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Hana Oboro – First Impression

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Hana Oboro ~Sangoku-den Ranki~

First Impression


Allow me to preface this by saying this isn’t really a first impressions but more just me ranting my brains out about this game. There’s quite a bit that’s going on in this game, but I pretty much only chose the parts that pissed me off the most to talk about in this post lmao. I’ve left out a lot of stuff that’s happened. Like a loooooot of stuff.

Also allow me to forewarn you now about all the cussing ahead in this post ha.

I meant to post this uhhh a month ago but I recently made a really big move so I haven’t had any time until recently to edit this post and shit. Hopefully my memory of this game is still correct. It’s crazy how time flies so fast, one minute I post something and then the next minute two months have passed HAHAHAHAHA

Anyways I think someone told me this game wasn’t bad and was pretty interesting so when I saw that it had gone on sale for cheapy cheap dollary doos I figured why not?

I have erred in my decisions.

I haven’t played any games recently with a heroine who pisses me off as much as Ichi does in this game. That being said, I oscillate between liking (moderately liking? tolerating?) Ichi and also wanting to bitch slap her into the next century.

I’ve only gotten about halfway?? A little over halfway, perhaps? Through Katsuie’s route, and so he’s the one I’ll be focusing on in this post. I haven’t gotten through much of the game yet, and I had to put it down due to my schedule suddenly getting really busy in recent times.

I’d also like to disclaim right now that my summary here is really shitty so I’ll just apologize ahead of time for that. Once again, I REALLY picked and chose pretty much only the situations that annoyed me the most. Also, I dunno if there’s a difference between vassal or retainer so I just used them interchangeably. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really just can’t be bothered to give a fuck, ya know.

All CGs show in this post are available on the website so no need to worry about spoiler CGs. That being said I do spoil some plot points of the game so… yeah. ^q^

Once again, I must stress that I’ve only played about halfway-ish through Katsuie’s route, so this does not encompass everything I’ve played. Hell, it barely encompasses like 1/3 of what I’ve played I feel like.


The main story of Hana Oboro surrounds the Oda family of the Sengoku period. The heroine is Ichi, the younger sister of Oda Nobunaga, current ruler of Owari. Their family is known for their black hair and their blue eyes, something special only to them.

“oh shit can i hit that hot onii-chan ass?” u bet ur sweet ass u can oh btw he has a wife HAHA

There are two foxes who are always accompanying Ichi wherever she goes, named Kuro, a black fox (wow no way) and a white fox named Gyoku. Nobody else can see them, so on occasion it looks like Ichi is talking to air. The Oda family has ~*~special~*~ blood of the Oboro or whatever.

There are five romanceable guys. Azai Nagamasa, Oda Nobunaga (onii-chan onii-chan), Takeda Shingen, Shibata Katsuie, and Takenaka Hanbe. Both the Takenaka Hanbe and Oda Nobunaga routes are locked.

Ichi is the princess of the Owari province. She’s kind to everyone, energetic, and can usually be found running through town and playing with the children. She doesn’t want to be married off for political reasons, something she tells her brother multiple times. When she was a child, she met Nagamasa, but he gave her a different name so when she sees him again she doesn’t recognize him. That being said, she still hasn’t forgotten that child even after all these years.

Ichi is the type of heroine who’s pretty much been locked up all her life. She’s never left Owari, and the scope of her ‘playground’ per se is pretty much the castle and the town. So when Nagamasa comes for a meeting with her brother, she basically just intrudes on the meeting and derails it, bombarding Nagamasa about his home in Oumi and the ocean and all this other shit. Everyone gets caught up in her pace, until it’s shut down by Nobunaga, who gets pissed and takes Ichi and locks her in her room basically.

Of course, this damn ho goes “bututttutututut I still want to talk to himmmmm” (side note: she says this a fucking lot, so much I have PTSD now when I see it) which obviously just pisses him off even more and he’s like hell no go back to your room.

