumped LOOOOLLL don’t judge I’m easily frightened xD regardless, I’ve enjoyed myself so far so hooray I don’t feel as bad for buying this despite telling myself I should wait lol. Here’s hoping 3Daisy doesn’t let us down! bun12

And let’s be real if this was an R18 game man that scene with Shiga would have gone DOWNHILL REAL FAST LOL


6 thoughts on “Walpurgis no Uta: Common Route Part 1

  1. oh my god l-lewd: https://starryeyedcircus.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/31.png

    But then I saw https://starryeyedcircus.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/33.png and I Lol’ed

    Also that biting CG looks painful and irritating lmao. Sigh these kind of games are not for me they just make me rage when all I see is the heroine being swayed between dudes like a feather blowing in the wind. Need moar stronk heroines like in Code Realize and Trigger Kiss. I think those games really spoiled me xD

    Also Oniichan pls stop.

    1. Yeah seriously when that scene came up I was like WOW LEWD WASN’T EXPECTING THAT LOL
      And then that last scene I was like ahhh yeah okay saw that coming.
      And yeah it was painful, Shio kept repeating that it was painful and stuff which is why he like hypnotized her or whatever to “make the pain go away” and I’m like or you could JUST STOP BITING hER AHGFDLS:JFK:DSJ so yeah Shiga will be… interesting I guess….. like at this point I’m more curious as to the story than I am about his character cus so far he’s kind of a lewd asshole LOL
      Yeah I’m hoping I see some sort of character development as the game goes on because that would be interesting for me. CROSSES FINGERS
      Every time I see Suou all I think is HIME HIME HIME HIME lol

  2. I don’t understand why people would peek in and try to investigate an obviously horror house… man if it was me I’d run the fuck away WHY DO YOU EVEN WALK IN SHIO. She’s either really brave or really stupid and I’m either really smart or a wimp lol.

    I get the feeling that Robert and Shio shared something in the past or in their previous lives or something but she somehow forgot about it?

    Also why do I feel kind of warm and fuzzy when he said that he “got rid of the pain” ( ಠ_ಠ ) …I’m very concerned

      She wanted to go in to see if the “dog’s” owner lived there so she could warn them next time to not let them out is what’s like implied basically. BUT NO SHE WENT IN.
      Yeah seriously IKR tho and are we just gonna call ???? Robert from now on can we call the wolf boys uhh Taylor Twins LOL that’s his name right wwww (dem Twilight references tho)
      Yeah he just like… hypnotized her and made the area numb or something. 8D wait til u see what younger Taylor Twin 1 does later on 8D 8D 8D ahahaha

      1. I have no idea who Taylor is BUT SOUNDS GOOD. Is he the shirtless werewolf? And which one is Taylor Twin 1? The bobby pins dude?

      2. Taylor Lautner the guy who played the wolf who was like pedo-ing all over what’s her face’s daughter omG that’s the actor’s name I think LMAO

        Older Taylor Twin 1 is yes the bobby pin one, younger Taylor twin 2 is the one with the hat xD hahahaaaaaa we’re so weird LMAO

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