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aka Kind of Tsubaki route start I guess?

Warning: This post is probably an embarrassment to my crap ability at Jap & note-taking (or lack thereof) so PROCEED WITH CAUTION I GUESS LOL

oh, and it’s kind of image-heavy


Wow, a post on an otome game that isn’t for PC? Yay /o/

Well seeing as how Brothers Conflict has been green-lit for an anime, I decided I’d play the game and endure the horrible system to see what it’s like. I’ve been meaning to play this for a while now (in fact, nearly everything I’ve done as of recently has me thinking BROCONBROCONBROCON the entire time, it’s getting bad) and have just gotten around to starting it lmfao. The system has daunted me, but peche’s guide looks like it’ll help lead me through this shit. I’ve already seen relatively good things about the game and let’s face it I’M A SUPER HUGE BROCON/OSANANAJIMI-CON the guys look hot, and I’m into hot and brocons/osananjimis but that’s not the point, so yeah lol PLUUUUS, Masa-nii is a pediatrician, I’m in school to be a doctor IT’S A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN

(To keep myself motivated throughout this post I looped AFFECTIONS & SUNRISE DAYS to keep me in the Brocon mood LOL)

Normally I’m bothered by the age thing but in this game I’m just like FUCK IT, at this point IDGAF about the age LOL (okay, Wataru may be pushing it a bit BUT OMFG HE IS SOOO ADORKABLE and besides he’s BB so w/e) if anything Wataru just reminds me of Ken from Persona 3 Portable so yeah lol

Also it took me forever (aka 5 minutes) to figure out how to get my dumb screenshot plugin to work cause I just – never mind I’m too lazy to tell the story. LOL what matters is that I figured it out xD Buuuut of course there is no rest for the weary and since WordPress doesn’t believe in .BMP image extensions I had to go and take every image I SS’d and re-save it as a .PNG image LOL And uh yeah I managed to screen shot 67 images within literally, the first five minutes of the game up until the part where you set your own schedule T_T so yeah I hope you enjoy this post I created that I pretty much sweat blood and tears and time into. (I discovered the use of BATCH BMP CONVERSION after I’d converted each one by hand /(;p;)\ YAY FOR ME uhuhuhuhuhuuu) Also if some of my stuff is sooort of out of order or doooeessnn’t make much sense or if I’m fangirling too hard don’t judge cause I played this game at night without bothering taking notes and it’s probably going to come back and bite me in the ass lol. Just take this as a gist of things and not necessarily a uh, completely accurate timeline? Lol

Well since like 99.9% of otoges are on PSP and I wanted some brocons, I decided why the hell not I can try my best to do a post similar to my PC ones lol. It’s a little bit harder for me since I normally like to post/make posts while I’m playing the game but for the PSP I like to curl up in my bed and play before I sleep which means I’m too lazy to write notes/make a post at the same time… so yeah I’ll try and fix that habit so my little mini (uh IDK what to call my blogging style) 5-minute gameplay isn’t as inaccurate or derpy? Lol

Also I have this bad tendency to switch between using ‘you’ and ‘Ema’ so uh yeah sorry if that bugs you lol


Okay so starting the game it will go through like 50 logos (Ideafactory, Otomate, Criware the list is never ending lol) and then the opening video will play. I enjoyed it quite a bit I have to say~ So there’s 13 boys in total that you can capture, but you only live with 11 of them. The other 2 live outside of the house.

This post is mostly to give a glimpse into the game, I’ve already gotten to the beach event in-game but this post is approximately five-ish minutes into the game. It only goes up until the part where you set your own schedule for the first time.

The choices made early on in the game are choices intended to start Tsubaki’s route.

I was originally going to start with Yusuke cause I have a huge bias for red haired guys and he just looked so forking adorkable and I couldn’t resist but then Tsubaki started talking on the screen and I was like WHELP, GUESS I’LL DO TSUBAKI FIRST (saving Masa-nii FO LAST TO END ON A GREAT DOCTOR-Y / MD NOTE ;D)



Using the L and R buttons will switch you between the kana and ABC alphabet etc.