I mean personally I have mixed feelings about this. First, I want to be like bitch wtf are you doing, derailing this meeting??? Nagamasa didn’t come to play?? And then on the other hand I’m like “well she’s been locked up all her life so I can’t really blame her for being curious about the outside world” but like THERE’S A TIME AND PLACE FOR EVERYTHING??


Also, why do I feel like there’s gonna be a cage of love for Ichi in onii-chan’s route…? bun1

Anyways it’s pretty obvious by the dreams Ichi has just what her super speshul powah is.

Basically Ichi has a few dreams (or one, I don’t remember) where she sees a scene that eventually plays out in the future. In her dreams, her sprite has glowing blue eyes. The first time her power really manifests is when she sees Takenaka Hanbe’s little markings on his forehead (dunno if they ever said what they were lol) her eyes start to hurt and she faints.

She awakens to find herself in a dream, where she wanders around and eventually finds Katsuie. Katsuie tells her he hates her, a person who doesn’t know anything about the world, and how he’s never considered her family which greatly upsets Ichi. She keeps questioning what’s wrong with him, and why he’s acting the way he is, but he tells her he’s always felt this way basically. She keeps running around, wondering what’s going on, running into the other guys. Shingen yells at her about a special person or something, nearly breaking her wrist in the process. Nagamasa bleeds out in front of her and dies. Her brother, Nobunaga, tells her that all she has to do is stay by his side and goes full ‘creepy onii-chan who is ready to lock you up in the uguu cage of love’. She also sees Hanbe, who suffers from wounds and basically has a mental breakdown in front of her.

Eventually everyone disappears and instead a light appears – a “blue firefly” who tells her that unfortunately everything she saw was going to happen in the future, and that she has the ability to look into the future, known as the ‘Eyes of Kokuko’. When using this power, her eyes glow blue and the world turns black and white and reveals a vision of something that will happen in the future or happen soon. Ichi doesn’t really believe the blue firefly about this power of hers. Apparently back in the day the Oboro・Kokuko (?? I think) joined her family’s bloodline, and that’s why they have black hair and blue eyes, because it stems from that joining & Kokuko having the same coloring. It’s said that over time, their blood became diluted and all that remained was the appearance – black hair and blue eyes.

As the route continues, she also continues to see more visions of the future randomly – sometimes when she’s around certain objects (the glass ball she got from Hideyoshi reveals a little snippet of his future for example) and she also continues to meet with the blue firefly in the dream where she gains more information about her various powers from both the blue firefly and from Kuro and Gyoku.

She later on discovers that she also has another ability called “kōdai-gaeshi” (後代返し) which allows Ichi to enter “the world of possibility” and change a fate that normally could not be changed. Basically, she can turn back time and change the future by utilizing the help of Gyoku and Kuro.

She also has one more skill which is basically she can summon a purple fire. When she tries to do it on her own the first time in the dream world it doesn’t work.

Anyways one of the main focal points of the game is how much Ichi doesn’t want to be pushed into a political marriage, and how she wants to get stronger in order to protect the people she loves. That said, she’s basically turned down at every damn corner of the way. Pretty much everyone, INCLUDING THE DAMN BLUE FIREFLY, tells her the only power she has is basically being sold off into a political marriage. That’s the only way she can help her people, basically.

I keep having to tell myself “this game is written in the warring states period, this makes sense, it makes sense” to try to justify this bullshit to myself lmao. Honestly it makes sense in the context and time period of the game but I just kind of grrroooaaannn at it. Like what? She has the ability to see into the future, summon up purple flames n shit and turn back time. And yet…………. her only power………………………. is to get married…………………………………………..????????? Okay. tumblr_inline_mtbpdhJqrH1qid2nw


Anywho the person who’s route I’m going to be talking about is Katsuie, one of Nobunaga’s retainers. He used to play with Ichi when she was a child, and before being Nobunaga’s retainer, he was the retainer of Nobuyuki, another one of Ichi’s older brothers and Nobunaga’s younger brother. He’s the super flirty ore-sama type who likes to indulge in women and alcohol. Ichi tends to take a no nonsense attitude with his flirtiness, which at first I was like lol yes but then just turned into nagging and after that I was pretty much done with her attitude lol.

