Drama CDs 🎶


A list of the drama CD’s I’ve reviewed/summarized. These are typically short reviews of drama CD’s I’ve listened to, and seeing as how bad my JP comprehension is don’t take everything in them word-for-word 😛 haha~ This is mostly for my own preference so I can keep track of what I’ve done. ^-^ This is a short list obviously, since I don’t tend to review Drama CDs.

R-18 Drama CD reviews are SFW obviously www

f04 Denotes a recent review.

(Don’t worry I won’t put a player into any of my posts to start playing all the dirty parts the moment you open up the link www)



Diabolik Lovers: Ayato



Yan Ero ~Aisuruga Yueni~

Aisaresugite XX Sarechau CD: Choukyou Otouto f04

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