THE DATE IS 5月22日.

It all begins with Ema walking down the street with her talking squirrel, Juli (that’s the website name, at least. the squirrel is male though just to inform you lol). Anyways you guys are walkin’ down the street reminiscing about how today is a special day and shit cause you’re moving and what not into the building with your new bros. Pretty much it flashes back to how this all came about, which was because the male parental unit, Hinata Rintarou, is getting remarried to a successful woman named Asahina Miwa. When your dad first tells you you’re remarrying you’re like whuuuutttt remarriage le gasp?!

A flash back occurs to the first time you meet Miwa-san which is at a restaurant for dinner (I think, it was some sort of meal lol) with her, your father and yourself. This is the first time you meet her and so pretty much everyone’s like hajimemashite and blahblahblah formalities. You say something cute about how she can address you or w/e and Miwa-san just like gives Ema this look and makes this noise and Ema is all like “??”


In response to this Miwa-san is all like “AS I THOUGHT, GIRLS ARE THE CUTEST”

And when you’re like “uh what” Miwa-san goes on to explain that all of her kids are idiotic sons / ALL MALE huehuehue ƪ(◉౪◉ƪ ) pretty much lulz and that girls are different, as she thought. You guys keep chatting  and eventually Miwa-san hesitantly begins to say something to Ema, “Actually, Ema-chan…. Your father and I…..”

Ema is all “?”

Miwa-san pauses for a moment but then just goes nandemonaiyo and the issue is dropped. It’s only later that you find out your father is remarrying to Miwa-san and because Ema is a bro and doesn’t want to interrupt their honeymoon secksy time, it’s decided that you are soon to move into the Sunrise Residence where your eleven bros live yay!

Anyway as you’re walking down the street with Juli and your suitcase just minding your own shit you hear a voice behind you screaming at you.




You and Juli (Juli is such a cute squirrel I want one) are like dafuq and you guys turn around to see:



The little boy promptly crashes into you with his bike. Lol


???: Oww…..

Ema’s all like yo are you okay and the little boy is like “oh, I’m just fine! but what about you, onee-chan?”

Ema attempts to assure him she’s fine but I think you get hurt in the process or something and adorkable little boy points it out.

Anyways after this someone else appears calling for the boy in a scolding voice.


???: Wataru!


Wataru: Maa-kun!

UGH WATARU. SO FRIGGIN ADORKABLE. I was like MY KOKORO Y U SO 可爱 (using my derpy 中文 here hurhurhur) WATARU? every time Wataru opened his mouth pretty much.

Anyways Maa-kun here begins to scold Wataru for riding his bike too fast, and that he should have known better pretty much and like didn’t they warn him not to do this shit? Kind of stuff lol Wataru is all like ;A;


Wataru: Uu… I’m sorry, Maa-kun


Anyways something else might have happened here I actually don’t remember I’m sorry lol ;_; but it moves on to Maakun asking you if you’re all right. You’ve pretty much been sitting on the ground this entire time, watching all of this lol and Maakun bends over and offers to help you up.


Maa-kun: Are you all right?

Ema continues to insist that she’s just fine, there’s nothing wrong. Wataru is still extremely apologetic about the incident because he was raised right and has manners and knows that this is all his fault and god he is so friggin cute

Also, I’m pretty sure somewhere around here or a little before is when Wataru apologizes for his LITTLE BRO’s acts to which Ema is like lol little brother? what

Cause I guess she thought he was his Father or something and not his older brother LOL anyways.



Wataru points out that you’re hurt or w/e and Maa-kun is all like “Really? Let me see”

When you’re just like “Uh…?” Maa-kun is like orite I should explain myself:

trust me i'm a doctor yo

Maa-kun is a pediatrician and explains that you should let him check you up cause he’s a doctor and YOU CAN TRUST HIM

just like you guys can trust me, MY NAME IS USAGI AND I AM A DOCTOR. USAGI, MD.