Katsuie was kind of a dick at first and tended to avoid Ichi as much as he could, because he gets an uncomfortable feeling around her basically, which is probably him sensing the presence of Kuro and Gyoku. He also puts Ichi in her place on occasion, because understands his place and her place are different in this world, whereas Ichi is so idealistic and just wants to beleeb that everyone can get along and be in the same standing and united and all this other bullshit that I couldn’t read because I was too busy rolling my eyes.

The first time Ichi utilizes her “kōdai-gaeshi” ability is one day she’s in town when she has a vision of one of the mountain villages nearby them getting attacked by like bandits or some shit, watching as the village goes up in flames and a kid gets slaughtered in front of his mother.

After the vision ends, what does this bitch do?? Does she do the logical thing and tell someone, specifically her brother who’s the, I don’t know, LORD OF OWARI?? Or maybe I don’t know, the local soldiers or something??? Literally, ANYBODY AT ALL????

No. INSTEAD this DUMB HO runs STRAIGHT TO THE DAMN VILLAGE, passing Katsuie along the way who chases after her like “wtf are you doing woman”. She arrives at the village which is under attack, just like her vision.

Katsuie arrives shortly afterwards and is shocked by what’s going on. Ichi sees the mother and son being attacked, and rushes to go over but is stopped by Katsuie. He’s yelling at her how they need to get out of here, and she gets all pissed off at him, yelling at him to let her go!

Katsuie demands to know just what the fuck does she think she can do in this situation to which our heroine, who is as dumb as a box of rocks, responds:




At this point I basically saved, put the game down and laid in my bed contemplating all the life decisions that got me to this point. After sleeping, I found I had the energy to go back and continue onwards.

Anyways the mother gets killed by the bandit and Ichi demands Kuro and Gyoku use kōdai-gaeshi to turn back time. They do, and it gives Ichi enough time to get in the way and get hurt instead of the kid and mother. Katsuie dispatches the bandit before grabbing at Ichi, telling her they have to run. She tells him HELL NO I HAVE TO HELP EVERYONE and of course runs off. She tries to save a girl trapped beneath rubble, but of course she’s too fucking weak with her damn noodle arms to do shit. A bandit comes by, grabs her and is like what a nice woman harhar har and Ichi tells him to let her go.

Bitch do you think he’s just gonna be like “oh sorry ma’am here why don’t you just go on your way in fact why don’t I help you free this little kid from the rubble”?????? NO OF COURSE NOT the other bandits are all like ohohoho what a nice womannnnn when Katsuie arrives to fight one dude while the other continues to hold Ichi hostage. At this point Ichi is like “holy shit Katsuie was right, I can’t do shit”

“NO FUCKIN WAY” – Usagi, screaming into the abyss, finally decides to end it all, circa 2018

Anyways the other vassals/retainers show up and fight off the bandits. Ichi asks if the boy and the girl are okay, and they assure her they’re all right to which Ichi is grateful. The others tell Katsuie to take Ichi back to the castle, and when Katsuie tries to grab Ichi to get her to go

She has the fucking gall

to not

want to go



Anyways they eventually leave, but are set upon by bandits in the forest. I believe this is the first time you have access to the “mini game” which is where you choose Left or Right depending on what the enemy says basically. If you get three in a row, the person fighting will cheer you on basically. You earn points based on your choices which are totaled up at the end. This game can be skipped.

5 (1)

Anyways he’s fighting the bandits when one of the vassals (he has a name – the important dudes do, I just uhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t remember any of them whoops) shows up to help them out. They make their way back to the castle where Katsuie treats Ichi’s wound.


Eventually a few days later Ichi is reading a book in her room which mentions marriage, and begins to think hard about what exactly she can do for the people of Owari. She loves Owari, and the bandit event that previously happened made her realize how weak she is and how she can’t do anything. She eventually decides to fucking AGREE TO A POLITICAL MARRIAGE.

