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yea I took these photos at 10 p.m. at night on my bed, what about it?


Hello everybody!!

BUSTAFELLOWS arrived today but I’ve been at work and then I spent the rest of my night watching small humans so here I am, at ten p.m., taking horrible pictures with just my lamp for lighting and my bedspread as a backdrop.

So, please don’t diss on my ugly photos I was just really excited and wanted to open it up right when I got home. tumblr_inline_mtbpdkBgU31qid2nw

For those of you who might not know, BUSTAFELLOWS is produced by eXtend, the same group that released “SIDEKICKS!” and that one game I can never remember the spelling on aka “Heiligenstadt no Uta” and one other game that I guess none of us talk about because it was a big dumpster pile of garbage.

BUSTAFELLOWS is set in the same universe as SIDEKICKS which was a favorite of mine so I’ll admit I was pretty excited to see this game come out. It is available for both mobile and for Switch.

I originally was iffy on whether or not I wanted to preorder it, but one night I got drunk and then decided to buy the ultra special Stellaset because what are inhibitions!! I actually low key forgot I preordered this until I got a notification that it was on it’s way to me. 😬 Lol so that was a pleasant surprise, I suppose.

BUSTAFELLOWS is, I think, the last release in 2019 for otome games, which is kind of crazy to think about.

2020 is already almost here. There’s only 2 more weeks left of 2019 before we start a whole new year of otome game releases. Not that there are all that many from what I remember, but whatever, that’s a discussion for another time.

As I said, I pre-ordered the deluxe stellaset, which retailed for 12,960 yen at the time of purchase, including tax. Mine came with the lottery ticket, which I believe current stellasets do not come with anymore.


So when I first saw the images online, I actually thought the box that it came in would be bigger. Like, I was imagining Toraware no Palm size kinda big. But it’s just a normal box size that’s similar to other LE editions and not that huge honking Toraware no Palm size. Slightly disappointed, but also kind of relieved for my shrinking bookshelf space.

The stellaset came with quite a lot of things. There were pins, keychains and a variety of other objects. I took a look at the box first.

The box of course is designed to look like a suitcase. It’s wrapped up nicely too and I quite like it! But what’s even more fun is when you open it up…


It’s full of fake cash! Lol. The cash is actually a card insert, and when you flip it over you get…


This picture. The box and the insert are both sturdy and made of good material. It’s similar to the SIDEKICKS box in that I feel like the quality is pretty nice and it feels sturdy and not flimsy like some other LE boxes I own.

Inside of the game box is the actual game, a drama cd and a “mix tape”, and of course a mini “magazine”!


The magazine is really adorable. I thought it was so clever how they designed everything!


Other things included in the set were a tooonnn of pins as well as a clear file, a card, a lottery ticket, more drama cds and a little booklet and some acrylic keychains.


I didn’t peek into the booklet so I’m not sure what’s in it. I also kind of only breezily gazed through the magazine booklet too cus I didn’t want to spoil myself, just in case there were things inside that shouldn’t be seen yet before I play the game… 👀

Not gonna lie… I’m actually really impressed with this LE design. It goes well with the whole theme and I am still dying over how cute the LE magazine booklet is. tumblr_inline_mtbpdkBgU31qid2nw

Maybe I’m just easily amused, or easily impressed, but I thought the whole design was really clever. Usually with a lot of LE boxes you just sorta get a box that opens up, and stuff is inside, but this one really went the extra mile to make everything match; from the “fake cash” card insert and the whole brief case design with “fake money” drawn sticking out of the sides of the box etc. it’s just really well put together.

I also… kind of forgot what else was included in this set other than the box and the mag so I was shocked to open up my box and find like a million pins inside 😂

Anyways I’m excited to pop this into my Switch and get playing!! Never mind that I’m playing like 4 other games right now lol it’s fine. This is fine.

Here’s hoping it’ll be as good as SIDEKICKS was!

And here’s hoping I’ll start posting actual reviews of games again in the future lmao wtf am I doing right now with this blog

Thanks for reading! tumblr_inline_mtbpdbCtOa1qid2nw


5 thoughts on “BUSTAFELLOWS Unboxing

  1. Wow love the cash insert, that was pretty neat! The keychain/badge designs are super adorable too~
    I never ended up pre-ordering this one but can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it, hopefully it ends up being good! ^_^

    1. Thanks!!!

      I still haven’t touched it cus I’m big trash but from what I’ve been seeing from other friends it’s pretty good so I have high hopes!!!! ^q^

    1. Yeah I still haven’t touched mine despite owning it for like two weeks LMAO been so caught up reading c-novels and playing FFXIV that it’s sat all sad and lonesome on my desk but THIS WEEK. I WILL START IT. I SWEAR LOL

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