Rrrright anyways you finally decide to stand up and continue to tell them you’re not hurt. Wataru-chan keeps apologizing to which Ema responds with that it’s fine and that she’s not mad or anything at him. Wataru is super relieved at this and finally accepts Ema’s words.

Wataru gets all adorable and is all like:



When you accept it and tell him thanks and stuff in a cheerful voice to Wataru, Wataru gets all like YEEYYY ONEE-CHAN LIKED IT I DID GOOD RIGHT MAA-KUN I DID GOOD RIGHT???



Anyways Maakun is like YA DID GOOD SON and after chatting with Ema some more they then bid Ema goodbye.


Wataru: Bye-bye, onee-chan!

UUUU SO CUTE. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Right. So you and Juli continue on your merry way after and Juli notes that Wataru just now, he gave you candy right? And that his favorite flavor is Strawberry lawl before going quiet and making a slightly curious noise.

They hear some people talking up the street and it turns out there’s a boy in a white uniform talking with two chicks.


Dis guy. ^^^^^

You find out his name is Iori cause one of the girls says it out loud and they’re just sort of whining that he won’t hang out with him or whatever or some shit like that and Iori tries to explain that TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY FOR IORI and that he must quickly return home for this special event hmm I wonder what it could be lol

Anyways the hoes just keep talking about how they want to hang with him and stuff and he doesn’t really understand why they like him or w/e and eventually they just start listing shit about him, how he’s cool and smart etc. etc. and Iori promises to hang out with them later. (I think? Idk I heard girls voices and zoned out. Kind of like how I did in the first track of Sono Ai Ha Yamai ni Ittaru Yandere)

Ema notes (or someone notes I forget) that the white uniform is typical of a private school for super smart peeps called Bright Centrair Private Academy. Ema does not attend that school, but I guess it’s like an elite school to which a lot of people look up to the students there.

I don’t really recall what Juli says after Iori & hoes 1 + 2 leave but I just recall that it sounded very angry and annoyed lmfao. I think it’s because you mention how he looks kind of cool or something and I think Juli was going on about HOW COULD YOU LIKE THAT TYPE OF GUY or something like that lmfao

Anyways after Iori leaves you finally arrive to the building which you will be staying at; Sunrise Residence. Sunrise Residence is owned by Miwa-san. You ring the bell and a man’s voice answers, asking who it is. You state who you are and the voice is like:


???: ….Aa, you must be our new imouto-chan?

eww that’s bad engrish on my part but w/e lol


The answer is like yeah I am and the voice tells you to wait for a moment before he finally comes to the door. It opens and you uh walk into the guy’s chest is what the CG makes it look like LOL


???: ….! Aa, excuse me.

Ukyo-oniisan invites you into the house and introduces himself as Asahina Ukyo. His nickname is Kyo-chan though I think. He then proceeds to explain the entire house/building to you. The entire building/apartment complex house thing is owned by Miwa-san and that the first two floors are rented out, while the last three floors, floors 3-5 are where the brothers live. Floor 5 is like a common area pretty much where they have the living room and kitchen and stuff. The guys live in their own like, mini-apartments I guess you could call it? On the other floors. Anyways after this Ukyo-niisan asks you to head into the living room. When you enter you get a nice big welcome from Wataru-chan.

Ema thinks to herself “wait a minute, that voice…?”


Wataru: Eeeehh? The onee-chan from earlier!?

Maakun then pops in and introduces himself as Asahina Masaomi, and comments about how it must have been fate that they met earlier lol.


Ukyo: Have you guys met before, Masaomi-niisan?

Lol hearing Ukyo call Masaomi “nii-san” was just like, a wtf moment for me lol cause Ukyo looks older than Masaomi imo but maybe that’s just cause he’s wearing a suit and looks all professional while Masaomi looks more like a stay-at-home-daddy idk LOL. Masaomi could be my husband/stay at home daddy anyday

Masaomi confirms Ukyo’s question in that you guys know each other from a little incident earlier.