She goes to talk to her brother, who is surprised at her decision. I should mention that at one point Nobunaga tells her to not worry about the political marriage thing. But she tells him that she’s been thinking about what she can do since she’s so weak and has no abilities and he eventually agrees and tells her that he’ll handle her marriage plans. He informs her at a later date that it’s basically between Shingen and Nagamasa for her marriage partners.

Katsuie meets Ichi after her meeting with her brother to treat her wound once more, and when she mentions she still can’t forget what happened previously he takes her outside to play a game of onigokko. Eventually some of the other vassals retainers whatever show up and he ropes them along into the game as well. Ichi has a fun time, to which one of the retainers responds that it’s been a long time since he’s seen her smiling face, and that everyone was worried about her.

She and Nagamasa have a minor moment at this point, with Katsuie watching on from the sidelines. Eventually, it’s decided by her brother that she’ll be married to Nagamasa.

god damn i love his design idk why but hot damn do i love it www

She leaves Owari and goes to Nagamasa’s home in Oumi and is married to him. At this point I’m like what the fuck, she actually gets married to Nagamasa? Oh God am I going to get some NTR shit here or something??? I know that historically she marries Nagamasa but like………………… this is an otome game so……. I mean I guess I just figured it’s gonna bastardize history (even more than your normal amount of bastardization) so LOL I didn’t think she’d actually get married to him. ^q^

From here there’s a battle, the same one that she’s been having the recurring dream about, so she sneaks onto the battlefield with the help of Gyoku and Kuro like a MASSIVE FUCKING IDIOT and nearly gets killed in the crossfire cus the ho isn’t paying attention. If not for the help of Kuro who knocks her out of the way she most definitely would have fucking been done for.

She sees the scene from her dream, and also sees a vision of Nagamasa being shot and suffering a slash wound. When it happens in front of her eyes, she wants Gyoku and Kuro to turn back time, but they stop her, telling her to wait and watch instead, and after a moment Nagamasa recovers and wastes the jackass who cut him.

The foxes want to go home, but she wants to stay to make sure nothing else happens so they obviously stay until night time where Katsuie finds her and eventually brings her back to camp.

From here on out some more bullshit happens, like a random disguised enemy soldier coming to take Ichi to her brother, which of course Ichi has minor suspicions but goes anyways because like I said, she’s as dumb as a box of rocks, and only halfway realizes he isn’t taking her to her brother. Katsuie hears that she’s been taken by this dude and runs off the battlefield to go after her.

Ichi freaks out, trying to run away, and conveniently remembers her fire powers at this moment. She asks for help, and the blue firefly is like “aight lol” and her eyes glow blue again and she lights the area around the dude on fire. Not surprisingly, he catches on fire too, because Ichi has pretty much ZERO CONTROL over her powers.


She continues to freak out and the foxes are like you need to calm down, your powers are reacting to your emotions.

The fire and the dude disappear (I think???) and Katsuie shows up and calms Ichi down, allowing her powers to fizzle out.

Eventually Ichi goes back to the castle and talks to Nagamasa about her powers and about their future together, and basically they both agree to get a divorce and send Ichi back home to Owari.

Poor Nagamasa lol.


First off, sorry if anything in my post seems jumbled up or confused. I tried to edit it to make it flow better but I wrote the majority of it in a fit of anger and rereading it just served to piss me off again LOL so if something seems wrong or misplaced, that’s probably why. I also low key spaced out in many spots of the game because I was sick& & feverish/bored/I do this sometimes because characters are hard (JP and CN rip lol) so I know for sure that not everything I’ve written is accurate. If you see any glaring mistakes or misunderstandings please let me know – I don’t remember fuck all right now and I know for sure I probably misread something while playing the game. In all honesty I don’t even know if I should bother posting this or not, but, eh, it’s whatever. I guess I can just delete it later if I don’t like it. ^q^b

Secondly, I know this entire post just looks like I hate this fucking game but honestly I have SUPER mixed feelings about it. Ichi pisses me off because she’s so fucking stupid, but I can somewhat also understand why she acts the way she does. She’s curious about the world outside of Owari because, I mean, girl has been locked up all her life. Wouldn’t you be curious too?

