Otome Games ★


Note: Not all of these are necessarily finished/full translations or reviews, they are just listed here for easy reference. All R-18 posts are SFW. Both commercial and doujin games are listed.

f04 denotes a recent post.

Otome Games


Black Wolves Saga ~Bloody Nightmare~: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Anniversary no Kuni no Alice: Part 1

Hana Awase ~Mizuchi Hen~: Part 1

 Re:BIRTHDAY SONG~恋を唄う死神~: Prologue

✰ Spirit Parade: Trial

✰ Walpurgis no Uta ~Walpurgisgedichte~: First Impressions | Part 1

Lunatic Way: Part 1

✰ Royal Alchemist: Demo



BROTHERS CONFLICT ~Passion Pink~: Part 1



✰ Hana Oboro: First Impressions



✰ Mobage Reviews Here



Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari ~Gensou Yawa~: Part 1

Fuyu Sakurashou ~Sakuragatari~: Part 1 

Cancel a Format: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Toukakijin Trial: Part 1

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