It’s all yoroshiku ne’s and shit after that from these two


Wataru: Yoroshiku ne, Onee-chan!

After this the lazy bozo monk pops up and is like YO aren’t you going to introduce meeee?


He reaaallyy enjoys saying IMOUTO-CHAN ♥♥♥♥ lmfao.



After this Ukyo hits him lmfao. You then find out (courtesy of Ukyo if I recall correctly lol) this monk man is your onii-chan, Asahina Kaname.



Aww yeahhhh ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)


Tsubaki: Hajimemashite! Tsubaki de-e-su ☆

ohaidere Tsubaki ƪ(◉౪◉ƪ )


Azusa: Azusa desu.

ohaidere Asuza ƪ(◉౪◉ƪ )

I just noticed this but I use like a lot of creepy emotes to describe my feelings/expressions. I promise I don’t really make those faces irl……………………….. ༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽ I’m totally making this worse

Anyways Wataru-chan then explains to Ema what kind of profession these two are in


Basically what I got out of his explanation was:THEY’RE THE VOICES IN THE GAME/ANIME/ETC IN THE TV BOOOOXXXX They’re voice actors.

Tsubaki gets overly excited when he sees his new imouto-chan I guess and proceeds to hug Ema lmfao all while babbling on about shit.



I didn’t get to capture this but you see that little top of the circle in the bottom left? It’s a small circle of Tsubaki looking freaked out and Azusa a menacing aura behind him lmfao



Azusa protecting you from Tsubaki’s imouto-moe-chan-love-obsession since 1956

LOL Tsubaki just loooves his moe imouto-charas. COME TO ME BBY ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

After this you are introduced to le gasp Iori from earlier and SUBARUNNN


Pretty much the only thing Subaru says to you is “tsu.” or


Subaru: ………..。

I like the use of the clear period at the end, it’s like his act of remaining silent to you is almost like he’s saying something to you, only not. Lol

But there is a reason as to why he acts like this, as aptly explained by Tsubaki:


Basically? HE’S JUST A SHY IDIOT D’AWWWW PRETTY MUCCHHH he like doesn’t know how to interact w/ girls LOL so Ema shouldn’t get too upset or mad at him because this is pretty normal as to how he acts to all females LOL SUBARUN YOU CUTIE PIE YOU

Lol ofc Subaru is all like



in a WTF WHY ARE YOU TELLING HER THAT kind of voice. xDD


Tsubaki is all what isn’t that the truth LMFAO

SO ANYWAYS MOVING ON, Iori then introduces himself xD


Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku ne.

When Ema questions his uniform he then confirms that he indeed does go to Bright Centrair Private Academy.


^ Yeah I go to Bright Centrair Academy in essence ww

Iori takes a look at Ema’s uniform and figures out that she attends Tokyo Metropolitan Hinode High School.


She confirms this and then Iori sort of trails off with a “Oh, so that means…” kind of thing.

For now you’ve met all the brothers living there, kindofsortof. At least all of the ones who are currently there uh talking to you pretty much lol. Now ofc there are 13 boys that you can capture in this game, but only 11 currently live in the building. The other 2 you’ll meet later in the game / are capture-able in Brilliant Blue (well, half of the guys you’ve met in PP are BB capture-able boys…lol)




Kaname reprimands the guy for being late cause ya know, this is the day they get a new sibling and stuff.

Ema is all like “huhhh this voice sounds familiar”


OMFGBBQ reactions on both sides.

Ema is like EHHHH ASAHINA YUSUKE!!!???? and is like this guy is my brother too wtf lol



Tsubaki: Eh? What’s this? Do you two already know each other?


Lol Wataru cutely repeats what Tsubaki emphasized god he is so adorkable.


Yusuke: Know each other… that is to say… we’re classmates….


Tsubaki: Ehh, aren’t you the lucky one Yusuke! Your classmate has from today onwards become your cute imouto-chan or something like this lol.