I feel like maybe some of my issues with her stem from just like personal preference. This is basically just a personal issue, but I really dislike the overly idealistic heroines/people in general because they always have these grand ideas about how the world should be (world peace! everyone should get along!) but do literally nothing about achieving any of those ideals, or anything they do is not well thought out at all and incredibly naive. I feel like she gets all worked up over shit and forgets all common sense, propriety or anything really. Like nobody can be that fucking stupid in real life, right???? RIGHT???????

i felt like i needed a picture break here so I just stuck this random CG in to break shit up

Don’t get me wrong here – I appreciate a heroine who tries their best to help people out and even the part where she uses the fire powers to try to get herself out of the situation was good until she flipped the fuck out. But how much help is someone who just runs into a dangerous situation with ZERO PLAN or BACKUP??? NONE BECAUSE THEY’RE DEAD

On one hand I can kind of sympathize with her situation because all the bullshit that happens to her would probably shock or startle anybody in her situation, and Ichi truly does have good intentions. Even in regards to the whole fire/burning the dude situation – if she only wanted to create an escape and not kill him then accidentally killing a dude is certainly mentally stressful. But if that’s the case then she shouldn’t have relied on a power she’s NEVER USED BEFORE and DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO CONTROL. FURTHERMORE, in the mini game that takes place like right afterwards (iirc) after Katsuie finds out about her fire power, Ichi will occasionally help out Katsuie by SETTING OPPONENTS ON FIRE. SSSSOOO WHAT THE FUCK??? WHERE’D ALL THAT HESITANCE FROM FIVE MINUTES AGO GO?? And of course, you have moments like the bandit attack where she just SPRINTS ON IN WITH NO PLAN AT ALL that I’m like oh my god. You are the stupidest person on this goddamn planet. I have many mixed feelings, but admittedly “you’re so fucking stupid” usually wins out in the end.

Honestly, sometimes it feels like everyone is just cleaning up after her stupid decisions. tumblr_inline_mtbpdfOexF1qid2nw

I was kind of surprised she eventually gave into the political marriage thing too. Was this supposed to show growth and maturity in her character or something?? That she’s accepted her lot in life and matured or something by accepting a political marriage??? This might just be another personal problem but that just screams to me “she can only grow as a character if she accepts that she’s just a tool to be married off because womenz don’t have any other use!” In game, Kichō (帰蝶, aka Nōhime) gives Ichi a lecture that their only duty in life is to marry a daimyō basically, something that ho strongly believes in. FUCK IT’S EVEN IN HER CHARACTER DESCRIPTION ON THE WEBSITE I’M PRETTY SURE. Fucking, even the damn FIREFLY tells her “can’t be helped, this is our only power!”

Like wait just one damn fucking minute here. I understand in this time period a political marriage is completely normal. I also understand this thought process that a woman’s only power is being a bride in a political marriage given, once again, the time period.

BUT EVEN SO, sorry, thanks but n o t h a n k s. I could just be reading too far into this, and again, this is totally just my own personal problem here lmao because yeah like I said this thought process is totally normal given the time period. But it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They made it this big deal that she doesn’t want to be married off for political reasons only for her to eventually just… accept that as her duty and lot in life?? She even had a long ass fucking talk with Takeda Shingen about how she doesn’t want to be a bride in a political marriage when he asks her about it. Is this seriously all she’s worth??? BITCH CAN SEE INTO THE FUTURE, TURN BACK TIME AND SUMMON FIRE, AND Y’ALL TELLING ME HERE THAT HER ONLY POWER IS TO BE A BRIDE IN A POLITICAL MARRIAGE? Yeah, okay. tumblr_inline_mtbpdn0ZV41qid2nw

And you know what else? After she agrees to her political marriage, I feel like she calmed down a decent amount. It definitely felt like she got a little more mature, and aside from the bullshit on the battlefield, she was almost slightly less annoying to me. WHICH JUST MAKES ME MORE ANGRY, BECAUSE YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME… SHE ONLY BECOMES CALMER/SLIGHTLY LESS ANNOYING AFTER FINALLY AGREEING TO ENTER A POLITICAL MARRIAGE AND GETTING MARRIED? No. Stop it. I refuse to accept this.