Tsubaki: Ohh? Realllyyyy? Ooooops, I must have forgottennnn ☆


If I recall correctly Ukyo reprimands him for this and Yusuke gets all frustrated about this and shit lol and yells loudly some more. After this Kaname switches the topic cause he wants his SUPER CUTE IMOUTO-CHAN TO CALL HIM ONII-CHAANNN COME ON COME ON TRY IT TRY IT




‘oh yeah, Tsubaki loves the moe chara huh’ lllllllloooooolllllllllllll


Oh, Tsubaki. Lol


Juli in essence, questions wth is wrong with these siblings. LOL

HE THEN ASKS YOU, WHAT YOU GONNA DO when they come for you YO?

Now, a fore-warning is that YOU CANNOT SAVE DURING CHOICES. So save frequently!


According to peche’s guide, I chose the 3rd option: 梓さんに呼びかける because I’m aiming for Tsubaki.

I guess the idea is that you need to have good feels with Azusa as well in order to get Tsubaki? You need family love I think in order to capture certain guys I think is the basis behind it.

Choosing option 3 gives you hearts towards Azusa who then tells you that you don’t have to go along with these dumb guys’ fantasies in essence lmfao xD

Anyways other stuff goes down and you go back to your room for the night where Juli once again questions if it’s really going to be okay living in this sausage fest to which all I have to say is OFC IT WILL BE OKAY LOL

Anyways it’s goood night and you fall asleep for the day…

THE DATE IS 5月23日.

You wake up in the morning and Juli yawns sleepily. You head to the 5th floor where you’re greeted by Kaname and Subaru.



Or in Subaru’s case: tsu.


Subaru is so cute

Lol anyways Kaname asks what you’re doing up so early in the morning, and it’s cause you woke up early cause you wanted to help prepare breakfast.


Kaname gets all flirty and is all like oohhhh aprroonnn I’m looking forward too iittttt


^Subaru’s apt response^

Anyways heading into the kitchen reveals Ukyo-niisan already making breakfast!




So yeah you ask if you can help and Ukyo allows you to help I think but before you can get started someone begins touching you from behind – I mean touching your hair from behind.


This is another one of the brother’s you didn’t meet yesterday. His name is Louis and has this sort of slow drawl to his speech. So up until now, you’ve met 10 of the 13 brothers. I think. Right?

So after that the twins from the triplet set come down the stairs and I guess everything looks super dericious. They all sit down to eat and the TV gets turned on and who is on the screen but


This boy! Or at least, half of this boy’s face!

The brothers make comments to each other about the boy who’s name is Fuuto. He is a singer and Kaname wonders where he is currently… before answering the question himself by finding out he’s in currently in Hokkaido. When Ema questions I guess how they know so much about the guy Iori responds to her:


Iori: Fuuto is one of our siblings… meaning he’s your sibling too.

Ofc you can’t believe this, because whoaaa you have a famous idol as your brother! You have now (sort of) met 11 out of the 13 brothers.

More picture love:


Sometimes I dislike how the CGs get split up like this, because the image in game goes from bottom to the top but this really can’t be helped because of the PSP screen. But anyways Tsubaki and Azusa are just yum. LOL MOVING ON

After breakfast is over with you decide to head back to your room. I didn’t get a SS of the next choice selection, but basically Juli asks whether or not like it’s going to be possible to get along with these siblings/this family.

You’re supposed to pick option 1 which is: うまくやっていけると思う

Meaning that you think that you’ll get along. Juli agrees with your sentiments, and next up begins to explain the game system. Basically how the game works is that you’re supposed to set your schedule for every day of the week. Choosing Juli will bring up options to do “family events” basically, or you can choose to spend the day hanging out with each of the various brothers that are currently available. Meaning, currently since it’s only the 23rd of June, you only have access to these guys: Ukyo, Masaomi, Kaname, Tsubaki, Azusa, Wataru, Louis, Subaru, Yusuke, and Iori. On the other hand, you can also pick yourself which will bring up two options during Mon-Sat, which is either to play games or go to your part-time job. Sundays are “date” days.

Pretty much the idea is to stalk your guy. Perfect for the stalker in me!  壁|◞౪◟◉`)*


So here is the schedule. Peche’s guide for the first week suggests that you choose “part-time job” for Mon-Sat. For birthdays, the day before said birthday you will wake up and realize the next day is so-and-so’s birthday and that you don’t have anything to give them! You are then given the options to either go and buy something or not to buy them anything. The birthday on the 28th in the above screenshot is Kaname’s birthday. Don’t get him anything, because if you do I’m pretty sure it throws you off on the path. I know that my first try I accidentally gave Kaname a gift and then my route dates were all fucked up after that lol needless to say I had to start over LOL.


On Sunday however if you choose yourself you get a third option which is to go shopping~! You are advised to do this on the first week’s Sunday because you’re supposed to get three items for like family events during the week which are 「ダーツ」「ボードゲーム」and 「MONSTERS HUNTERS」 -> Darts, Board Game, and MONSTERS HUNTERS game or dvd I actually don’t fully recall what it is lol.

And so this is where I end! I find the stat raising system pretty restrictive but since there’s a guide for the game I guess it doesn’t bother me as much lol. Also raising the family love too high can be bad too! There is also a normal route you can take which is like the “family” route. I’m excited to see the anime though and I might actually you know, watch it, rather than ignore the anime adaptation like I did for Hakuouki and Starry Sky lol.

Sorry if not all of this post really made sense or was out of order or if I missed things. I didn’t take notes and cleearrly I should have learned from this the first time around lol but oh well! (●ゝω・●)




Awww yeahhhh Natsume.




^ this image… idk is it just me or does he look like Shuu from DIABOLIK LOVERS….? LOL it’s dat hair, I think





  1. Congrats, Usagi~ 😀 I remember that you keep mentioning about Brothers Conflict… Ahaha.. XD Passion Pink?! (That “pink” word >o<) lol

      1. I didn’t play this game yet but I’m sure I’ll like Azusa X3
        He’s so gorgeous *–*
        Really? XD
        I wanna play with the twins too XD

      2. Heehee~ Yeah Azusa is definitely a fun guy, he’s just so >w< I think we'll get to know more about him though in Brilliant Blue, esp since the light novel is apparently a little more serious I think so hopefully we'll get to see some of that in BB? :3
        You should definitely play it, even if it has dat system lmfao the artwork is great and the guys are pretty freaking amusing xD I hope BB comes out soon 😡

    1. LOL Yeah I’m interested in the BB guys, I want the game to be out already ;_; but at this point it’s pretty obvious that Otomate wants to time it with the anime >_< lol smart marketing, but the waiting is making me sad 😦 lol

  2. Nice~ LOL at those emoticons hahaXD I enjoyed reading your article~ woohoo I’m excited for the anime adaptation though BC’s been too quiet about it and there’s no update yet… I’m thinking because those starry sky dudes are not happy about it lol, they have the same theme (13 boys vs. 12 boys ) XD

    1. Hahaha well I’m glad you like the emoticons, I feel like I might be creeping people out with them LOL 8D and same I’m pretty interested in the anime adaptation~ And yeah I’ve noticed there’s been like no info about it haha so I’m wondering when the air date is going to be. I’m sure they’re timing it with the release of Brilliant Blue but that release date is pretty much “sometime in 2013” lmfao way to be, delayomate. >_> LOL Starry Sky vs Brother’s Conflict xDDD makes me think of some RPG game or something like that www

      1. HahahaxD An RPG of SS and BC sounds so fitting~! hmm… I think that Otomate’s been releasing a lot of otome anime adaptations lately ever since the 1st airing of Hanayaka-Kinetograph’s OVA… lol, but for Brothers conflict its still uknown (why??!! T^T) Its a popular game so Im sure the anime would do good… Besides, Amnesia’s going to have an anime and a new game… its not fair; Lot’s been going on Otomate lately, I just noticed that they’ve been slowing down on their new releases.