Like are you SERIOUSLY telling me here that her only major character development so far stems from accepting her lot in life as a woman born in this era and getting married off as a political tool????? I just…. I just…………………………………………………………………..

You know what??? Maybe all of this is just because my Japanese is really bad and I’ve just been misreading things. That’s probably it.

can’t wait to deal with him

But you know what’s the absolute worst part about all of this??? I actually like the majority of the cast of characters/capturable guys.

Aside from Ichi being a hot mess express and onii-chan being a total moody dickwad, the other characters are pretty fun. Even the side characters are pretty amusing for the most part. I thought it was really cute that the different vassals all played onigokko with Katsuie and Ichi, just to cheer her up. I really grew to like Katsuie, who just gets more and more sweet as the route goes on. Nagamasa is just a sweetie pie (I wonder if he’ll commit seppuku in a bad end or something), and Shingen reminds me of an awkward, sleepy bear lmao (god he talks so slowly tho). Character interactions between the different characters are usually pretty amusing, although the scenes with the meetings between different factions can get kinda boring.

What’s really annoying is on occasion Ichi can be pretty hilarious when interacting with some of the guys so it’s just really disappointing that she’s so stupid the rest of the time. She’s constantly telling everyone how “she’s not a child anymore!!” and how she can “protect herself!” and I’m over here like WORDS MEAN NOTHING U HO tumblr_inline_mtbpdn0ZV41qid2nw

When she sees Takenaka Hanbe for the first time she’s like “this kid is Takenaka Hanbe”? Yeah well that kid is a renowned strategist which means he has more brains than your bitch ass does SOOOOOOO……..

It’s really weird, because I mood swing so much while playing this game. Sometimes I’m like “ha cute” and other times I’m like “wow if I could reach through the screen and strangle you right now I would” so I don’t know, I guess I kind of have a tolerate/moderately like-hate relationship right now with Hana Oboro.

Side note, I liked the opening song for this game. Also this game doesn’t have any moving eyes and mouths which was surprising to me. At first I was worried about the mini game, but the correct answer basically flashes like two seconds before the timer ends so LOL it’s hella easy. Also there are so many CGs in this game lmao. I mean the website features like 18 or so CGs alone. It’s actually kinda nice how many CGs there are aha. I also really enjoy the character designs for this game, especially with how wild Nagamasa’s hair is in certain angles haha.

Also how are they gonna do the big brudda route I wonder? Because Kichō, HIS WIFE is in this game so I’m like ??? NTR ??? lmao. ^q^;;;

I have no clue if Ichi gets better or worse later on or in the other routes, and sometimes I don’t know if I have the mental capacity to continue on, but I’m already knee deep in this shit so I might as well just trudge through it lol. Yes, I know I’m stupid and a masochist. At this point I still wanna know how the fuck they’re gonna handle Nobunaga’s route and I wanna know the damn ending so I guess I’m not leaving the warring states age any time soon.

Please pray for my bitch ass, even though I brought this upon myself. tumblr_inline_mtbpdkBgU31qid2nw

If you made it this far, I commend you.

Thanks for reading! bunnywave


6 thoughts on “Hana Oboro – First Impression



      1. Oh geez, this is such an awkward situation LMAO. oniichan aside I wanted to find out what will happen to Kichou but I don’t have a PS skdvskoaksvdo

      2. I thought they’d be like “oh they were only engaged”, and then call it off.

        But they actually got married?????

      3. You know now that I think about it I don’t think they ever said if they were married or not but since she lives in the castle I don’t think they send the daughters off unless they get married like immediately after cus it ain’t proper n shit or whatever for that time period hahaha 😂 I think it said in her character description online tho that she was Nobunaga’s wife but I don’t 100% remember 🤔 either way, awkward lol

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