      2. LOL RPG of SS vs BC would be pretty intense haha! xD and yeah a lot of otomate’s games have been getting anime adaptations, esp with Hakuouki being a huuuge hit lol…. but yeah Brother’s Conflict seems pretty slow with any information release ._. which sucks lol cause I want Brilliant Blue already xD and yeah AMNESIA is getting an anime too… Not sure if I’ll watch it, but I might just for the hell of it 😛 LOL. But yeah, I guess they have a lot going on over there so they’re slowing down a bit? xD lol or it could be their bad delaying habit coming back again lol delayomateeee

  3. Conngratz for finishing the game, I still need to finish this too before BB is released lmao. Masaomi is so cute, his story is very warm-hearting xD

    1. I’m just wondering when they’re ever going to release BB and the anime… >_> I feel like I haven’t heard anything about it in a while lmfao but then again I’m bad at news upkeep >w<;;;

  4. Can I ask????
    I’m also using Peche’s guide for Masaomi.
    Esp the diary part where we have 2 get 2 DVDs.
    Somehow Kaname's and Subaru's 1st event came out.
    Did you experience this as well????
    Help me T.T

    1. Hello~~
      Yeah Peche’s guide is pretty confusing, I’ve noticed that if I don’t do things exactly to the guide I get random 1st events as well. I would try loading a save state from before Kaname/Subaru’s 1st event and re-try the route. However if you did continue on and it didn’t affect the rest of the schedule I think it’s fine to keep going~ 🙂 I actually haven’t gotten that far, I got really tired of BC’s system really fast xD I actually haven’t done Masaomi’s route yet so I’m not exactly sure if that will affect anything in the future or not! D: sorry if I wasn’t much help!

  5. Where can I find a guide that tells me how to do each love route correctly? I bought Brothers Conflict PP game when I was in Japan this summer and I just started to play now, but I have no idea what I’m doing! ;^; I also preordered the BB one as well, so hope to know how to play this game before I get the other one.

    1. Oh and I don’t really understand japanese, but I still want to listen to the voices and look at the lovely men of this game owo

      1. I don’t understand anything on that… BTW I have Brilliant Blue now, but I haven’t even continued with PP. I got stuck at the schedule thing part because I don’t understand some of the symbols on it. Is there a guide for that?

      2. I’m assuming by stuck is that you’re stuck in the beginning of the game when you make your first schedule? Peche’s guide has all the scheduling made out on it as well. Unfortunately I’m only familiar with peche’s guide so I don’t know of any other guide that might be able to help you :(…. As for the symbols, I haven’t played PP in a while so I’m not sure what you mean by symbols haha ^^;; I’m guessing though is when you click on the day to pick what to do that day it gives you a list of options and you don’t know which option to pick? Let me know if I’m wrong!

      3. Yes, that’s the part I’m stuck. I don’t what to do with the schedule since I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do.

      4. The schedule just maps out what you do during the week, whether that be going to work or going shopping etc if I recall. Peche’s guide gives you a step by step on what to choose for each guy if I recall correctly. Certain events happen on certain dates I think so if you’re on track then that means those dates will coincide with what the guide gives you. Peche has a pretty thorough guide but if you can’t understand any of it I’m not sure what else I can do to help you 😦

      5. So on those specific dates, according to the guide, I have to go on a date with the guy (that the route I’m aiming for)? What about those family points? How do I get those without missing the good ending?

      6. Yes that’s the gist of it~ As for family points you get those doing family events during the week. You don’t want to raise those too high though because that might end up leading into the “family end”. You can also look at Hinano’s review, I think she also gives a few pointers on how to conquer the system~ It’s kind of complicated and hard to get used to so I suggest to save often! Do your best, I’m sure you’ll be fine~ ^3^

      7. How do I know when and what is a family event? That’s probably the one I’m most concern about. Do I have to manually do it or the game automatically brings it up?

      8. Oh when you schedule the events after you confirm it it’ll just cycle through the days haha~ Different events you choose will either bring up affection for certain people in the group or down for certain people in the group during family events and I think those get averaged or something. I’m not entirely positive, I can’t really remember to be honest haha it’s been a while to say the least! I’m also in the middle of playing Jewelic Nightmare so that’s probably also fogging up my memory xD haha~ Anyways just follow the guide and the game should work out itself. Don’t stray from the guide and you should be fine if you’re going in blind. If you can read the text though and understand the guide then you can stray from the guide and be fine. If not though I think sticking as closely to the guide as possible would be smartest! If there is an event in the day that you scheduled it’ll just automatically bring it up.

  6. Does this game have an English option? Do you know if it can be played on a Norg American PS3?
    Such a fan of this anime!! So want to try the game.
    Thanks again for this blog.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately this game does not have an English option (for all that I know LOL I’ve been out of the scene for a while now) and it’s a PSP only game. The game is lots of fun! I mess up a lot (aka all the time coughcough) but it’s really enjoyable. I actually haven’t seen the anime but I might try it out~ :3

  7. Uwaaah so cool.
    I watched the BroCon anime first but now I realized the game is actually kinda similar since the anime is based off the game after all haha.
    Anyway thank you SO MUCH for this + the heavy images I wish you luck with your blog!! ^_^

    1. Sorry for the super late reply!! (I’ve been on a long long hiatus. LOL Q_Q) And yes I enjoy the game a lot although I tend to frequently mess up LOOOOLL I can’t wait to get into Brilliant Blue though! ^^ and I”m glad you liked that it was image heavy! Sometimes I think I screencap too much LOL

      1. Haha nahh, I think the balance of pictures and words is just fine. It’s more interesting with the visual images!! Thank you for taking the time to screenshot man it was a wonderful read. Have a great day yup ❤ I anticipate your Brilliant Blue post 😉

      2. I’m glad you liked it ^^ I also like a lot of pictures, and I feel like some people enjoy it too which is why I try to put a lot in :> And I hope to start BB SOMEDAY WWWWWW who knows when |’DDDDD…..

    1. Haha unfortunately I haven’t finished the game yet so I can’t really tell you specifically what might be wrong, esp with the game’s system. xD I think if you raise the family affection too high though that will cause the family end to happen. Try checking out Hinano’s review of the game, i think she gives some tips about the affection system~ 😀

  8. I have a game of Brothers Conflict both Passion Pink and Brillant Blue but its in Japanese !!! I’m really trying hard to translate it you know google translate, but its just so haaard!!You can’t feel the game with the same time of annoyance (>.<) And the game includes both my favorite seiyuu Kaji Yuki and Daisuke ONO *pouts* I WISH SOMEONE WOULD TRANSLATE IT!!! TT^TT

    1. Hehe I haven’t played BB yet but I half learned slash improved my Jap partly for playing otoge LOL but I can understand how you feel :> I used to only be able to read the kanji but don’t worry, if you keep at it and study hard it’ll get easier! ^-^

    1. Hi! I haven’t played Kaname’s event yet so I would suggest checking the guide to see if you missed anything. If you did you need to go back and redo what you missed unfortunately. 😦 The only advice I can give you is to check the guide, since I haven’t played Kaname’s event :(((( Sorry!

    1. Have you manage to get the 12th event?
      If you are still trying for it, i managed to figure it out. I followed the walkthrough till 15 October (had a saved file at this point) and constantly talk to Kaname everyday, played game alone when my stress level gets high and stayed over at his room every Sunday and public holiday…. Hope this helps you!

  9. When the post is 3 years old, you haven’t seen the anime, you haven’t played the game, you don’t even OWN a PSP, and you’re still reading…smh
    I loved this though, it was so funny reading you fangirl and mix the languages, thank you!

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